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Toughie 2958

Toughie No 2958 by Logman

Hints and Tips by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ***

A proper Wednesday Toughie which required a few visits to the BRB to check certain meanings.  The repetition radar was quite busy when looking at the Across clues too

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1a    Set up stuff impounded by American investigator (6)
FRAMED Stuff in the sense of fill tightly inserted into (impounded by) an American investigator

5a    Signs of patronage (8)
AUSPICES Signs or omens; patronage

9a    Dwelling on it set me off about area (10)
MAISONETTE An anagram (off) of ON IT SET ME into which is inserted (about) the abbreviation for Area

10a    Throws up, seeing layabout sending son to back (4)
LOBS Remove the abbreviation for Son from a layabout to the back of the word

11a    Letter required when appropriate? (8)
ASPIRATE A conjunction meaning when and a verb meaning to take without permission (appropriate)

12a    Leaves bad news about party (6)
ENDOWS An anagram (bad) of NEWS into which is inserted (about) a party

13a    Wine gum unwrapped? (4)
ASTI The inside letters (unwrapped) of an alternative spelling for a type of gum sweet

15a    Carrots, perhaps from tack room, occasionally bad on the outside, getting returned (4,4)
ROOT CROP The occasional letters of TaCk RoOm inserted into (on the outside of) a synonym for bad, the result then reversed (getting returned)

18a    France falls behind joint leader of fleet (8)
FLAGSHIP The IVR Code for France, part of a verb meaning falls behind and a joint of the body

19a    This may be used to fire male in a flash (4)
AMMO The abbreviation for Male inserted into an informal way of saying ‘a flash’

21a    Friend married on the rebound, causing a flap (6)
DEWLAP A reversal (on the rebound) of an informal term for a friend and a synonym for married

23a    Shows face (8)
FEATURES Things offered as an attraction or any part of the face

25a    Expression once heard from renegade Frenchman escaping separately (4)
EGAD Remove the name of a Frenchman (separately indicating that they aren’t all found together) from renEGADe

26a    Dreamer with no name by a church with no colour (10)
ACHROMATIC A dreamer without (no) the abbreviation for Name goes by or after A (from the clue) and an abbreviation for church

27a    Who cares about the writer a little? (8)
SOMEWHAT An informal expression meaning who cares into which is inserted (about – for the third time!) the way Logman would refer to himself as the writer

28a    What may be left by right of choice, say (6)
ESTATE A synonym for say goes after (by) the letter at the right of choicE


2d    Loads of ambitions with no end of regard (5)
REAMS Some ambitions without the D (no end of regarD)

3d    Note son admitting doubt (9)
MISGIVING A musical note, the abbreviation for Son and a synonym of admitting

4d    Refusing to accept American cutting in when queued up (6)
DENIAL The abbreviation for American ‘cutting in’ or inserted into a reversal (up) of a synonym for queued

5d    Photo data father altered without hesitation! (2,3,4,2,1,3)
AT THE DROP OF A HAT An anagram (altered) of PHOTO DATA FATHER

6d    Asked to go naked, revealed frame (8)
SKELETON The inside (to go naked) letters of aSKEd and an informal way of saying revealed

7d    Did nothing seeing instinct left editor (5)
IDLED An instinct in psychological theory, the abbreviation for left and the usual abbreviated editor

8d    Joint study, for example, giving scope for expansion (5-4)
ELBOW-ROOM A joint of the body and what a study may be an example of in a house

14d    Warm-up exercise may be fine in bowling googlies (9)
SOLFEGGIO A musical warm-up exercise – an anagram (bowling) of GOOGLIES and the abbreviation for Fine

16d    A long cut — a panicked requirement for blood (9)
COAGULANT An anagram (panicked) of A LONG CUT A

17d    Injury caused by a couple of cats? (8)
WHIPLASH Two examples of instruments of punishment, as are, of course, cats

20d    Function of secretary getting provisional release (6)
PAROLE Split 2,4, this could be the function of a personal assistant

22d    Youth league’s outsiders for Spooner? (5)
LADLE Misleading capitals time – I wonder who else spent a moment or two trying to find a Spoonerism? Here all we need is a youth and the outside letters of LeaguE

24d    Throw out proclamation, needing victory for Democrat (5)
EVICT The abbreviation for Democrat in a proclamation should be replaced with that for Victory


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  1. Very enjoyable – thanks to Logman and CS.
    I ticked 21a and 27a but my co-favourites were the excellent 11a and 22d (for the novel use of the august gentleman’s name).

  2. Top drawer entertainment from one our favourite Wednesday setters. I particularly liked the sneaky misdirection in several of the clues, none better than 22d. 26a was my LOI and my favourite was 27a.

    My thanks to Logman and CS.

  3. Very good indeed!

    14d was a new word for me and solved by removing the checking letters from the anagram fodder, playing around with possible combinations and then looking up the least unlikely option.

    My podium comprises 11a, 27a, 20d & 22d.

    Many thanks to Logman and to CS.

  4. Very enjoyable indeed, one of the best Logman puzzles I can remember with nice PDMs throughout the grid.
    I was happy to let Sue pick the bones out of 15a and only semi-parsed 7d (I’d have tried harder had it been my blog) and it took a little while to crack the NW but all good in the end.
    I particularly liked 27a plus 5d&17d with top spot going to the super 22d.
    Many thanks to Logman and Cryptic Sue.

  5. Game of two halves for me. Found the LHS much harder than the right. Unfortunately can’t claim an unaided finish as initially bunged in taking rather than giving at 3d leaving only 11a which of course I couldn’t get until I pressed reveal mistakes. Once corrected 11a fell via the parsing but don’t see what it has to do with the definition. Both 14d&26a were new to me but gettable from the wordplay though didn’t know F for fine was an acceptable abbreviation. Know nowt about psychological theory so still none the wiser about the ID at 7d – just assumed it was identification.
    No particular favourite but thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle.
    Thanks to Logman & CS

  6. One of Logman’s finest for me in a remarkably fast and happy finish last night, with 14d, 26a, & 11a taking very proud stands on the podium. I was held up briefly at the end by 3d, with the paradoxical ‘admitting’ as ‘giving’. 27a deserves a special honorary medal for making me laugh, as does 22d for its amusing misdirection. A total delight. Thanks to CS, whose review I’ll read now, and to Jay-as-Logman.

  7. 14d was something we had not met before but solvable once the checkers were in place.
    Lots of enjoyable clues to work on and a pleasure to solve.
    Thanks Logman and CS.

  8. A tough challenge and some help required. Excellent clueing all round but special mention to 19a, 26a and 27a. Thanks to Logman and CS.

  9. I really enjoyed this. Some first rate clues and plenty of smiles. Too many favourites to pick just one.
    Many thanks to Logman and CS.

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