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DT 29140 ~ Posted on

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29140

Hints and tips by Mr K

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BD Rating  -  Difficulty **** Enjoyment ***

Hello everyone.  I found today's puzzle tricky, in part because it required some general knowledge that I didn't have stored away.  If you're looking for another crosswording challenge, there's always this week's Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle.  The setter (me) would appreciate feedback on it.  Comments so far suggest it's probably a 4* puzzle, but there's a nice review by Prolixic to provide hints if you get stuck.

Thanks to everyone who filled out my survey on last week's puzzle.  The results and a selection of the comments are available after the hints.

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Cryptic Crossword Research – that PDM ~ Posted on

“The Penny Drops”

by Kathryn Friedlander and Philip Fine

Philip Fine and I have just published a second article on cryptic crosswords – this time on the ‘PDM’, and how cryptics might help us, as psychologists, to understand the processes behind insight moments. The link is here and the article is free to read on-line or to download as a pdf.… Continue reading >

Survey Results ~ Posted on

Results of Survey 3

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Mr K here again.  A big thank you to the 979 blog readers who filled out our recent survey.  It is gratifying indeed to see how many blog visitors were willing to take the time to complete a rather long survey.  Extra thanks to the 275 of you who left insightful and substantial comments under Question 12.  BD and I have read every comment, and I’m including some of them below.… Continue reading >

Reader Survey 3 ~ Posted on

Which puzzles do you solve regularly?

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When Mr K first told me that he would like to run a survey I agreed, but told him that earlier polls had been been filled in by around 30 people so he was not to expect a huge response.  You can imagine my surprise, and pleasure, when that first survey hit 1,500 (which is about 20% of the estimated number of visitors to the site each day).  We have agreed that we will only do these surveys sparingly, so I hope you won’t mind giving us your views on this one.  BD

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Solving Experience Survey Results ~ Posted on

Results of the Survey on Solving Times, Use of Aids, & Ratings

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Mr Kitty here.  A big thank you to the 352 solvers who filled out my survey on their experience with last Tuesday’s back-page puzzle, DT 28566.  Extra thanks to those who left insightful comments under Question 6.  I’ve read every comment and shared all of them with BD.  I’m including some of them below, along with responses to those that posed questions.… Continue reading >

Cryptic Crossword Research (Update – May 2016) ~ Posted on

Cryptic Crossword Research
by Kathryn Friedlander and Philip Fine

Many of you kindly helped us in our research by completing a very detailed survey of personal background and solving habits, advertised via this board in 2010. We’ve just published some of the results from this large-scale survey in the Open Access international journal ‘Frontiers’, and a link is available here for anyone who is interested in downloading and reading the findings (click on the Download Article button for a pdf).… Continue reading >

Cryptic Crossword Solving Research (Update – Sep 2013) ~ Posted on

Problem-solving ability is key to Cryptic Crossword Success

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Dr. Philip Fine and Dr. Kathryn Friedlander, University of Buckingham

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Cryptic Crossword Solving Research ~ Posted on

A Message from Dr Kathryn Friedlander and Dr Philip Fine

University of Buckingham

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A number of you may have seen some articles last week in the press concerning our crossword research and, in particular, the recorded crossword solving trials we conducted in Buckingham during 2011, which some of you kindly volunteered to assist us in. I’m afraid that (the press being what it is) our research has been rather mangled, and I’d like to set out what the real position is.

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