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DT 30287 (Full Review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30287

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 29th April 2023

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Chalicea brought us another very friendly and enjoyable Saturday Prize Puzzle

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1a    Mature set of people including wife and children, ultimately (5-2)
GROWN-UP – GROUP (set of people) ‘including’ W (wife) and N (the ultimate letter of children)

5a    Plantation for fruit or veg (7)
ORCHARD – OR (from the clue) CHARD (vegetable)

9a    Ace student leaves one country for another (7)
AUSTRIA – A (ace) and L (student) leave AUSTRalIA

10a    Future spouse receives new revenue (7)
FINANCE – FIANCE (future spouse) ‘receives’ N (the abbreviation for New)

11a    Saw something for one to use? (9)
CARPENTER – One who would definitely use a saw in his daily work

12a    Tense on the inside, girl holds out (5)
LASTS – T (tense) goes in the inside of LASS (girl)

13a    King’s cherished ambition? (5)
DREAM – An ambition cherished by Martin Luther King Junior

15    New-style cinemas do such entertainers (9)
COMEDIANS – An anagram (new-style) of CINEMAS DO

17a    Awakens concern and unhappily resents it (9)
INTERESTS – An anagram (unhappily) of RESENTS IT

19a    Club in underworld is corrupt (5)
DISCO – Hidden in underworlD IS Corrupt

22    Tragic episode of doctor with advanced degree (5)
DRAMA – DR (doctor) A (advanced) MA (Master of Arts degree)

23    Wag drilled holes, we’re told, in this box material (9)
CARDBOARD – CARD (wag, comical person) and a homophone (we’re told) of BORED (drilled holes)

25a    Gap seen in old enclosure in front of garden (7)
OPENING – O (old) PEN (enclosure) IN (from the clue) G (the ‘front’ of Garden)

26a    Criminal’s food sent back; mostly fat (7)
BURGLAR – a reversal (sent back) of GRUB (food) followed by most of LARd (fat)

27a    Delay mail, accepting US pressure (7)
SUSPEND – SEND (mail) ‘accepting’ US (from the clue) and P (pressure)

28a    Tree in a mess, in consequence put down (7)
ENTERED – An anagram (in a mess) of TREE inserted in END (consequence)


1d    Deflected weapon carried by discontented guard (7)
GLANCED – LANCE (weapon) ‘carried’ by the outside (discontented) letters of GuarD

2d    Watch former pupil open rally (7)
OBSERVE – OB (old boy, former pupil) SERVE (open a rally in tennis)

3d    Bottle never broken (5)
NERVE – An anagram (broken) of NEVER

4d    Exploit cutting costs in dummy runs (9)
PRACTICES – ACT (exploit) ‘cutting’ PRICES (costs)

5d    Top removed from chest for storing present (5)
OFFER – Remove the top from cOFFER (chest for storing)

6d    Study hint about daughter before crossword finally completed (9)
CONCLUDED – CON (study), CLUE (hint) into which is inserted D (daughter), the result finished with the final letter of crossworD

7d    Forgetfulness of men roaming in large continent (7)
AMNESIA – An anagram (roaming) of MEN inserted into ASIA (large continent)

8d    Stressed out with no time for shifts? (7)
DRESSES – An anagram (out) of StRESSED without (no) the abbreviation for Time

14d    Soldier at sea consuming fish paste (9)
MARGARINE – MARINE (a soldier serving at sea) ‘consuming’ GAR (fish)

16d    Unhappy skinflint with considerable skill (9)
MISERABLE – MISER (skinflint) ABLE (with considerable skill)

17d    Fashionable small cross raised within building (7)
INDOORS – IN (fashionable) and a reversal (raised) of S (small) ROOD (cross)

18d    Dealers surprisingly starred (7)
TRADERS – An anagram (surprisingly) of STARRED

20d    More compact shopping centre in London area works, essentially (7)
SMALLER – MALL (shopping centre) inserted into SE (South East, London are) followed by the R that is the ‘essential’ letter of woRks

21d    Requested new rope ladders pals wrongly removed (7)
ORDERED – An anagram (new) of ROpE laDDERs from which the letters PALS have been removed, wrongly telling you that they aren’t in that order in the anagram fodder

23d    Cold and old behind bars (5)
CAGED – C (cold) AGED (old)

24d    Shatter, right in the heart of sculpture (5)
BURST – R (right) inserted into the middle (heart) of BUST (sculpture)

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  1. hi Sue, I know most cryptic clue types but 20 down R in works? What makes this the “essential” letter please?

    1. Adding a full stop after the W sent you into moderation again

      The essence of something is the ‘inner nature’ – so essential relates to the letter that is the essence of, or the middle of, woRks

      1. Thankyou Crypticsue,all clear now, and thanks too to compiler Chalicea for an enjoyable compilation. A.W.

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