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DT 30164

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30164

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

Another Wednesday and another well put together puzzle that we have no reason to suspect is by anyone other than the regular Wednesday setter, Jay.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Approach adopted if batting, for example? (8)
INSTANCE : A two letter word from cricket fr the side that is batting and an approach or position.

9a     Forceful macho types must be held in check (8)
VEHEMENT : A 2-3 term for macho types is inside check or examine.

10a     There’s no value initially in rough fit (4)
AGUE : Remove the first letter of value from a word meaning rough or imprecise.

11a     Fighting talk (6,2,4)
BATTLE OF WITS : Fighting talk or an intellectual sparring match.

13a     Firm present books, making sense (8)
COHERENT : A firm or company, then present or at this place, and biblical books.

15a     Altogether enthusiastic about turnover (2,4)
IN TOTO : Enthusiastic, or a fan for, surrounds (about) the abbreviation for turnover possibly used in relation to a business.

16a     Harsh criticism admitted by snowflakes (4)
FLAK : A lurker, hiding in the clue.

17a     Regional accent and taste absorbing women (5)
TWANG : A piquant taste contains W(omen).

18a     Mystical symbol seen in peeled dried plums (4)
RUNE : Remove the first and last letter from dried plums.

20a     Lincoln rejected by Mao, upset to get life in single cell (6)
AMOEBA : An anagram (upset) of MAO and the reversal of President Lincoln’s nickname.

21a     Animal worker to run off and marry (8)
ANTELOPE : An insect worker, then run off and marry, perhaps to Gretna Green.

23a     Head, smooth, dashes off the basics (4,3,5)
NUTS AND BOLTS : A slang word for head, then smooth using abrasive paper and dashes or scarpers.

26a     Title held by the Mirror? (4)
EMIR : A lurker, hiding in the clue.

27a     Doctor understood 23 (8)
SAWBONES : Understood or twigged and another expression for the basics.

28a     Trying a few on merit possibly with no end of tedium (8)
TIRESOME : an anagram (possibly) of (m)ERIT once the last letter of tedium has been removed and then a word meaning a few.


2d     Strange thing — member of parliament is one who delays retirement (5,3)
NIGHT OWL : An anagram (strange) of THING and a creature for which the collective term is a parliament.

3d     Special article on workers and king spotted going north (3,4,5)
THE BEES KNEES : Definite article, then flying insect workers followed by chess letter for king and the reversal of spotted or observed.

4d     Snuggle up enveloped in finest leather (6)
NESTLE : A lurker, hiding in the clue.

5d     Be up for wrongdoing (4)
EVIL : The reversal (up) of be or exist.

6d     Such a star must be making a film (8)
SHOOTING : A double definition.

7d     House losers admire at heart? (4)
SEMI : The central two letters (at heart) of two words in the clue.

8d     Hearing viewer may be too upset with room (8)
OTOSCOPE : an anagram (upset) of TOO and then room or latitude.

12d     Facilities found in castle towers needing adjustment (5,7)
WATER CLOSETS : An anagram (needing adjustment) of CASTLE TOWERS.

14d     One may bear crown jewels (5)
TIARA : A cryptic definition for an item of elegant headgear.

16d     Boring quality sought by an apartment buyer? (8)
FLATNESS : The answer could describe the characteristic ambience of an apartment.

17d     Commuter may be doing this as education (8)
TRAINING :  How a commuter might be travelling.

19d     Partiality shown by relocating postmen across island (8)
NEPOTISM : An anagram (shown by relocating) of POSTMEN with I(sland).

22d     Device on boat, one replaced by eastern bank worker (6)
TELLER : A boat’s steering device has it’s Roman numeral one replaced by E(astern).

24d     Pulls hardworking student up … (4)
TOWS : The reversal of an often derogatory term for a hardworking student.

25d     … however full of beans, ultimately, it’s a police raid (4)
BUST : A synonym for however contains the last letter of beans.

2d is our favourite today.

Quickie pun    Seoul    +    doubt    =    sold out

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  1. Quite brilliant today, very clever clueing with some real lateral thinking needed.
    The only one I thought was a bit off was 16d, but the letters in it made it doable.
    One clue that did hold me up (wholly my own fault) was 19d, as I read the clue as ‘partially’ instead of partiality, oh well….
    Fantastic clues at 2d and 27a which are my favourites today, very well done to our setter, top marks!

  2. Super puzzle, really enjoyed this, so much so that I hardly noticed the double unches! Thought 16d a bit weak but the rest top-notch.
    The long clues were good but top spot shared by the quite brilliant 9a&2d with 15a making up the numbers.
    Many thanks to Jay (I presume) and the Ks.

  3. I can only agree with the early comments that this was a most enjoyable and entertaining puzzle, with 2d my clear favourite. A great example of a grid that doesn’t have to be terribly difficult to be rewarding. Great stuff.

    My thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  4. Like others, I wasn’t very keen on 16d and I also took a while to dredge up the ‘hearing viewer’ from the memory bank.
    Top of the Pops was definitely 2d with 9&11a taking the silver and bronze.

    Thanks to the Wednesday maestro and to our 2Ks for the review.

  5. Got through this one better than the last 2.
    Nice crossword with lots of good clues… not keen on 16d and still not sure of 14d.
    Haven’t heard water closet for a while.

    Thanks to the setter and to the 2 Kiwis.

    1. Agree entirely with the weak clue comments, 16d is dreadful! But some excellent clues elsewhere, which makes it all the more shocking.

  6. The longest I’ve spent on a Jay puzzle for quite some time – maybe because I was trying to solve it while giving a pint of blood. Anyway it longer than Donny’s Toughie yesterday. Last 2 in the final word of 11a & 8d. Another vote for 2d as favourite. Very enjoyable despite my struggles with it. Hopefully the brain back in gear for Stick Insect later
    Thanks to Jay & 2Ks

  7. Same thought re 16d and Mr G had to help with 6d (knew the gadget but not its name) elsewhere all good clueing as usual on a Wednesday. I particularly liked the anagram at 12d.
    Thanks to all three birds.

  8. A very pleasant solve today, with some inspired clueing. Loved 3d, 11a and 23a, and could keep going. There were so many to choose from. I’ll pick 9a and 13a for my favourites. I can only echo other’s comments with regard to 16d. Thanks to Jay for the enjoyment and the 2Kiwis whose comments I enjoyed reading.

  9. Super Wednesday coffeebreak puzzle. Most of this flew in but I was held up by 8d – got the first three letters and the checkers but just couldn’t make sense of it for a goodly while. Hon Mentions to 1a, 15a & 6d, with COTD 2d.

    1* (exc. 8d) 2* (inc. 8d!) / 3*

    Many thanks indeed to the 2Ks (full recoveries from Covid, I hope?) and presumably to Jay

    1. Pretty much recovered from Covid now. Just a lingering cough and tendency to tire more quickly remain for both of us.. Nice to be rid of it before the holiday season gets under way.

  10. Found it hard to get started today. But once I got the first in the rest flowed quite well due to very clever clueing.
    Beaten only by 27a – not a term that I have heard before. Again this was cleverly clued – I wish I had given just a little more thought before pressing reveal on the blog 🙄

  11. Jay at his best! **/*****

    Quite a list of candidates for favourite but the winner by a country mile is 3d.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  12. Glad to see that everyone is still finding the solutions such a piece of cake. An elitist forum for sure. No riff raff allowed.

    1. You’ve lengthened your alias so this comment needed moderation. Both versions will work from now on.

      One of the aims of this blog is to provide help for novices to help them develop their crosswording skills. So, if after reading a hint you don’t understand it, do ask politely for more assistance.
      Please bear in mind though that some of the bloggers have full-time jobs and/or live in different timezones so they may not be in a position to respond immediately.
      So, which hints don’t you understand today?

    2. I didn’t find the solutions a piece of cake, Blair. That is why I have to use the hints and I often resort to Google. I do think you have the wrong idea about this wonderful blog. Please ask your questions and I am absolutely sure somebody will come to your aid.

    3. Clearly not the case Blair – Steve & I certainly didn’t…
      There’s nothing remotely elitist about this forum either

      1. Always find this forum very helpful and amusing. Never elitist. Thanks all for your comments and clues. Very educational

  13. Very enjoyable and just about the right level for me. I did struggle to understand 2d as I was unaware of this term for parliament (must try to get my aging brain to remember) and 27a which I am afraid I disliked, it was clumsy and far below the standard of the rest of the puzzle. My favs were 11a and 8d.
    Thx to all
    **/***(* less due to 27a)

  14. I found this more difficult than others but managed with a couple of Mr. K’s excellent hints. I loved the simplicity and surface of 21a and 23a raised a huge smile. I can’t remember the last time I heard a loo referred to as a 12d. I couldn’t get “council of war” out of my head despite the fact it did not fit. It just prevented my brain from considering alternatives. I have fond memories of studying 20a in biology classes at school. My COTD is, like others, 3d.

    Many thanks to Jay for the challenge and huge thanks to Mr. K. for the hints and I hope the pusskits will return soon. :grin:

    Took delivery of a new toy yesterday. I will have to get one for the other foot!

    1. Sorry, 2Kiwis – my sincere apologies to you both for mistaking you for Mr. K. Huge thank yous to you both for the hints. :good:

    2. How on earth do you get in and out of that thing? I see the boot open on the other car, does that mean you keep the titch in your boot?

              1. I heard, Ora. A clutch packing in is no joke.
                If you wish, I could post Bones to you. I’m sure I have a box big enough. 😂

                1. Thanks, Steve, but news from the garage yesterday. They have managed to fit a new clutch and my car is ready to collect today (Friday). My wailing must have convinced them to do it quickly lest I return and wail again even more loudly.
                  Strangely enough, this car sort of was posted to me. I bought it off the internet and it was delivered to my house and, other than this episode it has run beautifully.
                  And yes, the clutch going was no joke. I never ever want that to happen again.

                  There now remains the (not) small matter of the bill……

  15. 2.5*/4*. Mostly great fun but, very uncharacteristically for Jay, I had three small niggles today. (Mind you that’s possibly because I’m feeling a bit tetchy because I’ve been taking up floorboards all morning).

    – 11a does not necessarily involve talking
    – Surely the equivalent expression for the answer to 23a is “bare bones” not just “bones”?
    – 16d seems rather weak

    All the rest were brilliant with 2d my favourite.

    Many thanks to the three birds.

  16. An enjoyable puzzle as we’ve come to expect on Wednesdays – thanks to Jay and 2Ks.
    I share others’ opinion of 16d and I wasn’t too enamoured of 14d either.
    My ticks went to 21a, 23a and 5d.

  17. Like Jo Selecta I initially thought this was going to be a DNS (start let alone finish!) but gradually pennies began to drop and hey presto got it after an enjoyable work-out. I concur with reservations re 16d. Wonder whether 1a is approach although liked parsing of clue and also wonder whether a commuter can be termed to be 17d. Thanks Jay whose bark was worse than your bite and TVM 2Kiwis for probably another sleepless night on our behalf?

    1. I had a similar thought about 17d but, on checking, I discovered that the BRB defines train as a verb meaning to travel by rail.

  18. What a delight to the accompaniment of curried parsnip soup made by George (!) with the aid of Mary Berry. On first read through I got two but then it began to flow. I guessed at owl but couldn’t for the life of me think why an owl was an MP – then the old collective noun popped into the memory box. So clever. I liked 2 and 20a and 2,3,6d. Also loved the quickie pun. Last one in was 15a. It’s jolly cold here in Cambridgeshire, why can’t we just hibernate? Many thanks to Jay and the two Ks.

  19. Hmm … another Logman/Jay production? Seemed tougher than normal to me.
    3*/3.5* today

    Favourites include 14a, 17a, 21a, 23a, 2d & 12d with my winner, by a country mile, after the tea tray dropped with a clanking THUD on the PDM, 1d … just brilliant!

    Chuckles and a grins with 17a, 21a, 27a & 17d
    Overall a great puzzle IMHO and although tough, great to solve.

    Thanks to Jay/Logman and the 2K’s.

  20. At last, a puzzle that’s doable, rather I want to solve for the fun. Fave was 3d, wasn’t that fun! Agree that 16d was weak, but I think Jay can be forgiven that one slip after the offerings we’ve had this week so far. I’m back to being a happy bunny.
    Thank you, Jay, did I tell you how much I love you? Don’t forget to thank the 2Kiwis for the hints and pics, which I needed for 8d and 15a.

  21. The best crossword this week so far – for me anyway.
    I nearly always find Jay’s crosswords difficult but also they’re so clever too – his precision is amazing – nothing is ever left out.
    I’m not going for favourites any more – I’ll choose to use different words!
    I particularly appreciated 11a (once I got the last word) and 23a and 2 and 3d – all of them brilliant. I didn’t even think 16d was that awful. . . .
    Thanks to Jay and to the K’s.
    Blimey – nippy round here . . .

  22. Morning all.
    As we’re approaching the summer solstice it is almost daylight now when I get up before 5.30am to read the blog on a Thursday morning. Always a relief to see that we have got most of it right and most people have enjoyed the puzzle.

  23. Getting 9d put me into 3* time.
    Otherwise no real problems with this neatly constructed puzzle.
    9, 13 and 28a were brilliant, especially.
    Many thanks, Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  24. Finally made it today–Internet and cable outages notwithstanding, here I am, just minutes after completing another marvellous JayDay gem. Look forward to reading all of the comments, especially wondering how many different clues got top billing. I could almost pick three with my eyes closed and not go wrong, but I’ll settle for 8d, my LOI, 3d (because I’ve always loved the phrase), and the 23/27a combo. What a joy to work! Thanks to the Kiwis. whose review I’ll read now, and the ever-beguiling Jay. **/*****

    Finished the wonderful Stick Insect last night in record Toughie time for me.

      1. Hi, Merusa. I fear that it’s the far-right (lunatic-fringe Republicans) protesting the LGBTQ performance scheduled for that night, but then it’s a section of N Carolina given to that kind of anarchic behavior, so who knows?

  25. I found this week’s puzzle a bit more challenging than usual but Jay’s style of clueing floats my boat – requiring lateral thought rather than obscurity :)

    Numerous clues as favourites: 9a, 11a, 2d, 3d, 7d and 17d

    I needed only a couple of hints today and on a less busy day I may have fancied the full completion! 10a and 15a were new to me and I still don’t understand 14d.

    Ty to Jay and 2Kiwis for the help!

  26. 2/5. Cracking puzzle with a sprinkling of great clues. Favourite from a packed podium was 2d. Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  27. Well I’m going to buck the trend. I thought this truly awful in parts. Well done to all those who found it easy or enjoyable. I found it neither. I’ve done easier toughies. I think I’ll leave it there. Thanks to all concerned.

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