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ST 3188 (full review)

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3188

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 27th November 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

Dada’s Sunday Prize Puzzle was definitely aimed at fans of anagrams and double-definition clues

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1a    Scent wood inside solid figure (7)
COLOGNE – LOG (wood) inside CONE (solid figure)

5a    Consume bird (7)
SWALLOW – A verb meaning to consume or a type of bird

9a    Hit knowing service easily broken? (9)
CHINAWARE – CHIN (a slang word meaning to hit by striking on the chin) AWARE (knowing)

10a    Disrespectful behaviour in dressing? (5)
SAUCE – An informal term for disrespectful behaviour, or a type of dressing for food

11a    Offer here (7)
PRESENT – Offer or be here

12a    Commendation priceless originally, it is beyond praise (7)
PLAUDIT – P (the original letter of Priceless) and IT (from the clue) put after (beyond) LAUD (praise)

13a    Performer, greatly appreciated, pranced about (3-6)
TAP-DANCER – TA (thank you, greatly appreciated) and an anagram (about) of PRANCED

16a    Some thinner vessel, bottle (5)
NERVE – Hidden in soe thinNER VEssel

17a    Sweet fighter, cut (5)
BOMBE – BOMBEr (fighter) ‘cut’ or without its last letter

18a    Where police may have stopped car, a driver finally stepped out (5,4)
SPEED TRAP – An anagram (out) of A R (the final letter of driver) and STEPPED

21a    Ice giant turning around rapidly, awesome initially (7)
GRANITA – An anagram (turning) of GIANT into which is inserted (around) the initial letters of Rapidly and Awesome

22a    Leader in form has messed up the race (7)
TEACHER – An anagram (messed up) of THE RACWE

25a    Commotion in Idaho, Ohio quite the reverse! (3-2)
HOO-HA – Hidden in reverse in IdAHO OHio

26a    Old Hollywood actor as central in play (9)
LANCASTER – An anagram (in play) of AS CENTRAL

27a    Those in attendance go off (4-3)
TURN-OUT – TURN (go) OUT (off)

28a    Fine petticoats, firstly, neatly embroidered (7)
PENALTY – The first letter of Petticoats and an anagram (embroidered) of NEATLY


1d    Tilt, then tilt upward, front of plane (7)
COCKPIT – COCK (tilt) and then a reversal (upward) of TIP (tilt)

2d    European river running through Oslo, I realised (5)
LOIRE – Hidden in OsLO I REalised

3d    Slight injury in horses, did you say? (5)
GRAZE – A homophone (did you say?) of GREYS (horses)

4d    Flexible seal shattered with little jerk (7)
ELASTIC – An anagram (shattered) of SEAL with TIC (little jerk)

5d    Part of track for the night train? (7)
SLEEPER – Part of a railway track or a night train with sleeping compartments

6d    Drunken beast and I declined drink (9)
ABSTAINED – An anagram (drunken) of BEAST AND I

7d    Washer beneath in concrete, lifted up (9)
LAUNDERER – UNDER (beneath) inserted into a reversal (lifted up) of REAL (concrete)

8d    Western supporter hasn’t started fight (7)
WRESTLE – W (western) tRESTLE (supporter without the initial letter (hasn’t started)

14d    Ceremony before a dreary do (9)
POMPADOUR – A historical hairstyle (do) – POMP (ceremony) goes before A (from the clue) and DOUR (dreary)

15d    On camera, I mixed drink (9)
AMERICANO – An anagram (mixed) of ON CAMERA I

17d    Heavyweight cannonball? (3,4)
BIG SHOT – This informal term for a person of importance (heavyweight) could also describe a cannonball

18d    Black stuff in hole visible at night (7)
STARLIT – TAR (black stuff) inserted in SLIT (hole)

19d    Each number raised, taken down (5,2)
EATEN UP – EA (each) TEN (number) UP (raised)

20d    Left on ship, fish for show (7)
PORTRAY – PORT (the left side of a ship) RAY (fish)

23d    Another time when article put in a drink (5)
AGAIN – A (indefinite article) put or inserted between A (from the clue) and GIN (drink)

24d    Large building no longer available to rent, well upset (5)
HOTEL – A reversal (upset) of LET (no longer available to rent) and OH (well)

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