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Sunday Toughie 42

Sunday Toughie No 42 by proXimal

Review by Sloop John Bee

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This puzzle was published on the 13th November 2022



7a Go over a time one’s expected back (7)
OPERATE: Start with a crickety over O, a preposition for each PER, and the reversal (back) of the time when you are expected, estimated time of arrival becomes ETA, reversed becomes ATE.

8a Dazed state outside hospital block (7)
TRANCHE: A block of shares is a dazed TRANCE around H for hospital.

10a Freezing cold PM after exercise class no good (9)
PERISHING: The forename of the PM (RISHI) Sunak, goes between abbreviations for an exercise class PE and no good NG. PE RISHI NG

Little Perishers (Roger The Reader)
11a No space in white book (5)
ALBUM: The white of an egg, ALBUMEN loses the printers space EN to become a book or ALBUM.

12a Rough diamond meeting Yankee (5)
ROCKY: An informal term for a diamond ROCK, and the NATO code letter that Yankee represents give us something rough or ROCKY.

13a Cut a line that’s bitten by sea cat (9)
MEDALLION: This cut of meat is formed from A from the clue, L for line in between a shortened sea MED and a big cat LION.

Top Sirloin Medallions with Grilled Green Onions and Red Wine Sauce | Thrifty Foods Recipes
15a After cutting the introduction, Freudian slips not broadcast (7)
UNAIRED: An anagram (indicated by slips) of fREUDIAN after the introductory F is removed.

17a American chaps worn by the Spanish kids (7)
DELUDES: American DUDES contain the Spanish word for the EL. He kids or DELUDES.

18a Digging on road regularly turned problem for uninformed person (9)
IGNORAMUS: Alternate letters of the first three words IGNORA and the reversal (turned) of a mathematical problem SUM<>MUS.

20a Collection notes perhaps received by auditor (5)
CACHE: A homophone (received by auditor)of the notes you carry around in a wallet CASH becomes a CACHE or collection.

21a Article seen on island from over the pond (5)
IOWAN: Start with an abbreviated island (over the Solent rather than the pond) Isle of Wight becomes IOW, add a grammatical article used before a vowel AN, for an American from over the pond.

23a Recalled crime pinching bow, suspect mythological figure (9)
NARCISSUS: A slang suspect SUS, and a reversal (recalled) of a moral crime SIN<>NIS around a curve or bow ARC.
Narcissus (Caravaggio) - Wikipedia

24a Wound up with a loss of partner (7)
SPOUSAL: An anagram (wound) of UP and A LOSS, give us an adjective relating to ones partner or spouse.

25a King having holiday aboard cutter (7)
CLEAVER: Our new King’s regnal cypher CR around some holiday LEAVE, gives us the cutter you may use to cut the meat in 13a a CLEAVER.


1d Help cure an eccentric creature of folklore (10)
LEPRECHAUN: Start with a nice easy anagram (eccentric) of the first three words. HELP CURE AN <> LEPRECHAUN

Leprechaun - Wikisimpsons, the Simpsons Wiki
2d Ignore amorous advance with vocal farewell (4,2)
PASS BY: AN amorous advance or PASS and a homophone of a word used for farewell, BYE becomes BY.

3d Made dark plot, gestured to have leader brought down (8)
BEDIMMED: A silent gestured MIMED, moves its initial letter down two or three places IMMED, and follows a garden plot or BED.

4d Presented way over the hill (6)
STAGED: An abbreviated way or street ST and over the hill gives us a somewhat ageist AGED.

5d Corresponding but never meeting (8)
PARALLEL: Nice all in one, A line that corresponds with another in all respects except they are destined never to meet or cross.

6d Crust of snow at front on vehicle (4)
SCAB: A vehicle for hire CAB follows S for snow.
Curious Kids: how do wounds heal?

7d Left university commitments to follow work prospects (13)
OPPORTUNITIES: A sailors left or PORT follows some work or OP, followed by a three-letter university UNI and some commitments or TIES

9d Writer‘s novel surmised penned after leaving Italy (6,7)
EDMUND SPENSER: The author of the epic poem in the last proXimal toughie is an anagram (novel) from SURMiSED PENNED after the IVR code for Italy is removed.

14d Unsure of Parisian cutting corners (10)
INDECISIVE: How a Parisian may say of DE, is contained within (cornered by) an adjective for cutting INCISIVE.

16d Infrequency of two military groups being on headland (8)
RARENESS: The Royal Artillery and the Royal Engineers are the military groups who apply their initials to a Scottish headland or NESS

17d Neighbourhood police officer, authoritarian (8)
DISTRICT: Authoritarian (STRICT) follows one of our usual abbreviated policemen Detective Inspector or D.I.

19d Role taken on by another informant leader hides (6)
MANTLE: a lurker (hides) in inforMANT LEader. I have extended the definition to include taken on by another as they would appear to be superfluous if not part of the definition.

20d I’m surprised there’s little pressure in bellows (6)
CRIPES: P for pressure goes in CRIES or bellows for a surprised CRIPES.

22d Heartlessly cheer defeat (4)
WHOP: A loud eager cheer or WHOOP loses the middle letter O to leave a slightly unusual synonym of defeat WHOP.

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