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DT 30381

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30381
Hints and tips by Shabbo

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ***

Against all the odds, I didn’t get sacked after my first attempt at blogging last week, so here I am again. I have to extend further thanks to Gazza for helping me again this week with the technical bits around posting. Hopefully next week I will manage it unassisted! Who knows?

A decent Thursday challenge from our setter today. If you are comfortable with bodily functions, urine for a treat. In my blog below, the definition element of each clue has been underlined and anagrams are CAPITALISED.

Please leave a comment telling us how you fared and what you thought of the puzzle.

Across Clues

1 Feline selfishness increase showing class (10)
CATEGORISE: A lego clue. Assemble words for feline + selfishness + increase

6 Love god is angry being rejected (4)
EROS: A word for sore is reversed

10 Vegetable crop follows standard (7)
PARSNIP: A verb meaning to crop + a three letter word for standard

11 Yours truly dining without a date (7)
MEETING: How the setter might refer to himself + another word for dining and ditch the A

12 View material of the stars (8)
SIDEREAL: Synonyms for view (noun) and material (adjective). Assemble

13 Overly big, excessively stout, even initially (5)
OBESE: Initially indicates that we are looking for 5 initial letters in the clue

15 Lingerie, perhaps for parts of chest (7)
DRAWERS: Double definition

17 Doctor faces anything to give dose (7)
DRAUGHT: Probably the most common of many abbreviations for doctor + a synonym for anything

19 Haul fish back sheltered from wind (7)
LEEWARD: Find words for haul + fish and reverse the whole lot (back)

21 Bombshell divided party holding power (7)
TORPEDO: A synonym for divided + a short word for party set outside (holding) an abbreviation for power

22 Remove woman’s dress (5)
SHIFT: Double definition (both underlined)

24 Person who flogs nameless criminal (8)
SALESMAN: Our first anagram of the day. Criminal here is the anagram indicator, so jumble up the letters of NAMELESS. As has been pointed out by Hrothgar and others the anagram doesn’t quite work!
Further update – the clue has now been amended on digital versions of the puzzle to: Person who flogs lass, mean criminal (8) 

27 Stretch of river blocked by vessels (7)
EXPANSE: one of the rivers that appears most often in crosswords outside (blocked by) cooking vessels

28 Greed, a failing gripping padre occasionally (7)
AVARICE: A + synonym for failing is placed outside (gripping) the second and fourth letters of padre

29 Metal compound incorporates mineral (4)
TALC: A soft mineral is concealed in plain sight within metal compound

30 Nude crones cavorting for adults only? (10)
UNCENSORED: Our second anagram, indicated by cavorting. Rearrange the letters of NUDE CRONES and then try to eliminate the image from your mind!

Down Clues

1 Bashful about pee specimen (4)
COPY: A word for bashful outside the letter P

2 Stop insect found across North America (9)
TERMINATE: A mound building insect conceals (across) abbreviation for North America

3 Sort of information Republican stole, finally (5)
GENRE: Synonym for information + abbreviation for Republican + final letter of stole

4 Silence some canvasser perhaps, getting upset (7)
REPRESS: Our solution is hidden backwards (getting upset) in canvasser perhaps

5 Tasted enough in container of spread (7)
SAMPLED: Container of spread (first and last letters) outside another word for enough

7 Beam’s reportedly providing lift (5)
RAISE: Reportedly here is a homophone indicator. Think of a synonym for beams (ignore the apostrophe), say it out loud and you should find your five letter answer!

8 Resort to guessing for clue (10)
SUGGESTION: Anagram (resort) of TO GUESSING

9 Cultured young woman broadcasting? (8)
DEBONAIR: A somewhat dated abbreviation for a young woman (usually posh!) + two short words meaning broadcasting

14 Minor bother over the French perfume (10)
ADOLESCENT: Another Lego clue: short word meaning bother + the in French + synonym of perfume

16 Difficult former partner behaving (8)
EXACTING: Usual abbreviation for former partner + another word for behaving

18 Guardsman changing in red gear (9)
GRENADIER: Anagram (changing) of IN RED GEAR

20 Record Queen with new spot (7)
DISCERN: Assemble synonym of record + abbreviation for our dear late Queen + abbreviation for new

21 Soil preparation before season (7)
TILLAGE: Synonyms for before and season are joined together to find our agricultural answer

23 Urge beginner after this compiler’s exercise (5)
IMPEL: Alternative for “this compiler’s” + abbreviation for exercise + abbreviation for learner

25 Small motor’s producing multiple injuries (5)
SCARS: Abbreviation for small + synonym for motors (the apostrophe can be ignored)

26 Made water from useless plant? (4)
WEED: Double definition


83 comments on “DT 30381

    1. STOP PRESS On-line, both old and new web sites, 24a now reads, somewhat lamely, ‘Person who flogs lass, mean criminal (8)’

      The answer has to be singular for the ‘A’ in 18d.

        1. My Telegraph did not arrive today so I looked at the online version. However do you cope? Give me pen and paper every time….especially now!

          1. I use the previous download format which the DT kindly retained.
            Very user friendly, as they say.

  1. re 24 across ” nameless” has 2 “e”s and only one “a” hence is it not an anagram for “salesman”?

    1. Welcome to the blog, Linda.
      See in the comments above the replacement clue that has been provided.

      1. Thanks! What was odd was Dan Word had the original clue and answer! So much for AI!

  2. I thought this was towards the more straightforward end of the Thursday crossword spectrum until I got stuck on 12a. I had to cycle through the alphabet to solve it, and even after solving it, the answer is a new word for me. Wasn’t sure about 21d as a clue either- otherwise it was an enjoyable romp through the grid. Too obvious to plump for 26d as COTD, so instead I’ll go for 14d. Thanks to the setter and the still-in-a-job Shabbo.

  3. This would have been a **/*** but ended up a three star as my LOI 12a was a new one to me so although I eventually parsed it I hadn’t heard that word before. Duly stored. Otherwise a steady effort with the usual gang of anagrams and lurkers. My COTD was 8d because of its cleverness. With thanks to Shabbo on his second sitting and our setter.

  4. For me Ray T has been very gentle today. Clues were well constructed and humorous with not too many anagrams. Clever that he managed to get Beam in there as well. I didn’t even notice the anagram error at 24a – a case of you see what you expect to see I think. Favourite today was 14d with podium places for 1a and 26d (made me smile anyway!) Thanks to Ray T and Shabbo. Keep up the good work.

  5. I agree 12 a caused delay here too, but not sure that that gets it up from 2 to 3 difficulty?
    9 d caused smiles.
    Quite fun but less fun than yesterday or the day before?
    Thanks to the setter!

    1. Probably not. I may have exaggerated as my mind was diverted by the arrival of a bevvie of beauties in the coffee shop!

  6. As others have remarked, a fairly straightforward guzzle apart from a few stibgs in the tail. I quite enjoyed it and it made me laugh. 1a and 19a were good lego clues and 26a was a funny homophone but COTD was the clever revers3d lego, 12a. I had to check with one of my three family physicists and my husband agreed that I’ d remembered the word correctly. Thanks to Shabbo for the hints and to the compiler for a good guzzle

  7. Apart from the error in 24a and 12a, which I wasn’t keen on, a typically clever exercise in concise clue construction. My top three are 11a plus 8&26d.
    Many thanks to my old sparring partner Ray T and Shabbo.

  8. Today must have either been easier or I just was on wavelength as I managed to finish this on my first run through. I did not know 12a, so I will add to my memory….for 5 mins anyway. 8d was my favourite. I too failed to spot the missing letter in 24a because the answer just leapt out at me for a change.

    Many thanks to the setter and to Shabbo for the hints.

  9. Apart from the ‘Oops’ in 24a, I wonder if Telegraph Towers has a Naughty Step for compliers and editors, a Ray T classic – 2.5*/4.5*

    Candidates for favourite – 15a, 19a, 27a, 28a, and 14d – and the winner is 14d.

    Thanks to Ray T and Shabbo – I am sure that you will be back next week, and the week after, and . . .

  10. Thought our setter was being quite gentle with us today and I was in no danger of hesitating over 12a having had the chief telescope engineer of Jodrell Bank as a near neighbour for many years. One of his party pieces was to adjust watches to show 12a time!
    Top clue for me was 27a with a nod to 14d.

    Devotions as ever to Mr T and well done to Shabbo for the review – hope the IT stuff becomes easier for you, I think you’re very brave to tackle it!

  11. Pretty gentle, as Jane says. And a lot of fun. 12A did ring a very distant bell and the parsing was very fair so it flew in. Loved 14 down. My only question and it’s not a criticism in any way but … why is lingerie in 15A DBEd? Does it really need a “maybe”? DBEs always confuse me. Sometimes they’re indicated, other times not. Is there a rule that I’m not aware of? Thanks to Ray T, and chapeau to Shabbo. It feels like you’ve been here forever already. And I mean that in a good way!

    1. Hi Michael. The answer means that nothing rude or offensive has been cut out (from a film or book) and is thus for adults only.

    2. I think we must distinguish between the process referred to in 30a and the related process of classification. As Philbert points out, if a film is 30a it may be classified for adults only.

  12. Mr T at his most benign this morning, but still as beautifully concise and humorous as always. 8d was my favourite of many fine clues on offer from this most enjoyable grid.

    My thanks to Ray T and Shabbo.

  13. I love Ray Ts – the crossword highlight of every fortnight. They usually have tricky moments but I sped through this and chuckled a fair bit. 1.5 for difficulty and 4.5 for enjoyment from me. Favourite clues were 22a and 1d.

  14. Very enjoyable and finished unaided, which I have not done with a RayT for a long time. Lots of humour throughout and some great surfaces. So much so, that it’s hard to pick a favourite but I will make the cheeky 26d my COTD because it made me laugh out loud.

    Thank you, Ray T for the fun. Tank you, Shabbo for the hints.

  15. Brilliant Ray T puzzle. Love the logic used and the word play is usually superb.
    Favourites were 27a, 8d and 1d.
    Thanks Ray T and Shabbo for hints.

  16. Fairly typical Ray T with most of his ‘usuals’, although his sweetheart is having a week off. Thanks to him for the enjoyable puzzle and to Shabbo for the entertaining blog.
    I ticked 27a, 30a and 14d.

  17. Seems like this is not a good week for me and puzzles as this RayT for me was a real struggle. Found many hard to parse and some I just could not unravel.


    Favourites include 1a, 19a, 27a, 1d & 2d with winner 1a

    Thanks to RayT & Shabbo for hints/blog

  18. A none too 16d challenge today from Mr T. The Quickie actually took me marginally longer to complete & can’t recall that ever having been the case with his guzzles. 12a was the only slight pause for thought though did have to check on the dress post solve. Didn’t notice the ‘oops’ at 24a either. Don’t mind a bit of micturition in a crossword so both 1&26d raised a smile. Very enjoyable
    Thanks to Ray T & to Shabbo

  19. Ah well, it’s been a good week up until now. A Ray T at the far side of his spectrum. Way out of my range I’m afraid but then I can seldom see his often bizarre clues. Not one for me.
    Thx for the hints

  20. I just had to say how much I enjoyed this Ray T puzzle, with lingerie, chest parts, bombshells at parties, dresses being removed, nude crones, and bashful peeing! Hilarious.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Toadlet. What fun.

      With booby birdwatching on Tuesday and Day Zee throwing in all sorts of ‘wey hey’! humour throughout the week and now this. It’s….

      ’Carry on Cruciverballing’ week!

      Ray T is so consistent; he never disappoints. This boy never wastes a word. It really is a skill to be admired.

      Sooooo many good clues to choose from: a serious scrap for spots on the podium. 11a is such a pure clue, 30a is hilarious (as is 1d) but the winner is 14d. I love to see three pieces of Lego in just six words.

      I wonder if you can get a three piece one in five words or even four? Compilers like Ray T must love that sort of challenge.

      Congrats to Shabs for hitting her/his straps so early in their blogging career and, of course, oodles of thanks to Arty.


  21. More Mondayish than Thursday.
    Guessed correctly the two
    Components of 12a but thought
    Both, perhaps, a bit stretched.
    Big smile at the clever. Lego
    Clue, 9d.
    In summary 1.5*/4.5*
    Many thanks, RayT and Shabbo.

  22. Was this truly a Ray T crossword? Because if it was then he is being most benign. I finished this without the hints, mind you it took some time, but do need to check the parsing of a couple. Favourites today were 9d and 15a.

    Thanks to Shabbo and to a newly benign Ray T.

  23. That was a good workout for the brain. As I plodded through, all became clear until 12A was the last one standing. I could only think of a power station as the solution, but eventually discovered the word, which I must add to my lexicon.

  24. 3/3. Screwed up early on by putting categories in 1a which thwarted my attempts to start 5d with an E. Other than that this was an enjoyable puzzle. 15a was my favourite – my childish sense of humour. Thanks to the setter and Shabbo.

  25. I dunno, a RayT and I thought it the easiest and most entertaining of this week so far. I only needed ehelp with 12a then look it up, but I think we’ve had it before, somehow it rings a bell. Fave was 14d, but 15a amused.
    Thank you RayT for the fun. You’re doing a fine job Shabbo, dinna fash yersel’!

  26. PS Ulster
    Why have the clues “across” and “down” been abridged ? What was wrong with listing the clues as “1down” or “1 across” ? Now one does not know whether the clues they are checking are the “across” clues or the “down” clues without scrolling to the head of the clue list to find out and the list is longish in the 1st place

    1. You’re more likely to get a positive response to such queries if you ask politely. Please read Comment Etiquette point 9.

    2. Mea culpa! You can put that one firmly at my door. Apologies.
      This is only my second blog and there is quite a lot to take on board. Your point is valid and I have made a note to amend next time.

      1. You’re doing really well – just keeping going – I took ages to be “let loose” without being safe on my own!

  27. I’m in the corner with portcoquitlambc and Brian. Didn’t find much to smile about today, and ended up with more sad faces in the margin than happy ones. 12a was totally new to me, don’t think I’ve ever seen that anywhere. I did eventually finish but as I needed some hints, low on the satisfaction meter. On the other hand. I did better than usual with a RayT, so better than expected, and saving the Chalicea Toughie for tomorrow in case it is the usual tricky Friday. Thanks to Shabbo and Ray T.

  28. Lingerie in a RayT crossword … and an unintentional error in 24a … a Freudian Slip?

  29. A nice Thursday solve, they don’t occur that often 😳 12a is new to me, if only I could remember all the new words I keep learning 🤔 Favourites 27a and 9d. Thanks to Shabbo and to Ray T👍

  30. A very gentle crossword from Ray T.
    I knew there was a word for 12a – it just took me ages to remember what it was!
    The usual great clues including 19 and 27a and 4 and 9d. My favourite was 30a even though it’s an anagram.
    Thanks to Ray T for the crossword and thanks and well done for surviving the hints to Shabbo.

    1. Good evening, Mr T. Thought you were being quite gentle with us today which was very nice of you – a great puzzle as always.

  31. 12a is a new word for me which meant I couldn’t solve without the answer. All of the possible combinations didn’t make sense to me. I wouldn’t even know how to pronounce this word. Sidder reel? Side real? Side rayal? I never understand the dictionary way of showing pronunciation.

    Otherwise a straightforward and enjoyable solve, despite the typo(!) in 24a. Maybe, alongside the crossword editor, they should get non-expert cruciverbalists to solve crosswords to spot these sorts of errors…

    Thanks to all.

  32. I realised that 24a was an error, not for the first time recently, I just wasn’t sure which way round until I got 18d. Lots of Rayt’s mischievousness on display. Favourite was 15a. Thanks to Rayt and Shabbo.

  33. Enjoyable solve, at first read through I thought it was impossible but with perseverance most became clear, then thanks to Shabbo for hints for the last few stubborn ones. Sadly a DNF, even with the hints couldn’t work out 12a – a new word for me. Delighted how far I got, the best attempt I’ve made on a RayT puzzle.

  34. Just to let you all know that I might not be around for a day or two. Mrs. C has been admitted to hospital after two falls. She is very frail and cannot stand. The paramedics described her as “ having no legs”. The doctor who examined her rang me to say they are doing full bloods to see if there is a reason behind her sudden disability. He also told me that he is going to look into home help for us.
    Anyway, I will still be looking at the guzzle and will comment if I can.

    1. Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear this. I had hoped the chair lift would be the end of her falls. My thoughts are with you are Mrs. C. Ideally the doctor will discover what is making her legs give way, prescribe the necessary pills, and she will be safely up and about again. Fingers crossed. These things shouldn’t happen to such nice people.

  35. 8D – “to guessing” has only one “g”, “suggestion” two. I can’t be the first person to spot that, but only just started.

    1. You’ve expanded your alias so this needed moderation. Both your aliases will work from now on.

  36. Steve just seen your message. So sorry to hear your news about Mrs C. Thinking of you and hoping for a much better outcome after the medics have finished their tests. Try to stay positive and do hope you can get some home help asap.

  37. Good evening
    An enjoyable solve, with a few chewy clues in there. The error in 24a sailed over my head!
    Thanks to Ray T and to Shabbo

  38. Slowly but surely got to grips with this esoteric number in spite of a few stumbling blocks. Made life difficult for myself in NE by putting 6a in the wrong way round. A couple of quibbles:- surely 25d are not themselves injuries and it’s not necessarily water made for 26d (!). 12a view didn’t occur to me and I initially tried to use 14d French the in wrong place. Thank you RayT and Shabbo.

  39. I agree with others that had it not been for 12A, this crossword would have definitely been only ** difficulty. nzguru

  40. 3*/4* …
    liked 30A “Nude crones cavorting for adults only? (10)”
    My good wishes to Mrs C.

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