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DT 30293 (full review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30293

A full review by Rahmat Ali

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This puzzle was published on 6th May 2023

BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Greetings from Kolkata. A friendly and quite straightforward Saturday puzzle from Chris Lancaster that I enjoyed solving and thereafter writing a review of the same for your kind perusal and significant comment.

Now that the coronation of Charles III and Camilla as King and Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms is over, I pray to the Almighty for the good health and happiness of the new King and Queen Consort and peace and prosperity of the Kingdom and the other realms during the new King’s reign. ‘God save the King’, the national anthem of the United Kingdom and the British Crown Dependencies and the answer to the clue of 16 & 22a, reminded me of our national anthem ‘Jana-Gana-Mana’ that the cinema houses would earlier play as a background song with the national flag displayed on the screen. The cinemagoers were expected to stand up to show their respect to the national anthem. After long many years, cinema halls stopped playing it because it was found that most people used to leave the hall midway, without caring to listen to it till the end. However, on November 30, 2016, with a view to instilling a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism in the minds of the citizens, the Supreme Court of India ordered the mandatory playing of the national anthem before the movie show. I visited the net and found out that until the latter part of the 20th century, theatre and concert goers in the United Kingdom were also expected to stand while the anthem was played after the conclusion of a show. Although this brought a tendency for cinema audiences to rush out while the end credits played to avoid this formality, the reverence for the national anthem has not completely died out and it continues to be played at some traditional events such as Wimbledon, Royal Variety Performance, the Edinburgh Tattoo, Royal Ascot, Henley Royal Regatta and The Proms as well as at Royal events. Besides, the tradition is still carried by the BBC Radios. The national anthem further reminded me of an incident that happened to me inside a cinema hall. My maternal uncle took me and two of his friends to a movie, ‘The Guns of Navarone’ at Minerva cinema house. After the movie had started, he told me who Gregory Peck and Anthony Quinn were, since he knew those two actors by their name. But he didn’t know the name of David Niven, Anthony Quayle or Stanley Baker or any other actor who were also there in the movie. I was then only nine years old and studying in Class IV. I remember a scene in which Irene Papas was driving a vehicle and sitting beside her were Gregory Peck and Anthony Quinn. A conversation was going on among the three actors. Meanwhile, Irene Papas asked Anthony Quinn, “Are you married?” To this, he replied in the positive. And there were more dialogues which I cannot recollect. At that point of time, my uncle, who didn’t know English at all, suddenly but quietly asked me about the conversation that was going on in the movie. I went on happily translating each and every dialogue of that scene into Bengali for him. Now on my left was sitting one middle-aged lady who turned her face towards me and when I looked at her, she smiled. I somehow got attracted to that smile on her face and whenever I looked at her, she smiled at me again and again. However, I did not lose any interest in the movie and, very soon, I was watching it again with proper attention. After the movie was over, it was time to screen the national anthem. Everybody stood up as a mark of respect. The hall was still dark and some people were moving out. The lady beside took me by the hand and led me through the crowd. I was totally unaware whether I was leaving the hall with the lady or with my maternal uncle. Only when we had come out of the hall, I was immediately dumbstruck at seeing her face. But by that time, my maternal uncle had also rushed outside and finding me with her, heaved a sigh of relief but screamed at her and asked her who she was and where she was taking me. She just replied that she liked me. My uncle quickly snatched me away from her and further scolded her. Soon, his friends had also come out. They joined him in scolding her. Without going for further argument, she left the place and went her way and so did we.

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1a    My people embracing over crowning moment (10)
CORONATION: A combo of COR (my) as a colloquial interjection indicating an expression of surprise and NATION (people) as the people of a state encircling or going round (embracing) O (over) as the abbreviation for over or overs as denoted on cricket scorecards takes to the definition of the ceremony of crowning a sovereign or a sovereign’s consort

6a    Without delay, starts to applaud, sing and pray (4)

ASAP: The definition of an abbreviation ‘as soon as possible’ meaning at the earliest possible time or without delay is arrived at from the first or starting letters (starts) to A[PPLAUD], S[ING] A[ND] P[RAY]

10a    Strength of child mentioned (5)

MIGHT: MITE (child) as a diminutive person or a small child serving as a homophone as told to the audience (mentioned) guides to the definition of a noun denoting power, ability or strength

11a    Alive and kicking? (2,3,4)

ON THE BALL: A cryptic definition of a phrase meaning properly in touch with the situation or on the alert is arrived at from ON as alive or functioning or into activity or operation and THE BALL as a spherical object used for kicking, throwing or hitting in games or sports

12a    Happy if only I, on a regular basis, will get flowers (8)

GLADIOLI: GLAD (happy) as feeling pleasure or happiness followed by the regular or alternate letters (on a regular basis) of I[F] O[N]L[Y] I leads to the definition of the flowering plant of genus Gladiolus of the iris family, with sword-shaped leaves and long spikes of brightly-coloured flowers

14a    American woman’s guide (5)

USHER: A charade of US (American) as the adjectival abbreviation for the United States or belonging to the United States and HER (woman’s) as belonging to or associated with a female person guides to the definition of a person who escorts people to seats in a hall etc

16a    & 22 Across A song to get you on your feet? (3,4,3,4)

GOD SAVE THE KING: A cryptic definition of the national anthem of the United Kingdom and the British Crown Dependencies (a song) that requires the citizens to stand to attention (to get you on your feet) when being played as a mark of respect

19a    Man’s cut out to find sacred place (7)

SANCTUM: An anagram (out) of MAN’S CUT guides to the definition of a sacred place, especially a shrine within a temple or church

20a    Thrills with old quotes (7)

EXCITES: A charade of EX (old) as a prefix indicating of a person no longer what they were but still living and CITES (quotes) as refers to a passage, book, or author as evidence for or justification of an argument or statement, especially in a scholarly work leads to the definition of a verb in the third person singular form meaning causes someone to feel very enthusiastic and eager

22a    See 16 across

24a    Dignitary dressing to meet royals at first (5)

MAYOR: MAYO (dressing) as a clipping of mayonnaise that is a cold sauce consisting of a seasoned mixture of egg yolk, vegetable oil and lemon juice or vinegar to come into contact with (meet) the first or beginning letter (at first) of R[OYALS], taking to the definition of the chief magistrate of a city or borough in England, Ireland etc, whether man or woman

25a    Overwhelm one good lady with appointment (8)

INUNDATE: The definition of a verb meaning to overwhelm someone with things or people to be dealt with is arrived at from I (one) as the Roman numeral for one, NUN (good lady) as a member of a religious community of women, typically one living under vows of poverty, chastity and obedience

29a    Woman handling issue at work? (9)

NURSEMAID: A cryptic definition of a female person (woman) employed (at work) for taking care of or looking after (handling) a young child (issue)

30a    A desire that I will succeed (5)

AITCH: A from the clue and ITCH (desire) as an informal term for an uneasy or restless desire or longing takes to the definition of H, the eighth letter of the English alphabet that is succeeded or followed by I, its ninth letter

31a    Symbol of rank son has forged (4)

SASH: S (son) as the genealogical abbreviation for son followed by an anagram (forged) of HAS guides to the definition of a symbol of distinction in the form of an ornamental band, ribbon or scarf worn round the waist or over the shoulder

32a    With minutes to go, claim heir is about to become leading man (7,3)

CHARLES III: An anagram (about) of CLAI[M] HEIR IS having (with) M (minutes) as the abbreviation for minutes to leave or be removed (go) takes to the definition of the leader or King of the United Kingdom and the 14 other Commonwealth realms


1d    Arrange search (4)
COMB: Double verbal definition; the first meaning to arrange the hair by drawing a comb through it and the second to search methodically and thoroughly

2d    Large changes for a monarch? (5)
REGAL: An anagram (changes) of LARGE leads to the definition of an adjective meaning resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified

3d    Famous piece of music finally performed (5)
NOTED: NOTE (piece of music) as the sound of a particular pitch or a written symbol representing this sound in music and the last or final letter (finally) of [PERFORME]D guides to the definition of an adjective meaning well-known, celebrated or famous

4d    Couple from broadcast turned up in book (7)
TWOSOME: SOW (broadcast) as to broadcast or scatter seeds by hand or machine rather than by placing in drills or rows seen going upwards in the down clue (turned up) inside (in) TOME (book) as a book, especially a large, heavy, scholarly one, arriving at the definition of a group of two or a pair of people considered together

5d    Gets in, with boats moving around outside (7)
OBTAINS: IN from the clue having surrounded by (around outside) an anagram (moving) of BOATS guides to the definition of a verb in the third person singular form meaning gets, acquires to secures something

7d    What one may wind up eating? (9)
SPAGHETTI: A cryptic definition of a white, starchy pasta of Italian origin that is made in the form of long strings, boiled and served with any of a variety of meat, tomato or other sauces that one may require to keep winding around a fork so as to comfortably bring a tidy little bundle of wrapped-up strings from plate to mouth for the purpose of eating

8d    Quietly, girl changed idea for journey (10)
PILGRIMAGE: P (quietly) as a written abbreviation for piano in music indicating that the piece should be played quietly and an anagram (changed) of GIRL followed by IMAGE (idea) as a mental representation or idea leads to the definition of a journey of a pilgrim, especially to a shrine or a sacred place

9d    Order new queen’s put before church (8)
SEQUENCE: An anagram (new) of QUEEN’S is placed (put) in front of (before) CE (church) as the abbreviation for the Church of England takes to the definition of a noun meaning a particular order in which related things follow each other

13d    Some had seen commercials (3)
ADS: Part of or hidden inside (some) [H]AD S[EEN] guides to the definition of the plural of the informal term for an advertisement that is a commercial or a print promotion for some product or service

15d    Mere agents could make them (10)
AGREEMENTS: An anagram (could) of MERE AGENTS takes to the definition of the plural of a negotiated and typically legally binding arrangement between parties as to a course of action

17d    Measures following cut in naval establishments (9)
DOCKYARDS: YARDS (measures) as the plural of a unit of linear measure equal to 3 feet or 0.9144 metre preceded by (following) DOCK (cut) as to cut short or to cut off the whole or part of an animal’s tail takes to the definition of naval establishments, each with docks, building-ships, stores etc

18d    Life support vessels? (8)
ARTERIES: A cryptic definition of the blood vessels that support life by delivering oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the tissues of the body

21d    After drive, a companion leaves (7)
SPINACH: After SPIN (drive) as to move swiftly, on or as if on wheels or in a vehicle, a combo of A from the clue and CH (companion) as the abbreviation for Companion of Honour is taken to arrive at the definition of an Asian herb Spinacia oleracea of the goosefoot family cultivated for its edible leaves which form in a dense basal rosette

22d    Weather report (7)
THUNDER: A cryptic definition of a loud rumbling or crashing noise heard after a lightning flash due to the expansion of rapidly heated air as reported in weather forecast

23d    Take aim to catch bird (3)
KEA: Part of or held inside (to catch) [TA]KE A[IM] guides to the definition of a New Zealand mountain parrot with a long, narrow bill and mainly olive-green plumage, sometimes feeding on carrion

26d    Cover a page in red fluid (5)
DRAPE: A combo of A from the clue and P (page) as the abbreviation for page is placed inside (in) an anagram (fluid) of RED takes to the definition of a verb meaning to cover or wrap loosely with folds of cloth

27d    Everyone playing to score? (5)
TUTTI: A cryptic definition of an adverb meaning all, referring to performers as in music, or the whole orchestra or choir involved in the rendering of a musical instruction

28d    National dead heat reported (4)
THAI: TIE (dead heat) as a situation in which two or more competitors in a race are exactly level serving as a homophone heard by the audience (reported) guides to the definition of a native or inhabitant of Thailand

There were several clues that I liked in this puzzle like 1a, 11a, 16a/22a, 30a, 32a, 4d, 18d, 21d, 23d and 28d; 30a being the prime of the lot. Thanks to BD for the encouragement, to Chris Lancaster for the entertainment and to Gazza for the assistance. Looking forward to being here again. Have a pleasant day.

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  1. Interesting memories of the National Anthem. I remember well when it was played at the end of the movie. It sounds like you were nearly abducted!

    1. Yes, Merusa, I agree and thank you so much for finding the write-up on the national anthem interesting. I am happy to learn that you also remember well when it was played at the end of a movie.

  2. 3*/4* …
    liked 21D “After drive, a companion leaves (7)”
    interesting anecdote about your cinema experience Rahmat.

    1. Thank you so much, Robin, for going through my childhood experience inside Minerva cinema hall and finding it interesting.

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