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DT 30215 (Full Review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30215

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 4th February 2023

BD Rating – Difficulty * Enjoyment ***

A friendly Saturday Prize Puzzle from Cephas 

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4a    One’s entering procession in state of great happiness (8)
PARADISE – IS (one’s) ‘entering’ PARADE (procession)

8a    Speak unfavourably about some minimal ignorance (6)
MALIGN – Hidden in some miniMAL IGNorance

9a    Framework torn apart, it’s an exorbitant amount to pay (4-4)
RACK-RENT – RACK (framework) RENT (torn apart)

10a    Poor, very much out of form (5,3)
BADLY OFF – BADLY (very much) OFF (out of form)

11a    Fruit found by German fellow in outskirts of city (6)
CHERRY – HERR (German fellow) inserted into the ‘outskirts’ of CitY

12a    Ancient convict? (3-5)
OLD-TIMER – A cryptic definition of someone who might have spent a long time in prison

13a    Remove Chinese meal, say (8)
TAKEAWAY – A verb meaning to remove or a Chinese meal

16a    Real colour of one unswervingly faithful (4,4)
TRUE BLUE – TRUE (real) BLUE (colour)

19a    Party song about America (8)
CAROUSAL – CAROL (song) goes ‘about’ US (America)

21a    Taken from mother’s small cottage, it is believed to bring good luck (6)
MASCOT – MAS (mother’s) COT (archaic and literary term for a small cottage

23a    Where one finds oneself at end of flight? (8)
UPSTAIRS – Where you’d find yourself at the end of a flight of stairs – although technically you could be ‘downstairs’ at the other end of the ‘flight’

24a    Somebody walking in street in front of posh car (8)
STROLLER – ST (street) ROLLER (Rolls-Royce, posh car)

25a    Precision casting icy net (6)
NICETY – An anagram (casting) of ICY NET

26a    Arrange time for exhibition of horsemanship (8)
DRESSAGE – DRESS (arrange) AGE (time)


1d    Message about father being competent (7)
CAPABLE – CABLE (message) goes ‘about’ PA (rather)

2d    Thousand still confused before somebody has burdensome responsibility (9)
MILLSTONE – M (Roman numeral for 1,000) and an anagram (confused) of STILL go before ONE (somebody)

3d    Advise Mike to support hip vocal quartet? (6)
INFORM – M (Mike in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet) goes after (to support in a Down solution) IN (hip) and a homophone (vocal) of FOUR (quartet)

4d    Around what typical sportsperson could expect (3,3,3,6)
PAR FOR THE COURSE – Especially if they were a golfer

5d    Is it hardly edible? (4,4)
ROCK CAKE – Sounds like it might be too hard to eat

6d    Reg and I’d composed funeral hymn (5)
DIRGE – An anagram (composed) of REG and ID

7d    Punch, having belted out tune the wrong way (7)
SANGRIA – SANG (belted out) and a reversal (the wrong way) of AIR (tune)

14d    Vehicle one might see by accident (9)
AMBULANCE – A cryptic definition of a vehicle one might see by an accident

15d    Fleet I’ll float round (8)
FLOTILLA – An anagram (round) of ILL FLOAT

17d    Builder not initially shielding a nuclear device (7)
REACTOR – eRECTOR (builder without the initial letter) ‘shielding’ A (from the clue)

18d    Occasionally, best Scottish island turned up in report (7)
NARRATE – A reversal (turned up) of the occasional letters of bEsT and ARRAN (Scottish island)

20d    Revolt is welcomed by group (6)
RISING – IS (from the clue) ‘welcomed’ by RING (group)

22d    Sign of the times (5)
CROSS – Used to mean ‘times’ in a multiplication sum


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  1. Hello
    Good crossword but for one or two points.
    1) The answer to 19 across (carousal).
    Carol (song) about America (US) does not account for the “A” required for the answer.
    I had Carousel (incorrect I grant you), meaning I couldn’t see an answer to 18 down.
    2) I don’t understand how “badly off” the answer to 10 across, is derived from “very much out of form”

    As a last observation, despite my advanced age, I have never heard of Rack Rent (9 across) although I assumed the correct answer.

    Many thanks for your insight and time.

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