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ST 3222 (Full Review)

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3222

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 23rd July 2023

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Another Dada Sunday Prize Puzzle, this one created for lovers of anagrams and double definitions!

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1a    Reportedly, complaint is bigger (5)
GROWN – A homophone (reportedly) of GROAN (complaint)

4a    Put up with criticism (5)
STICK Put up with or an informal term for criticism

10a    Country in days gone by having spoken (8)
PASTORAL – PAST (in days gone by) ORAL (spoken)

11a    French city hardened elderly relative from the East (6)
NANTES – A reversal (from the East in an Across solution) of SET (hardened) and NAN (elderly relative)

12a    Captain struggling without a medicinal plant (6)
CATNIP – An anagram (struggling) of CaPTAIN without one of the As

13a    Undecided where to send lob? (2,3,3)
IN THE AIR – Still to be decided or where a lob shot should be sent

14a    Working as examiner, technique extremely smart (7)
TESTING – The extreme letters of TechniquE and STING (smart)

16a    A simple step down (6)
ALIGHT – A (from the clue) LIGHT (simple)

17a    So put out about Huddersfield’s first result (6)
UPSHOT – An anagram (out) of SO PUT goes ‘about’ the first letter of Huddersfield

19a    Butterfly active in early spring? (7)
MONARCH – ON (active) inserted into MARCH (a month in early Spring)

21a    Son with quite awkward request (8)
QUESTION – An anagram (awkward) of SON with QUITE

22a    Gap in river covered by sand? (6)
BREACH – R (river) ‘covered’ by BEACH (sand?)

23a    A line bound to be written about Spanish dish (6)
PAELLA – A reversal (about) of A (from the clue) L (line) LEAP (bound)

24a    Awfully mean girl in early stage of development (8)
GERMINAL – An anagram (awfully) of MEAN GIRL

25a    Jolly squiffy (5)
MERRY – The two definitions and the solution are all informal ways of describing being ‘enlivened by drink’

26a    Treasure buried in strange land (5)
ANGEL – Buried in strANGE Land


2d    Prophesy fit for change (7)
READAPT – READ (prophesy) APT (fit)

3d    Sounds on instrument after you and I hit the bottle (3,4,7)
WET ONES WHISTLE – WE (you and I) TONES (sounds) WHISTLE (instrument)

5d    Convincing recital (7)
TELLING – Be evidence of (convincing) or a recital

6d    Check felon’s entourage (9)
CONSTRAIN – CONS (felons) TRAIN (entourage)

7d    Tour could be mistake (4)
TRIP – A tour or a mistake

8d    House decoration is done, retiring shattered (8,6)
INTERIOR DESIGN – An anagram (shattered) of IS DONE RETIRING

9d    Greatly enjoy sauce (6)
RELISH – Greatly enjoy or a type of sauce

15d    Nice trait, remarkably complex (9)
INTRICATE – An anagram (remarkably) of NICE TRAIT

18d    Endless charm in friend, certainly not alone (6)
PLURAL – LURe (charm without its end letter) inserted into PAL (friend)

19d    Feeder fed a head (7)
MANAGER – MANGER (a place for feed) ‘fed’ A (from the clue)

20d    Frantic, the race for amount of land (7)
HECTARE – An anagram (frantic) of THE RACE

22d    Snap part of a tree (4)
BARK – A sharp noise or part of a tree

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