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Updated 1st June 2014


86 comments on “Comment – Feb-May 2014

  1. Hi BD, the link to the Feb MPP via the Crosswords tab at the top of the page is pointing to the January puzzle.

      1. I am still waiting to be re-connected to the D.Tel Crossword site. Have you any idea how many others are also in the same situation.
        I have written . . and written . . and written . . and written to the D.Tel, but all I can get back is an automatic response to say they will be in touch as soon as possible. They said – 14 days ago – that I would receive a new pass word within half an hour.

        PLEASE can anybody help?????

          1. Have you received any recent updates on how many of us are still waiting for re-connection?

            Think it is a bit premature to be talking about cancelling the PDFs before all members are back on line.

    1. I too had waited for over 2 months. Phoning proved fruitless so used the email in contact us and within 4 days was reconnected

  2. Our 2014 New Year Resolution was to answer some of the DT cryptic clues, without finding your website we would still be on the starting blocks. Thankyou for guiding complete novices through the jungle. One of the many things we get stumped by is the myriad of different words which are used to indicate an anagram in the clue, have you ever produced a list of the main suspects which could guide us?
    Thanks to all for keeping this site alive and well with all those hints and tips, I think we’ll need it for a few more weeks!!!!

  3. Just to cheer everybody up here’s a comment from
    Storm Ruth is actually developing as we speak across the Eastern starboard of the USA and will push quickly across the Atlantic reaching the South-west on Friday evening with gale force winds ahead of the system. The similarities with Storm Petra are striking on Saturday when once again a long fetch of severe gale force winds brings large waves and thundery showers across Western areas.
    We are currently also watching developments for next Monday as models are still getting to grips with another extremely aggressive looking area of low pressure.

    So, whilst the jet stream remains locked in this position the Atlantic systems will keep on rolling in. It will stop.. but we have no clear idea when.

  4. I seem to be OK with my subscription to the DT but I cannot print out or even find the monthly £100 prize crossword. The weekly one is there to do (got 97% must have put in a typo) but the other one? Any suggestion as to where it is.

    gracias geoff marbella

    1. It is the same puzzle – they have two draws – one once a week and the same entries are put in to another draw at the end of the month

  5. Hi Dave

    I can’t get the DT cryptic today and wonder whether you might be so kind as to e-mail a copy. Very pretty please.
    Thank you and hope you aren’t too close to the flooding.
    David Hawksley

  6. For some reason I can’t see the comment box or comments on today’s cryptic puzzle, though I can see them on previous puzzles.

    1. It is probably because you are using Internet Explorer – Andy and I can’t see them either.

      1. Thanks BD. What a shame. I know he wasn’t to everyone’s taste but he certainly was to mine. I ‘ll use the spare “slightly mad hat” when compling my own attempts.

  7. yesterday i commented to BD that we might be out of the woods as far as accessing the dt puzzle site was concerned. seems i spoke to soon. it’s bust again.

      1. It seems to be on the blink again. I tried accessing it both from my bookmark and direct from the DT to no avail. Just a blank screen. Incidentally, I filled in the form for an Amazon voucher weeks ago but nothing’s happened …

        Another thought. Flash player has just updated. I use Firefox. Could this have anything to do with the inaccessibility?

      2. I’ve just tried saving the Toughie and submitting it. Save gives a ‘can’t find the server’ error, and Submit doesn’t work at all.

        1. It is working again — for me, at any rate. I’ve just managed to print off today’s puzzles.

  8. last few days the DT crossword site will not “remember” my login and password. Ticked the box but no joy – always worked before – anyone else got this problem?

      1. It worked before – I may have inadvertently changed a setting on my PC but no doubt there are techies out there who can offer a tweak

        1. It’s working now because I logged in this morning. It seems to remember me through the day but I bet tomorrow morning i will have to key in password etc again. That’s what happened yesterday anyway.

          1. Whilst your computer is left on then all is well. When switched off and then on re-entry is the order of the day!

  9. Message for Slartibartfast on one of your crossword comment boards. I am pretty sure you were referring to Anthony ‘Tony’ Clark when you refer to Babs Clark?! He attended Rutlish School and played rugby for Old Rutlishians and was a decent Cricketer! He was my father!

    Message was back in Sept 2012, just thought I would say hi!

  10. Unsure to be honest, he was born 1940 So I’d imagine 1951-1958?! Used to be John Major’s Prefect according to him?!

  11. Hi BD,
    Love the cricket terms list. They must look like gibberish to the uninterested. I’ve not read through all of them (yet), but there is a typo under “googly”.

  12. Telegraph has announced this morning that it will discontinue the pdf downloads as from Mar 18.
    I emailed them yesterday suggesting they might like to keep these going as an alternative to the regular web pages. It’s been a great improvement as far as we are concerned being ex-pats without access to the print edition (and to be honest not very interested in their on-line competitions) because it gives us Cryptic and Quick Crosswords and the previous day’s solutions on a single sheet and total flexibility for the puzzle page.
    Instead of having to print off each puzzle separately it’s possible to pick the ones you want and print off that section of the page.
    I don’t know whether anyone else feels the same but if so I don’t see any reason not to email the DT and say so.


  13. I finally got to speak to someone on the number your DT crossword link gives and she gave me a new password which may be one for everybody : 1234password. This worked and I thanked her. BUT I cannot print anything at all so have to go back to the link page crossword which I can print.
    Is anyone else able to get to the Cryptic on the screen but then not be able to print?
    I can print anything else from any site just not the DT.

  14. Don’t suppose anyone has Saturdays PDF file please. For one of us that is still waiting for re-connection.

  15. I received my temporary new password a couple of days ago, followed all the steps in the e-mail, created a new password, checked the ‘remember me’ box, and obeyed the suggestion to just close the window rather than log out so that I don’t have to re-enter my details each time. Trouble is, it doesn’t remember me! I have to log on every time I access the site. No difficulty printing, though.

    1. Try it now – there was some junk code at the end of the post. Some browsers can cope with it, others, probably including yours, can’t.

  16. Another request to the telegraph for a password, and still nothing back…
    It appears they have withdrawn the availability of the puzzles to all and sundry, as of yesterday.
    Does anyone have a pdf of the cryptic and/or toughie please?

    1. Your comment needed moderation because you’ve moved your alias around a bit. Both variations should work from now on.

  17. Is it possible to save the crossword as a .PDF file I can email to myself? Printer I use is off so need to put it on a pen drive to print on an alternate printer.


      1. BD – just for information:
        I downloaded this (or I think I did!) and it installed a malware called “mysearchdial” which took over Chrome. It was a helluva job to get rid of it.

        1. I’ve been using it for about 10 years or more. I always download from CNET and am careful to exclude any “bonus” programs/toolbars that are offered.

  18. Thanks for that will get it and try

    Geoff Marbella (right now Geoff Hong Kong and the weather is seriously wet!)

    1. At a pinch, you can take a screen shot of the page which will give you a word doc.

          1. I think the problem was that the whole post was on the front page initially before you put in the ‘read more’ and there’s no comment facility on that page.

      1. Thank you both. I use windows 7 and I get busy and tend to ignore IE upgrades. Like many people, I’m not au fait with the back end. and don’t consider the repercussions.

        1. Try to switch to anything other than the dreaded IE. Opera is a nice browser which is often faster than its competitors.

  19. Until the debacle with the Telegraph puzzles web site last year, I used the excellent Crux app on my iPad to do the crossword. However, even though I can now access the puzzles web site again, Crux will no longer work. Crux are blaming the Telegraph & the Telegraph don’t know anything about it.
    Does anyone else use Crux & have similar difficulties?

  20. I give up! Have been unable to get today’s (Sunday’s) Virgilius from the Telegraph puzzles website. My subscription was renewed a couple of months back and everything seems to have been working seamlessly. Until now, that is, when I am told my subscription has expired or been cancelled. I am loathe to enter and change account details in case of hacking. Please may I beg some kind person to send me a pdf of the Cryptic (and a pdf of the Quickie, if possible, for Mr Catnap)? Mega thanks.

  21. Big D, I have the same problem as Catnap today Monday 21st with the Cryptic.. May I call upon your generosity once again please?
    Thanking you in advance.

  22. Oh dear, here we go again. I also have the same problem as Catnap and David. Would anyone be so kind and send me a pdf of today’s cryptic, please?

  23. BD – the access to the site seems to be taking a long time. I have had no problems with other sites – just this. FYI I use Chrome. Is the problem at my end do you think?

    1. It’s definitely at this end. It looks like one of the addons is incompatible with the recent WordPress upgrade, but which one? That is the question.

  24. Those who use Crux to access crosswords on mobile devices will be pleased to hear that the latest update to the app has resolved the log-in issues with Telegraph Puzzles and you can now download and sovle the back page, Toughie, quick and general knowledge crosswords once more.

    1. Hallelujah! It’s only taken seven months for the The Telegraph to get back to where it was last November. I’m not sure what improvements they have made along the way, but it looks the same to me. At last Crux now works again with The Telegraph. Thanks to all concerned and thanks to Prolixic for being the bearer of the good news.

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