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53 comments on “Comment – Aug-Oct 2010

  1. Does anyone know the name of the wooden supports that have to been manually drawn or come out automatically when the front of a writing bureau is opened, please? I didn’t even know they had a name until I was browsing in an antiques shop recently, where I encountered the name. It’s a simple 5-letter word, I think, something like ‘topor’, but I’ve forgotten it already!

    1. Thanks to the power of the full-text search in WordWeb Pro!

      One of usually a pair of sliding or hinged pieces of wood, metal, etc. which act as supports for a desk top or the extended flap of a table

        1. If you have subscribed to the Comment page you will get an email every time someone posts here for the next two or three months!

  2. OK now I’m begging………..please can anyone help with the bottom r/h corner i.e. 15d , 21d, 21a, 23a, 25a Oh dear have drawn a complete blank here!

    1. From the forthcoming hints:

      25a Final portion used in sample, either hot or cool (6)
      Put the final portion inside a word meaning to sample and you get an adjective meaning hot or cool in the fashion sense

      21d Noble piece of music being broadcast (5)
      This nobleman is a charade of a short piece of music and a word meaning being broadcast

        1. Thank you Dave all finished would you believe 23 acrossed myself by putting a D at the end of 9d, how could I do that!!!

  3. Hello BD, et al. You guys may not remember me but i used to comment quite often before christmas. Work has got in the way, starting to slow down now. I have been perusing the comments for some time and now after moving house and using new computer,( i am using same name and email address but am aware my comment wont appear automatically) i felt it was time to re enter the fold. I was once a member of the clueless club. Hope i am welcome. look forward to asking for all sorts of advice including how i can get a picture in a box like the rest of you. Hope to speak to you soon. Edi :smile:

  4. Are you doing the ‘toughie’ today Dave, not that I’m doing it, but I am really curious about the answers :)

  5. Am absolutely stuck on 1a today, done the rest!! our electicity due to go off at any time now for couple of hours so if there is anyone there I would be grateful of a prompt, can only think I must have something wrong, I think its an angram?

  6. I wonder if the same answer (although totally different clues) appearing in both the cryptic, and the toughie today is a coincidence, or whether it sheds any light on the thursday setter.

    1. Today’s Toughie setter does not, to my knowledge, set daily puzzles. You will also notice that Giovanni and Shamus Toughies never appear on the same day that they have set the daily.

      1. Oh well… just a thought! I don’t know who is behind the toughie today. Is it Excalibur, or does she set daily puzzles?

          1. Ha Ha – Just picked it up started reading the clues and went – “This is by Excalibur”….
            Not sure whether I want to bother even trying to do it.

        1. Try the Toughie Mary, although I still have three to go, some of the anagrams etc are very obvious. BD – in my view its more cucumber (tolerable) than Marmite!!!

  7. Have 3 left to do today, but am off to the cinema to see the new Julia Roberts film, so will have to leave them for now!

  8. I have just noticed that today’s cryptic on cluedup is No 26. I hope I have done the right one, otherwise I have just wasted the best part of an hour, on and off!

    1. Today’s Cryptic is 26,360. The first across clue should be “Show signs of wearying having got on bottle”

  9. Yes, yes, yes, I am having a day out of the Clueless club at last a whole crossword completed without books, machines, blogs or anything, lovely Rufus and off to a good start with 1a :) I just had to comment I’m so pleased, it has taken me nearly a year and a half but perservation has paid of, I was stuck on two and thought I would have to give in but cogitated and got there, Yes, yes yes, I will be outting all this on the blog later but I just couldn’t wait, Yahoo :-D

    1. Well done, Mary!! Let’s hope your team does as well this afternoon. I will be rooting for them.

  10. Re 26375

    Hi Gazza, did you know there is nowhere to comment on the puzzle page and all the answers are in view?

  11. Must be just on my computer, cos I see other comments are in, I have tried refreshing the page but still get the same?!

  12. Hi, When my dad was alive we used to do the Telegraph crossword regularly. To the extent of phoning each other for answers, the Saturday one being a particular favorite. Sadly my dad passed away 5yrs ago, I stopped doing the crosswords until Sat.23rd Oct. Couldn’t believe how rusty I am found your blog on search engine. Sorry to be prattling but I would just like to say THANKS AND THANKS again great blog really helped. Love the MINE

    1. Agatha

      You’re not prattling. I used to do the Telegraph with my dad when he was alive (11 years ago). On sunday lunchtimes with a couple of stiff gin & tonics inside us, we’d just about finish it. Happy days!
      As BD says, come back here every day… you’re among friends :)

    2. Hi Agatha and welcome to the friendliest, most helpful, crossword blog around, look forward to seeing you on the main page :)

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