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DT 30227 (Full Review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30227

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 18th February 2023

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A nice and straightforward Cephas Saturday Prize Puzzle 

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1a    Coming out of foster care, one tells of what is to come (10)
FORECASTER – An anagram (coming out) of FOSTER CARE

6a    Prophet before noon so revolutionary (4)
AMOS – AM (before noon) and a reversal (revolutionary) of SO

9a    Regret entering Turkey? That’s more accurate (5)
TRUER – RUE (regret) ‘entering’ TR (the IVR Code for Turkey)

10a    Taking a liberty (9)
ENSLAVING – Taking someone’s liberty from them

12a    Ready with it, prepared type of fibre (7)
DIETARY – An anagram (prepared) of READY with IT

13a    Large Italian male is agile (5)
LITHE – L (the abbreviation for large) IT (the informal name for Italian Vermouth) HE (male)

15a    Lady having protection finding this on pond (4,3)
LILY PAD – LILY (lady) PAD (protection)

16a    Vessel that’s off-course? (7)
DRIFTER This fishing vessel using a drift net sounds like it might be something that goes off course

18a    Fitting stabbing instrument (7)
BAYONET – A fitting for a light bulb or an instrument fitted to the end of a muzzle used for stabbing

20a    Shock, seizing engineer’s weapon (4,3)
STEN GUN – STUN (shock) ‘seizing’ ENG (engineer)

21a    Touching way to give a reminder (5)
NUDGE – Give a reminder by touching with, eg, an elbow

23a    Train me mending old clothes (7)
RAIMENT – An archaic (old) word for cloths is an anagram (mending) of TRAIN ME

25a    Pass through negotiator (2-7)
GO-BETWEEN – without the hyphen, this would be a way of saying pass through

26a    Admit criminal now at university (3,2)
OWN UP – An anagram (criminal) of NOW followed by UP (at university)

27a    To Georgia, it’s a loose outer garment (4)
TOGA – TO (From the clue) and GA (the abbreviation for the US State of Georgia)

28a    Imitative newspaper worker? (4-6)
COPY-EDITOR – This newspaper worker sounds like he is ‘imitative’ – I appear to be the only person on Saturday who went for the correct newspaper worker; I assume everyone else tried ‘writer’ first until it didn’t fit with 11d


1d    Inevitable destiny of one of three goddesses (4)
FATE – Inevitable destiny or one of the Three Fates

2d    Echo included in two songs making one (9)
ROUNDELAY – The letter represented by Echo in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet inserted between ROUND (a song sung in unison) and LAY (a short narrative song)

3d    One cited in divorce describes Romeo as pen pal, perhaps (13)
CORRESPONDENT – CO-RESPONDENT (one cited in divorce) ‘describes’ or goes round R (the letter represented by Romeo in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet

4d    In haste, warden protects race official (7)
STEWARD – Hidden in (protected by) haSTE WARDen

5d    Attempted to replant seed, say (7)
ESSAYED – An anagram (to replant) of SEED SAY

7d    Nothing in film can make you tearful (5)
MOIST – O (nothing) inserted in MIST (film)

8d    Ginger isn’t rearranging piece of jewellery (6,4)
SIGNET RING – An anagram (rearranging) of GINGER ISNT

11d    Retold miracle about the very best yet (3-4,6)
ALL-TIME RECORD – An anagram (about) of RETOLD MIRACLE

14d    Irresponsible sort? Bat perhaps (3-2-5)
FLY-BY-NIGHT – This irresponsible person could describe a bat

17d    Miserly fool said to be closely connected (5-4)
TIGHT-KNIT – TIGHT (miserly) and a homophone (said) of NIT (fool)

19d    Soldiers in depot moved missile (7)
TORPEDO – OR (Ordinary Ranks of soldiers) inserted into an anagram (moved) of DEPOT

20d    Hotel surrounded by Scottish river thicket (7)
SPINNEY – INN (hotel) ‘surrounded by’ SPEY (Scottish river)

22d    Remove concealed listening devicesand insects! (5)
DEBUG – Remove hidden listening devices – or get rid of insects

24d    Say no to reduced incentive (4)
SPUR – SPURn (say no to) ‘reduced’


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  1. I’m not happy with 10a. ENSNARING also fits the definition and the checkers which isn’t very good for a prize crossword.

  2. I fully agree with Captain Zilog`s comment; Cephas needs to tighten up his act!
    Thanks to Sue for the review.
    I did put in Copy Editor for 28 across, I must be on Sue`s wavelength!

  3. CS, thanks for the hints on Saturday and today’s review.

    I took 18a to be a double definition the first being a (bayonet) fitting on, for example, a light bulb then the second the stabbing instrument.

  4. For 28A I went for COPY-TYPIST, then changed it to COPY-WRITER until it didn’t fit. I’d probably have got 11D sooner had I not put STUN GUN for 11A!

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