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ST 3208 (Full Review)

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3208

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 16th April 2023

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Dada provided a mix of the old friend and the ‘shouldn’t this clue be in a Toughie?’ but I ended up in my ‘usual’ time for a Sunday Prize Puzzle

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1a    Upset with sharp pain, something done with needle? (5-6)
CROSS-STITCH – CROSS (upset) STITCH (sharp pain)

10a    Set up streaks for the audience (5)
RAISE – A homophone (for the audience) of RAYS (streaks)

11a    Maine car customised, a collection from there, say? (9)
AMERICANA – An anagram (customised) of MAINE CAR followed by A (from the clue)

12a    Position of US player in two garments (9)
SHORTSTOP – The two garments being SHORTS and TOP

13a    Bear, erect (5)
STAND – Double definition

14a    Festival when consumer scoffs last of chocolates (6)
EASTER – EATER (consumer) ‘scoffs’ the last letter of chocolateS

16a    Wild bird is in Italian city (8)
BRINDISI – An anagram (wild) of BIRD IS IN

18a    Affectionate type in theory completely gutted, seeing hooliganism (8)
THUGGERY – HUGGER (affectionate type) inserted into the outside (completely gutted) letters of TheorY

20a    Concerned with swimmers, cold (6)
OFFISH – OF (concerned with) FISH (swimmers)

23a    Incomplete sudoku surprisingly will bring praise (5)
KUDOS – An anagram (surprisingly) of the first 5 letters (incomplete) of SUDOKu

24a    Defeat almost catching people out, initially, in sport (5,4)
WATER POLO – Almost all of WATERLOo (defeat) into which is inserted (catching) the initial letters of People and Out

26a    Hey, vodka’s back: fancy double? (9)
LOOKALIKE – LOOK (hey) A (the back of vodkA) and LIKE (fancy)

27a    Total, say (5)
UTTER – Double definition

28a    Flower shape, people inspired by little one (6-2-3)
FORGET-ME-NOT – FORGE (shape) followed by MEN (people) ‘inspired’ by TOT (little one)


2d    Animal with horn, I gathered (5)
RHINO – An anagram (gathered) of HORN I

3d    Vet drops in on spook (7)
SPECTRE – inSPECT (vet without (drops) IN) RE (on the subject of)

4d    Song won’t end in joy (6)
SHANTY – SHANT (won’t) and the end in joY

5d    Amateurish batting performance at first: strive to rein it in (8)
INEXPERT – IN (batting) and the first letter of Performance inserted into (to rein it in) EXERT (strive)

6d    Red borders trimmed with blue (7)
CRIMSON – RIMS (borders) ‘trimmed’ with CON (Conservative, blue)

7d    In top gear, as might be an assassin? (7,2,4)
DRESSED TO KILL – This way of saying dressed in order to attract and impress sounds like it might refer to the clothing worn by an assassin

8d    Great fiddler, unbeliever in Italy (8)
PAGANINI – PAGAN (unbeliever) IN (from the clue) I (IVR code for Italy)

9d    Advertiser offering snack and regular meals? (8,5)
SANDWICH BOARD – These advertising placards sound like they are offering things to eat

15d    Valid fight, hollow for musician (5,3)
SOUND BOX – SOUND (valid) BOX (fight)

17d    English poet using grill? (8)
BROWNING – This poet sounds like something you’d use a grill for

19d    Secret police try to conceal doctored tapes (7)
GESTAPO – GO (try) to ‘conceal’ an anagram (doctored) of TAPES

21d    Lot of money assigned to musical composition (7)
FORTUNE – FOR (assigned to) TUNE (musical composition)

22d    Trendily urban setter, misguided (6)
STREET – An anagram (misguided) of SETTER

25d    Beat off party (5)
OUTDO – OUT (off) DO (party)