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DT 30383 (Full Review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30383

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 19th August 2023

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Chalicea was the setter of this Saturday Prize Puzzle, which surprised a few people on the day

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9a    Name anything that is primarily randy and racier (9)
NAUGHTIER – N (name) AUGHT (anything) IE (that is) R (the primary letter of Randy)

10a    Low sides of savage ungulate (5)
MOOSE – MOO (low) and the sides of SavagE

11a    Former tinge is gone (7)
EXTINCT – EX (former) TINCT (tinge)

12a    Desired goal: post office in funds (7)
PURPOSE – PO (Post Office) inserted in PURSE (funds)

13a    Tolerate American ways and principles (9)
STANDARDS – STAND (tolerate) A (American) RDS (roads, ways)

15a    Stitched up someone gutless getting married (5)
SEWED – The outside (gutless) letters of SomeonE and WED (married)

17a    After test, donates — but not good causes (7)
MOTIVES – MOT (test) gIVES (donates without (not) Good)

19a    Bored doctor, sick and regularly seedy (7)
DRILLED – DR (doctor) ILL (sick) and the regular letters of sEeDy

20a    Going with the flow, admit I’d alarmed guards (5)
TIDAL – Hidden in (guarded by) admiT ID ALarmed

21a    Left sentries confused, they hear (9)
LISTENERS – L (left) and an anagram (confused) of SENTRIES

24a    Officer commanding highest US influential organisation (7)
OCTOPUS – OC (Officer Commanding) TOP (highest) US (from the clue)

26a    Designer adopts new means of communication (7)
CHANNEL – CHANEL (designer) ‘adopts’ N (new)

28a    A legal right to retain property from elsewhere (5)
ALIEN – A (from the clue) and LIEN (legal right to retain property

29a    Worked out decree with six changes (9)
EXERCISED – An anagram (changes) of DECREE with SIX


1d    Comes in and records (6)
ENTERS – Double definition

2d    Taken away and prosecuted over second-rate pamphlet (10)
SUBTRACTED – SUED (prosecuted) goes over B (second-rate) and TRACT (pamphlet)

3d    Flimsy bit of clothing (4)
THIN – A bit of cloTHINg

4d    Season with Italian football team (6)
WINTER – W (with) INTER (Italian football team)

5d    Offered to stimulate into action about attitude (8)
PROPOSED – PROD (stimulate into action) goes ‘about’ POSE (attitude)

6d    Fantastic Four seen in new premises (10)
IMPRESSIVE – IV (Roman numeral for four) ‘seen’ in an anagram (new) of PREMISES

7d    Two calls for effort for indecisive person (2-2)
YO-YO – Two lots of YO (interjection calling for effort

8d    Protected action involving ward (8)
DEFENDED – DEED (action) ‘involving’ FEND (ward off)

14d    Abnormally deep loving evolving (10)
DEVELOPING – An anagram (abnormally) of DEEP LOVING

16d    Fierce eagles seen initially in uncultivated region (10)
WILDERNESS – WILD (fierce) ERNES (eagles) and the initial letter of Seen

17d    Related to movement, worked up but lacking energy (8)
MOTIONAL – eMOTIONAL (worked up) lacking the E for Energy

18d    Spotted hut under mountains getting turned over (8)
SPLASHED – SHED (hut) goes under a reversal (getting turned over) of ALPS (mountains)

22d    Clandestine group will admit soldiers (6)
SECRET – SECT (group) will ‘admit’ RE (Royal Engineers, soldiers)

23d    Small boys eating adult’s dishes (6)
SALADS – S (small) LADS (boys) ‘eating’ A (adult)

25d    Closely follow story we’re told (4)
TAIL – A homophone (we’re told) of TALE (story)

27d    Cunning masonry construction (4)
ARCH – Cunning or a masonry construction