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EV1592 (Setter’s Blog)


Warning by Gaston

Setter’s Blog

Correct letters of misprints give PLACE KLEBER STRASBOURG, where WINS/TON/CHURCH/ILL (superfluous words) warned he would speak in French. French words form the entries for 12 clues.

Someone told me that during his stint as Foreign Secretary, Boris had plagiarised Churchill’s speech to impress his hosts at some pre-Brexit get-together. At least it showed greater fluency than Donnez-moi un break.

When my grandson’s godmother, who works for Eurostar, told me she was considering a dual language newspaper for the passengers, I offered to try and compile a crossword for her in a mixture of French and English. Somewhere along the line (unintentional pun) the idea was shelved, but the idea for ‘Warning’ was born.

I’ve never seen or heard of a French cryptic crossword – probably too many accents and verb endings/agreements – but there was some debate on Crossword Forum last week about Faux Amis (False Friends – words spelled the same in the two languages, but with totally different meanings).

Perhaps Le Figaro might have clued 18 Horizontal in VE (Variations Enigmatiques) 1592 thus:

Annotation pareille à partie du bible (7) COMME – NT

Any Francophiles out there who might try clueing another Faux Ami this way round?

Don’t try it with 17 across (Ed: COIN), as the clue would almost certainly be thrown out by Steve as being obscene!

A bientôt



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