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DT 30509 (Full Review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30509

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 13th January 2024

BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ***

A Prize Puzzle with quite a few anagrams – I found it a little trickier than a usual Saturday cryptic, but I’m not entirely sure why

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1a    Fresh spider crab in dry biscuit (10)
CRISPBREAD – An anagram (fresh) of SPIDER CRAB

6a    Waterfowl first away from Nile dam (4)
SWAN – Remove the first letter of the aSWAN dam in the Nile

9a    Stick knife into second fruit (5)
SPEAR – The abbreviation for Second and PEAR (fruit)

10a    JFK co-star, reformed man of low degree? (4,5)
JACK FROST – An anagram (reformed) of JFK CO STAR produces the personification of low temperatures

12a    Endlessly evil book returned as contentious (7)
EMOTIVE – A reversal (returned) of EVI(l) without its end and TOME (book)

13a    American leaves queen heading to the West Country (5)
REGINA – A reversal (to the west) of REGINa (queen) without the abbreviation for American

15a    Take a bit for the horse (7)
SNAFFLE – To take or steal or a jointed bit for horses

16a    Warming weather Malta embodies (7)
THERMAL – Hidden in (embodies) weaTHER MALta

18a    Treat is playing The Entertainer (7)
ARTISTE – An anagram (playing) of TREAT IS

20a    Frame way to describe Princess Royal? (7)
CHASSIS – The Princess Royal could be described as CHAS SIS, although I’m not entirely sure she’d like to be referred to as informally as that!

21a    Lassitude seen in pupil regularly (5)
ENNUI – The regular letters of sEeN iN pUpIl

23a    Is this a shady put-up job? (7)
PARASOL – A cryptic definition of a sunshade

25a    Upper hand at court? (9)
ADVANTAGE – This advantageous position (upper hand) could be a score in a tennis match that would indeed put the player in an advantageous position

26a    Table in church to change did you say? (5)
ALTAR – A homophone (did you say) of ALTER (change)

27a    Marketing event is small beer (4)
SALE – S (small) ALE (beer)

28a    Forerunner‘s entente cad ruined (10)
ANTECEDENT – An anagram (ruined) of ENTENTE CAD


1d    Play group? (4)
CAST – A group of people in a play

2d    Awkward fine leg anticipating catches? (9)
INELEGANT – Hidden in (catches) fINE LEG ANTicipating

3d    Drivel entered into standard form by rote (6-7)
PARROT-FASHION – ROT (driven) ‘entered into’ PAR (standard) FASHION (form)

4d    Delight about 11’s author expressed (7)
REJOICE – RE (about, on the subject of) and a homophone of JOYCE (the author of 11d)

5d    Old canine barking on time (7)
ANCIENT – An anagram (barking) of CANINE on T (time)

7d    Wife right on, and good, and bad! (5)
WRONG – W (wife) R (right) ON (from the clue) G (good)

8d    A line crossed by nudist in Darwin? (10)
NATURALIST – A (from the clue) L (line) inserted into (crossed by) NATURALIST (nudist)

11d    A challenging read: fans weakening terribly! (9,4)
FINNEGANS WAKE – Apparently the most difficult book to read – an anagram (terribly) of FANS WEAKENING

14d    Land Rovers? (6,4)
ESTATE CARS – ESTATE (large plot of land) CARS (Rovers for example)

17d    Excuse to kiss me dancing with TS Eliot? (9)
MISTLETOE – an anagram (dancing) of ME with TS ELIOT

19d    Say why more attractive lover was sought? (7)
EXPLAIN – Because the EX was plain!

20d    Get wheels in middle for train (7)
CORTEGE – A reversal (wheels) of GET inserted in CORE (middle)

22d    Innovative  literary work? (5)
NOVEL – Of a new kind (innovative) or a work of literature

24d    Legal instruction: run in Oscar Wilde? (4)
WRIT – R (the cricket abbreviation for Run) inserted in WIT (Oscar Wilde)


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