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Sunday Toughie 94 (Review)

Sunday Toughie No 94 by Zandio

Review by Sloop John Bee

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This puzzle was published on the 12th of November 2023


1a             Walked, maybe took bus 13 first (6)
STRODE; An abbreviation for 13a goes first STREET become ST, and the past tense of a verb to travel (on a bus, horse bicycle or others) RODE

4a             Golfer excited about a soft jumper will like this (8)
LEAPFROG; An anagram (excited) of GOLFER about A from the clue and softly P for Piano

9a             Holds group studying drawing in Portugal (6)
CLASPS; A group or CLASS draws in a P for Portugal

10a           Design it? I only should cover lighting (8)
IGNITION; A lurker (should cover) hidden in the first 4 words

12a           Report dividing partners — we rejected spin (8)
NEWSREEL; Partners in a game of Bridge N and S, divided by a rejected word from the clue WE becomes EW and a synonym of spin REEL, A NEWSREEL being a short (1 reel of film long) report of the news shown before a feature film at the cinema

13a           Way south lies beside bay, perhaps, west of Teignmouth (6)
STREET; A southerly abbreviation S, and the arboreal plant that bay is an example of TREE, followed by the westernmost letter of Teignmouth T

15a           One offers prayers to monarchical bust (5,8)

18a           Just find underground in Paris is speedier at heart (13)
DISINTERESTED; Just as in fair or impartial, from to find and remove from an underground grave DISINTER, how a Parisian would say is EST, and the central letters (at heart) of speEDier

20a           What’s cooking? It’s about done (6)
REPAST; One of the usual it’s RE, plus something that is history or done PAST A meal or REPAST

22a           Under the softest cover, short nap must be disturbed by now (8)
SNOWIEST; (From the Latin for at the sixth hour), a midday or afternoon nap is shortened by one letter SIESTA and goes around NOW in the clue

24a           Revolutionary space scientists work in right place in Scotland (8)
BALMORAL; The space where scientists work is reversed (revolutionary) LAB become BAL. followed by a virtuous right or MORAL

25a           Diverted metro runs in quake … (6)
TREMOR; An anagram (diverted) of METRO and R for runs

26a           … epicentre at Yerevan — location for appeal? (8)
ENTREATY; Another lurker (location for)

27a           A teacher is strung along in ‘Dandy‘ (6)
ADONIS; A from the clue and a teacher at a college or university DON, and IS is strung along



1d             Extra flash (6)
SECOND; A straightforward double definition to start the downs

2d             Warning sign that’s self-evidently untrue? (9)
ROADWORKS; A lovely &lit A sign that the road ahead is self evidently not working

3d             Go north, entering remotest tangled place you might find anything? (10,5)
DEPARTMENT STORE; An anagram (tangled) of REMOTEST around N for north follows a synonym of go DEPART, to be the emporia where you might find most things

5d             Dead ugly, oddly avoided getting uptight (4)
EDGY; Remove the odd letters (oddly avoided) from the first two words to leave uptight or EDGY

6d             Party make Lancaster cardinal? (5,3,4,3)
PAINT THE TOWN RED; Lancaster is an example of a medium-sized urban place or TOWN, that may be this cardinal colour RED, when you have a great party

7d             Haul up wreck in sound (5)
RAISE; A homophone (in sound) of to wreck or RAZE becomes RAISE or Haul up

8d             What gives info on psyche, ultimately, and personal quirks (8)
GENETICS; Informal info GEN, and the ultimate letter of psyche E, followed by some spasmodic quirks TICS, GENETICS is what gives us information as to our “make up”

11d           Change pounds, holding German one over (7)
PENNIES; The pounds you may keep livestock in PENS, around a reversal of a German one EIN become NIE, give us the smallest piece of change in our pockets

14d           Something written on little being seen in show (7)
PAGEANT; A PAGE of writing paperand a little being or insect ANT, A pageant or show

16d           Lover dressed up in denim, alas (6,3)
LADIES MAN; An anagram (dressed up in) of DENIM, ALAS

17d           Winning upset half-hearted crowd (8)
ADORABLE; A Shakespearean upset (much ADO about nothing), and a crowd or RABBLE without one of the B’s at its heart, Winning or ADORABLE

19d           Skills overseen by 13 institutes (6)
STARTS; Skills or abilities ARTS, are overseen by the abbreviation of 13a again ST STARTS or Institutes

21d           Scheme one’s involved in leads to trial (5)
PILOT; To scheme or PLOT with the letter that looks like 1 a PILOT or trial

23d           Short measure’s imbibed when tight (4)
FAST; An abbreviation for a measure of 304.8mm  Foot becomes FT, around a synonym of when AS FAST or tight


That’s All Folks!

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