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Tony Sever- RIP

Tony Sever – RIP

Unless you had attended an S&B at the George in Southwark on a Times Crossword Championships Day, it is unlikely you would have heard of Tony who sadly died last Friday

Tony was a true gentleman, a great crossword enthusiast (he ran his own crossword-related website at and was always delighted to meet friends old and new alike and to discuss not only how we had got on with the Finals Puzzles but also to discuss crosswords in general.

When I last saw him, at the 2019 Championships, he was looking forward to taking part in the 2020 finals, as he’d taken part in every single Championship since 1970, and indeed been the winner in 1981, but alas the pandemic put paid to his plans.

I am sure there will be a post on Times for the Times in due course, where we will be able to learn a lot more about Tony as he always solved the Times Crossword and was known to many people there.  When there is, I will add a link to it on this post

RIP Tony – if there is a Crossword Championship this year, we will be sure to raise a glass in your memory.

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  1. Oh sorry to hear this. I am nor terribly religious but if I could have one wish it would be for a bunch of clouds in crossword heaven where we can all meet up with at least one cloud with corny jokes and photos especially cats.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that.
    By chance, I met the great man at my debut appearance at The George in 2017 and he was such a modest and likeable man. The photo of me and the current Mrs Shabbo attached to this post shows Tony sitting with us. He was very patient!
    I had no idea of his legendary status – he was, of course, far too modest to mention it to me at the time.
    One of the greats.
    RIP Tony.

  3. I did not know the man, but I think that it is wonderful the way crossword puzzles link so many people
    throughout the world and create a bond. Long may the setters continue to set their excruciating tests!

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