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Sunday Toughie 64 (Review)

Sunday Toughie No 64 by Zandio

Review by Sloop John Bee

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This puzzle was published on the 16th of April 2023




1a They stick fast, and within two seconds (10)
QUICKSANDS: A synonym of fast as in the “fast” or the dead QUICK, followed by two abbreviations for second S-S  around AND from the clue

6a Good day to see ducks around US state (4)
OHIO: A welcoming good day or HI with two of the letter O’s around it

9a Medicine’s rapidly recalled over dangerous substance (7)
ARSENIC: A reverse lurker (recalled over) is a poisonous element hidden in the first two words of the clue

10a Slightly pickled, mum tucks into cheese from a certain place (7)
BRUMMIE: The cheese is French BRIE, and MUM is an anagram (slightly pickled) tucked into it, an informal term for people from a certain place in the West Midlands Birmingham

12a After sex, she’ll dine out on her partner (7,6)
PRAYING MANTIS: A cryptic definition of an insect that practises sexual cannibalism
Why some animals turn cannibal | Science | AAAS
14a With both sides attacking through every stage (3-2-3)
END-TO-END: Another all-in-one for the sort of exciting sporting competition where the action goes back and forth

15a They can develop massively while eating cereal (6)
ACORNS: The Massive Oak Tree grows from these a synonym of while AS, eats some cereal or CORN

17a Close to sleep, come to in lecture (6)
PREACH: The closing letter of sleeP. and to arrive at or come to REACH

19a Adapt hybrid cactus, by order (8)
ACCUSTOM: An anagram (hybrid) of CACTUS followed by an abbreviation for members of the Order of Merit OM

21a Swedish swindler’s silly sentence? (6-7)
TONGUE-TWISTER: A double definition, all-in-one by example? Synonyms of Swedish as a language and swindler as a slippery, shuffling or dishonest person
Betty bought some butter, but the butter Betty bought was bitter, so Betty bought some better butter, better than the bitter butter Betty bought before

24a Panama perhaps should acquire a little territory (7)
HABITAT: A Panama HAT acquires A from the clue and a little BIT

25a Shabby shifts worn by one juvenile (7)
BABYISH: An anagram (shifts) of SHABBY and the letter that looks like one I

26a Outstanding tango presented by smallest group? (4)
DUET: Something outstanding or DUE and the letter that Tango represents in the NATO radio code would be the smallest possible group



27a Alert when victory in Europe unseats power with show of arms (10)
SLEEVELESS: Victory in Europe Day is celebrated on May 8th here it unseats P for power in someone who remains awake, the kind of garments the two singers above are wearing. SLEEPLESS or one who remains awake swaps the P for power and replaces it with VE 


1d Essential articulated tankers park here (4)
QUAY: A homophone (articulated) of essential or KEY, is a place where tankers or other large craft “park”

2d I had to go after cool drink in flat (7)
INSIPID: Cool or IN, a small drink or SIP and an abbreviated I had or I’D goes after for something flat or INSIPID 

3d Bounder going to palace for partial justice (8,5)
KANGAROO COURT: An animal that bounds KANGAROO, and a synonym of palace COURT, become a tribunal before which a fair trial is unlikely. Partial here is used as an adjective for one inclined to favour one person or party as the Judge in a Kangaroo Court has convicted someone without a fair trial

4d Publicly flogs prosecution after arrest of university head of science (8)
AUCTIONS: Prosecution or ACTION arrests the head of University U, and followed by the head of Science S

5d Clean up raised garden, huge, he’s ignored (5)
DEBUG: A garden or BED is reversed (raised) followed by what remains of hUGe when he is ignored

7d Runner going nowhere needs speed to cover mile run (7)
HAMSTER: A synonym of speed HASTE, covers abbreviations of mile M, and run R, for a creature that is known for running without getting anywhere. The nocturnal activity of such pets has kept many a child sleepless at night.

8d Tournament seed produces cracking spell (4,6)
OPEN SESAME: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves provide a spell for making barriers go away. A sporting tournament for professionals and amateurs alike OPEN, and a seed cultivated for a light edible oil SESAME

11d Many will welcome article about puzzling (13)
UNACCOUNTABLE: Too many to be enumerated UNCOUNTABLE, welcomes the indefinite article A, and one of our usual abouts C to be puzzling or UNACCOUNTABLE

13d Finished off spinner’s initial spell in action (10)
DESPATCHED: A synonym of an action DEED, around the initial letter of spinner S, and a spell or period of time PATCH, DESPATCHED or finished off

16d Dash off to have bibles reprinted, including ‘Introductions to Catholic Rosary’ (8)
SCRIBBLE: An anagram (reprinted) of BIBLES and the introductory letters to Catholic and Rosary

18d East German city overthrown by the French knight? (7)
ENNOBLE: E for East a reversal (overthrown) of the German city BONN and one of the French the’s LE. To knight or ENNOBLE

20d One devours slice of beet I’m re-toasting with a roll (7)
TERMITE: A lurker (slice of) that is reversed (with a roll) hidden in the rest of the clue

22d Luck, getting in at rising comprehensive (5)
TOTAL: One’s luck or LOT gets AT in and is reversed (rising) for a comprehensive TOTAL 

23d That’s alternative therapy, originally performed by him (4)
THIS: The original letter of therapy T, and the male possessive HIS. THIS or That