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DT 30293 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30293 (Hints)

The Saturday Crossword Club (hosted by crypticsue)

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From the first clue, you cannot help but be aware that this crossword has been specially compiled to mark today’s 1a of 32a. It isn’t particularly tricky,  but if you aren’t interested in today’s events, it may make you a bit grumpy!  I think the 5 bob Senf wagered the other day was a safe bet as we definitely have a specially themed crossword more than likely set by the Telegraph’s Crossword Editor

As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them. Many of the clues I haven’t hinted are anagrams, lurkers or cryptic definitions – let me know if you need help with them, although I may not respond as quickly as usual as I will be in front of the television rather than the computer.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

Some hints follow.


1a    My people embracing over crowning moment (10)
An expression of surprise (my) and a country’s people ’embracing’ the cricket abbreviation for Over

12a    Happy if only I, on a regular basis, will get flowers (8)
A synonym for happy and the ‘regular’ letters of If OnLy I

16a    & 22 Across A song to get you on your feet? (3,4,3,4)
A song we will probably hear a lot today where tradition demands that you stand up to sing it

24a    Dignitary dressing to meet royals at first (5)
A type of dressing and the first letter of royals

29a    Woman handling issue at work? (9)
A cryptic definition of someone working with children (issue)

30a    A desire that I will succeed (5)
A (from the clue) and a desire – nothing to do with inheriting a title, more to do with letters of the alphabet

32a    With minutes to go, claim heir is about to become leading man (7,3)
An anagram (about) of CLAIm HEIR IS without (to go) the abbreviation for Minutes  I will be using this mug for all my cups of tea today 


1d    Arrange search (4)
To arrange or separate; to search methodically and thoroughly

2d    Large changes for a monarch? (5)
An anagram (changes) of LARGE I have to admit that I’ve only hinted this one so I can include the photograph of something Mr CS and I will be having with our special lunch today

4d    Couple from broadcast turned up in book (7)
A reversal (turned up) of a verb meaning to broadcast (seed for example) inserted into a large book

8d    Quietly, girl changed idea for journey (10)
The musical abbreviation meaning quietly, an anagram (changed) of GIRL and an idea

18d    Life support vessels? (8)
A body has many of these vessels supporting life

27d    Everyone playing to score? (5)
A musical instruction for everyone to play or sing in a piece of music

28d    National dead heat reported (4)
A homophone (reported) of a dead heat

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The Quick Crossword pun: HEN + THROWN + MEANT = ENTHRONEMENT

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  1. A worthy crossword to celebrate the big day for King Charles. It wasn’t particularly taxing but was good fun. Predictsbly, 32a was the best clue for me and I also liked30a and23d (anew word for me). Thanks to CS for the hints and to the compiler toast to the King later after the ceremony. Cheers🥂

  2. Given that there’s nothing on TV except the 1a and it’s raining outside I was hoping for a slightly more challenging diversion this morning. Thanks to the setter and CS.

  3. 1*/3*. This was good straightforward fun with an obvious theme. I did make life slightly more difficult for myself by writing in the second part of 16a/22a in the space meant for 19a as it seemed logical for it to run straight across the line. :sad:

    Many thanks to the setter (CL?) and to CS.

  4. Completion marred only by 27d.
    Required dictionary experimentation.
    A new word for me.
    And it assisted my last in.
    The very clever 30a.
    Otherwise, Saturday lite.
    Thanks to the setter and CS.

  5. A very straightforward challenge for this Coronation Day, Coronation Eve when I solved it for me, and I am (reasonably) confident that my five bob on Thursday is a safe bet – */****

    Candidates for favourite – a toss-up between 30a and 21d – and the winner is 30a.

    Thanks to CL, or whomsoever if my five bob goes down the drain, and to CS.

  6. A loud clunk as the proverbial penny dropped for the last one in – 30a. It has probably been used before but it amused me greatly when I saw how the only word that fitted applied to the clue.

    Was misdirected to look for a homonym in 4d and pleased to see Dame Edna’s flowers at 12a. I wonder if she had an invitation to Westminster?

    Favourites include 4d, 21d and 28d.

    Thanks to setter and hinter.

        1. Highly likely, especially as apparently the King spoke to Edna on the phone in hospital a few days before her creator’s sad demise

  7. Predictably themed & certainly pleasant enough albeit, like Jonners, I wouldn’t have said no to a more challenging diversion. Having said that 23d was new to me & had to check 27d meant what I thought it did.
    Thanks to CL&CS
    Ps such a shame the weather hasn’t really played ball today.

  8. Light fare for a Saturday but like Jonners was hoping for something more substantial! Off to play golf now to avoid the dirge on tv. And looking forward to maybe a sporting themed xword in the near future 😏

  9. Gentle fun for Coronation day. The only new word for me was the short one at 23d, so that didn’t create a problem. The podium is overfull today but my absolute favourite is 30a with honourable mention for the quickie pun. Thanks to our setter and I hope CS and Mr CS enjoy their celebration lunch.

  10. Light and very user-friendly this morning with the excellent 30a coming out on top of the pile. My thanks to CL and CS.

  11. Light, straightforward, but (unsurprisingly I guess, this is the DT after all) rather predictable for the day. COTD 30a. Thank you to the setter and to CS.

    1* / 2*

    For those who have access to it, the Times backpager today is an enjoyable and slightly more challenging puzzle, and theme-free.

  12. Great fun and so appropriate for the day, with 30a my favourite.

    What a pity for all the crowds and those involved that the weather has not behaved.

    Many thanks to CS and the setter.

    1. I remember watching the rain coming down on the late Queen on a black and white TV with a tiny screen in 1953. From the commentary, it seems that rhis is the third wet coronation day in a row for the Royal family as George 6th was rained on too .

      1. Considering it rains most days in UK, I think the odds are it will rain for many more coronations!

  13. A great diversion during the quieter moments of the 1 a. So not against the clock. 30 a took some waking up to but otherwise painless and fun.
    Just right for me, today, and thanks to setter etc

  14. Perhaps Mr Ed dialled down on the difficulty today reckoning that many folk would be solving with one eye on the proceedings at the abbey!
    No particular favourite for me although 30a raised a smile.

    Thanks to Mr Ed(?) and to CS for the hints & pics.

  15. A perfect puzzle for the big day, with 30a my COTD. With best wishes to all and thanks to CS and the setter. **/***

  16. This Saturday puzzle brought some light into my life as this was a great puzzle, (compared to the last 3 from this week), and with current references as I would have expected considering the significance of the day.
    Wonder if CL did have something to do with this one???
    No hold ups in this puzzle and all very logical and well crafted, I thought.

    1*/5* for me today

    Favourites were many but my top ones included 1a, 11a, 16a/22a, 32a, 18d & 21d with winner 16a/22a pair as well as 32a

    Thanks to setter (CL??) and CS for the hints even though I did this on Friday evening in the pouring rain here on the West Coast of BC.

  17. I haven’t started the crossword yet, nor looked at the comments, but I had to say what a splendid coronation service today, as only the Brits can do. I promised myself when I retired that I would never get up in the dark again, but I was up and the telly on at 0500h and I’ve loved every minute. And I got my Zadok the Priest! I was so sure they’d leave that out. They’re processing to Buck House right now, so I’ll stop and do the puzzle. Thank all of you whose taxes gave us such wonderful entertainment.

  18. Very straightforward but with a couple of head scratchers thrown in. I knew the bird and it took for me to remember the music term which I’d come across before. Favourite was 30a. Thanks to the setter and CS.

  19. I’ve now done the puzzle and loved that too. How did I know that there would be complaints that it was too easy peasy? Loads of fun, it really pleased an old lady! Natch, fave was 32a. No obscure words, though I did need CS’s hint to know the “why” of 30a; now, wasn’t that clever?
    Thank you setter, just perfect for the day, and to CS for the hints and pics – like your mug, I mean the blue/white one.

    1. It is a Spode mug – it holds slightly less tea than the mug I use every day but I felt I had to use it before it goes on the shelf with the collection of other commemorative mugs

  20. Thanks for the positive comments; just popping in to say that the guesses as to the compiler’s identity have all been spot on! I believe that the late Queen used to solve the Telegraph crossword every day; I have no idea if Charles has followed suit, but I was pleased to note an absence of ink smudges on his vestment earlier today.

    1. Thanks for popping in, Mr Ed. I think you rather gave the game away in the Newsletter, but it does mean that Senf’s in profit from his wager!

  21. I knew this was going to be about THE royal event, but 32a eluded me for quite some time. Thank you to CL and crypticsue for the hints and pictures.

  22. Great fun today. Favourite 30a.

    Great day all round.

    Thanks to the setter and to crypticsue

  23. Very much enjoyed today’s puzzle, and am always glad to an appropriately themed puzzle. Unlike Merusa, I could not rouse myself to watch live (our only station without ads started at 2:30am), but I have recorded the whole event, and will binge watch later today. Meanwhile I have also enjoyed the many DT pictures and articles, with the picture of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis being my favourite. A steady cryptic solve, with 16a and 22a being my COTD. It’s nice to know that the late Queen used to also enjoy the backpager.

    1. Iliked the picture of Prince George, who was concentrating so hard on his job ofcarrying King Charles’ train with the other pages that he had his tongue poked out slightly. I loved the whole thing.

  24. Very enjoyable for an auspicious occasion. I put up the bunting yesterday and we sat and watched the whole ceremony while munching on salmon and cucumber sandwiches accompanied by champagne. Consequently, I have only just finished the puzzle. I must admit to not having heard of 27d so I will try and retain it in the grey matter. 30a took me an age but, once the penny dropped, it became my COTD.

    Grateful thanks to Mr. Editor for compiling a fitting and enjoyable tribute. Thank you, CS for the hints and I hope you and Mr. CS enjoyed your lunch.

  25. Very easy except the 27d 30a combo. Got the answers but surely 27d was not cryptic and I had to look up the meaning.
    I still can’t parse 30a even with hints.

    1. 30a The letter before “I” perhaps?

      CS did say in her hint … “more to do with letters of the alphabet”

      1. … but I have always wondered why the eighth letter of the alphabet is missing the eighth letter of the alphabet?

  26. Managed a 1/4 but that was about it. Way out of my range. Even with the hints I can’t solve any more.
    Not one for me.

  27. A great day with a very enjoyable puzzle to accompany it. My only delay was with 27d (had to look it up) and a pause for 30a. After struggling with yesterday’s offering my confidence was rebooted by today’s Many thanks to Mr Lancaster and CS. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend everyone.

  28. For once I’m with Brian. Managed much of the top half and then ground to a halt.

    Not even close to being on the right wavelength.

    Thanks to all.

  29. Only just sat down to l look at todays guzzle and thought I would check in first. We had a fabulous day in our community hall where two friends and I did a lunch for 60 people with the ceremony on the big screen. I was up at 6.30 gluing meringues together with cream and flat out on the sofa at 5 for a couple of hours exhausted sleep. Where are the youngsters? I’m too old for this! Anyway I am sure I am going to love no. 30,293 so thanks in advance to Setter & Hinter. What wonderful music and pageantry we have seen. And our church bells are going to ring for an hour at any moment.

  30. After Thursday’s thrashing and Friday’s failure I was seeking solace this Saturday. Not surprisingly I stuttered to a stop with only two to solve. I had hoped to avoid the curse of the xxxxxxxxxx by clearing off to the summer shed to do the crossword but shock horror it was plagued with Big Ears xxxxxxxxxx clues. I always preferred Noddy and wouldn’t have minded if he’d been crowned.

  31. It was refreshing to skip through most of this topical enigma after a day glued to the goggle-box watching the magnificently successful event. I did however wobble a little in the SE due in part to initially struggling to accommodate letters of 32a second word – how dim (to coin a Kathism)! 24a dressing surely not a Brit term. Joint Favs 4d and 18d. Thank you CL and CS.

  32. What a great day, in every way this country at its best, and many thanks to the esteemed Mr. L for a suitable puzzle and a brilliant quickie pun. I did not find this easy but with help I finally finished and was pleased to have responded to the challenge on this special occasion. Knew the answer to 30a, but it was ages before the penny dropped on the parsing with a very loud clunk. Difficult to choose COTD, but out of many possibles it has to be 32a (which was one I actually did without help!). Thanks to CS. Enjoy the post Coronation sunshine everyone.

  33. Just recovering from yesterday thank you CL for such a clever puzzle, in addition to the themed clues 30a is a terrific clue

    1. You’ve shortened your alias so this needed moderation. The three aliases you’ve used will all work from now on.

      In 26d ‘fluid’ is an anagram indicator.

      1. Gazza I realised fluid was an anagram indicator; I assumed of ‘in red’ but I guess I should have used the other letters!

  34. A nice puzzle as ever, and much appreciated, but thought 6a was a bit snafu*, if you get my drift (*a previous solution that evoked numerous comments at the time?). Thanks to all and happy (rest of) the Bank Holiday.

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