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Toughie 1106

Toughie No 1106 by Symphony

100 Not Out

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment *****

All the Telegraph setters have combined to produce a special Toughie in celebration of the very first published crossword which appeared exactly 100 years ago today in the New York World newspaper on 21st December 1913. It’s not all that tough (it helps if you can get the two diagonal answers early) but it is tremendously entertaining.
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Toughie 1000

Toughie No 1000 by Symphony


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BD Rating – Difficulty *****Enjoyment *****

In this special puzzle the clues were contributed by a Symphony of Telegraph setters (one clue each except that 4 setters clued two answers). I struggled with some of it and the effort needed to sort out the last few answers carried me into 5-star difficulty territory. I noted that this is one of those diagrams in which all the perimeter letters are unchecked and so I was looking for some kind of message in them from the start. It certainly helped though it took me a long time to spot the M-shape made up of Ms. I’d wondered why the top row of the perimeter made no sense. I enjoyed the challenge and was going to give it 4 stars for enjoyment but upped it to 5 stars when I wrote the report. I am declining the invitation to play ‘Spot the Setter’ though I do have one or two ideas.

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