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ST 3192 (Full Review)

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3192

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published online on 25 December 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A not too strenuous online Christmas present from Dada

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1 Man heard in front of goalie, someone in blue cap? (11)
PEACEKEEPER – A homophone (heard) of PIECE (man) in front of KEEPER (goalie) – the United Nations peacekeepers wear blue caps

9 One has ice cream exchanged for savoury dish (8,6)
MACARONI CHEESE – An anagram (exchanged) of ONE HAS ICE CREAM

11 In contact with uranium, power working (4)
UPON – U (chemical symbol for Uranium) P (power) ON (working)

12 Use less money: remove penny (5)
SKIMP – SKIM (remove) P (penny)

13 European flagstaff (4)
POLE – Double definition

16 Capital city where vehicle buried, did you say? (8)
KHARTOUM – A homophone (did you say) of a CAR TOMB (where vehicle buried)

17 Close in, shark perhaps circling (6)
FINISH – FISH (shark, perhaps) ‘circling’ IN (from the clue)

19 Curtain-raiser
key? (6)
OPENER – Double definition

20 Check declaration of love for Cupid, possibly (8)
REINDEER – REIN (check) and a homophone (declaration) of DEAR (love)

22 Meat maiden fed to dog (4)
LAMB – M (maiden) ‘fed’ to LAB

23 Party-giver after good Christmas Present for Scrooge, say (5)
GHOST – HOST (party-giver) goes after G (good)

24 Turkey that’s dandy stuffed with last of offal (4)
FLOP – FOP (dandy) ‘stuffed’ with the last letter of offaL

27 Speeches by party backed by business partnerships (14)
COLLABORATIONS – ORATIONS (speeches) go after CO (business) and a reversal (backed) of BALL (party)

28 True love’s second present: true love’s third marginally different (11)
TURTLEDOVES – An anagram (different) of TRUE LOVE and the ‘margins’ of ThirD


2 Concentrated liquid poured initially into dark meat, I love stirred up (10,4)
EVAPORATED MILK – The initial letter of Poured inserted into an anagram (stirred up) of DARK MEAT I LOVE

3 Cold, boy dressed (4)
CLAD – C (cold) LAD (boy)

4 Result of final blow, a beauty (8)
KNOCKOUT – Double definition

5 Something inexplicable in game that’s complex (6)
ENIGMA – An anagram (that’s complex) of IN GAME

6 Bounce back immediately before Foxtrot? (4)
ECHO – The letter that goes immediately before Foxtrot in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet

7 This lady’s fair bid explored, one proving debatable (8,6)
PEROXIDE BLONDE – An anagram (proving debatable) of BID EXPLORED ONE

8 After information given on anaesthetic, pay out for medical treatment (4,7)
GENE THERAPY – GEN (information) ETHER (anaesthetic) and an anagram (out) of PAY

10 Hourly caller with crackers and punch (6,5)
CUCKOO CLOCK – CUCKOO (crackers) CLOCK (punch)

14 Cap off dairy product, say (5)
UTTER – Remove the ‘cap’ from bUTTER (dairy product)

15 Unknown quantity filling small Aussie can (5)
TINNY – N (unknown quantity) ‘filling’ TINY (small)

18 Criminal escapes having stolen a painting (8)
SEASCAPE – An anagram (criminal) of ESCAPES into which is inserted (having stolen) A (from the clue)

21 Passage which is blocked by frog, sides cleared (6)
THROAT – THAT (which is) ‘blocked by the inside letters (sides cleared) of fROg

25 A case of Honolulu beyond old Hawaiian island (4)
OAHU – A (From the clue) and the ‘case’ of HonolulU go after (beyond) O (old)

26 A little Gavi, noxious wine (4)
VINO – Hidden in a little of gaVI NOxious

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