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DT 30167 (full review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30167

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 10th December 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

As he has done for so many years, Cephas provided this week’s Saturday Prize Puzzle

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1a    See following summary exactly (9)
PRECISELY – Crosswordland’s favourite diocese (see) ELY follows PRECIS (summary)

8a    Rearrest man I’m fighting — he might be at sea (6-7)
MASTER-MARINER – An anagram (fighting) of REARREST MAN IM

11a    Only one vehicle in heavy traffic? (5)
LORRY – A cryptic definition of a (heavy) vehicle found in heavy traffic

12a    Understand how to acquire sex appeal (3,2)
GET IT – GET (acquire) IT (sex appeal)

13a    Sum deducted from one in arrears (5)
DEBIT – I (one) in DEBT (arrears)

16a    Graceful pup Les removed (6)
SUPPLE – An anagram (removed) of PUP LES

17a    He’s possibly including rower who’s husky (6)
HOARSE – An anagram (possibly) of HES ‘including’ OAR (rower)

18a    Force put into iron structure (5)
FRAME – RAM (force) put into the chemical symbol for iron

19a    Captain needs to be in control here in game (6)
BRIDGE – Double definition

20a    Disk tending to be a failure (6)
FLOPPY – A computer disk or perhaps tending to be a flop (failure)

21a    Show one’s feelings with regard to part of play (5)
REACT – RE (with regard to) ACT (part of play)

24a    Take hold of feline companion (5)
CATCH – CAT (feline) CH (Companion of Honour)

26a    Say ‘Just a theory’ on a regular basis (5)
UTTER – The regular letters of jUsT a ThEoRy

27a    The last things one takes off (13)
UNDERCLOTHING – A cryptic definition of the last items of clothing to be removed

28a    Chemical dispersed pets later (9)
SALTPETRE – An anagram (dispersed) of PETS LATER


2d    Irritable teetotaller Raymond outside (5)
RATTY – RAY (Raymond) goes outside TT (teetotaller)

3d    Clot Charlie ruled out (6)
CURDLE – C (Charlie in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet) and an anagram (out) of RULED

4d    Swindle over very good seafood (6)
SCAMPI – SCAM (swindle) goes over (in a Down solution) PI (very good)

5d    Guilty of deception
at length (5)
LYING – Double definition

6d    Parting making petty distinctions (4-9)
HAIR-SPLITTING – What you do if you make a parting in your hair

7d    Characters evident in document (7,6)
LETTERS PATENT – LETTERS (characters) PATENT (evident)

9d    Camera accessory returned echo of the past (9)
FLASHBACK – FLASH (camera accessory) BACK (returned)

10d    Balance area near foundry? (9)
STEELYARD – This type of balance measuring machine could be an area near a foundry

13d    Postpone in order to comply with wishes of others (5)
DEFER – Double definition

14d    Endlessly courageous on a Spanish Costa (5)
BRAVA – BRAVe (courageous ‘endlessly’) on A (From the clue)

15d    Possibly shoplifting paper? (5)
THEFT – THE FT (paper)

22d    Draw forth priest, Italian going round chapter (6)
ELICIT – An Old Testament priest and IT (Italian) going round C (chapter)

23d    Select 100 stockings with hole in (6)
CHOOSE – C (Roman numeral for 100) HOSE (stockings) with O (hole) inserted

25d    Beast in duchy enabled to be included (5)
HYENA – Included in ducHY ENAbled

26d    Drug dealer not starting as escort (5)
USHER – Omit the ‘start’ of pUSHER (drug dealer)


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  1. I enjoyed it although I have never come across a seven down.
    Thanks Cryptic Sue and everyone for your help during the year its always appreciated.

    Merry Christmas

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