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Sunday Toughie 89 (Review)

Sunday Toughie No 89 by Zandio

Review by Sloop John Bee

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This puzzle was published on the 8th of October 2023



1a Alien species confronted by Star Trek’s leading characters (7)
STRANGE; A variety, sort or type of a species RANGE, is fronted by the leading characters of Star Trek ST

5a Really it hurts to hug this person hard in any way (7)
SOMEHOW; An interjection for really! SO, and an expression when hurting OW, hugs this persons pronoun ME and a hard pencil H – SO(ME)[H]OW

9a You texted: “Initially leave nothing out of vegetable mixture” (5)
UNION; Leave the letter that looks like nothing out of a vegetable ONION, and append it to how some people abbreviate you in text messages U, to make an amalgamation or mixture UNION

10a Many a country group gets American uniform — confederate especially (9)
UNUSUALLY; A group of many countries that work for international peace and security UN, one of our “normal” Americas US, a  letter that uniform represents U, and a confederate or ALLY.

11a Clearly this should fill a vacancy in construction (10)
WINDOWPANE; A cryptic definition of the clear parts that fill the vacancies in a construction

12a More fresh sounds in the ‘hood (4)
AREA; How the homophone of the comparative more fresh or AIRIER, sounds in the neighbour‘hood   AREA

14a One makes a flying visit, not put off by lack of atmosphere (5,7)
SPACE SHUTTLE; Another cryptic definition of something that can fly with or without an atmosphere

18a Criminally con Nan to provide this human sacrifice? (6,6)
CANNON FODDER; An anagram (criminally) of CON NAN, and comestibles provided to cattle FODDER, define an expendable part of an army regarded merely as material to be sacrificed in war

21a Police charges (4)
BILL; A double definition, The Old “BILL” or charges on an account or invoice

22a Still figure to go to India on a railway (10)
STATIONARY; An abbreviated numerical figure STAT(istic), the letter that India represents I, the next two words in the clue ON and A, and an abbreviated railway RY remain motionless or STATIONARY

25a Official liberated tigers, mostly in need of conservation (9)
REGISTRAR; An anagram (liberated) of TIGERS and most of something in need of conservation RAR(E), becomes the official who records births, marriages and deaths

26a Could yeti be taking shelter here? (5)
TIBET; A place (here?) where the Yeti is alleged to live is a lurker (could shelter) in the clue

27a Perched adult will consume whole grub in segments (7)
SATSUMA; Perched on a stool SAT, and A for adult consume the whole addition of parts SUM

28a Keeling over, society girl fell when retiring here? (7)
BEDROOM; An abbreviated girl on her introduction to Society is reversed (keeling over) DEB becomes BED, and an upland or fell is also reversed (when retiring)MOOR becomes ROOM here? you retire for the night


1d Team’s detailed work’s leaked or it’s parroted (6)
SQUAWK; A group or team SQUA(D) is de-tailed and work leaks OR W(OR)K, to be the noise a parrot makes in complaint or protest

2d Obtains what may lead horses to drink gallons (6)
REIGNS; The means of leading a horse REINS, contains an abbreviation of gallons G, He or she obtains a kingdom

3d Put fag out after number arrive repeatedly wanting Ecstasy and dope (10)
NINCOMPOOP; A number NINE,and a synonym of arrive COME,  both lack the drug Ecstasy followed by an informal to fag out or exhaust POOP

4d Issue online gag? (5)
EQUIP; The letter that prefixes online transactions E, and a gag or witticism QUIP, To issue some kit EQUIP

5d Showing features in the middle flat at the front? (4-5)
SNUB-NOSED; The feature in the middle of your face is rather flat.
Maybe showing_front? defines the first-word SNUB, then the feature in the middle of your face

6d Thrash metal film’s cancelled to protect university (4)
MAUL; Cancel the Spielberg film from M(ET)AL and protect an abbreviation for University U, To thrash or MAUL

7d Comedy greetings artily laid out (8)
HILARITY; An informal greeting HI, and an anagram (laid out) of ARTILY

8d Pedestrian judge less biased in hearing (8)
WAYFARER; Homophones (in hearing) of to judge the heft of something WEIGH becomes WAY, and less biased FAIRER becomes FARER, define someone who is a pedestrian or WAYFARER

13d Confident of fine meals, eating these on vacation (10)
SUREFOOTED; Synonyms of fine SURE, and meals FOOD, contain what remains of these when it has been vacated T(hes)E

15d Vehicle taken round bazaar, one with a place for tea (9)
CAFETERIA; A motor vehicle CAR, around a bazaar or festivities FETE, the letter that looks like 1 and A from the clue, define a place where tea or other light meals may be taken CA(FETE)R I A

16d Big-screen short fabricated natural phenomena (8)
ICEBERGS; An anagram (fabricated) of BIG SCREEn when shortened by one letter

17d A member of Steps on a plane (2-6)
IN-FLIGHT; A collective term for a “member” of a collection of steps, or an adjective for that which is provided on a plane

19d Monkey with no tail scoffing minute woody stems (6)
BAMBOO; A type of monkey BABOON, loses its tail and scoffs an abbreviation of minute M

20d Occasionally aMnEsTy, SaY, iS a revolutionary organisation (6)
SYSTEM; Alternate letters (occasionally) are reversed (revolutionary) – An organisation or plan

23d Drum in shed where whiskey’s gone black (5)
THROB; To shed or discard THROW, replaces the letter that whiskey represents W, with an abbreviation of black B, The drumming one feels when you have hit your thumb with a hammer

24d Character appearing in both bible and thesaurus (4)
ESAU; A biblical character that appears in thESAUrus


That’s All Folks!

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