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Sunday Toughie 40 (full review)

Sunday Toughie 40 by Robyn (full review)
Review by Gazza

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This puzzle was published on 30th October 2022



1a After drug overdose, caretaker means to perform convincingly (6,6)
METHOD ACTING: the short name of a stimulating drug, the abbreviation for overdose and an adjectival synonym for caretaker.

9a Tight sort of fleece given to female dressing (9)
SKINFLINT: a synonym of fleece, the abbreviation for female and a medical dressing.

10a Does grouse: bird with sides of noodles (5)
MOANS: an extinct flightless bird and the outer letters of ‘noodles’.

11a Draw alien seizing leader of French city (6)
ENTICE: our usual Spielberg alien and a French city on the Mediterranean with its leading letter contained inside the alien.

12a I move on, travelling over river, being able to accept any fare (8)
OMNIVORE: an anagram (travelling) of I MOVE ON containing the abbreviation for river.

13a Staff that is engaging a helper for touring group (6)
ROADIE: a staff or bar and the usual abbreviation for ‘that is’ containing A.

15a Walking-stick remains by factory (3-5)
ASH-PLANT: powdery remains and a synonym of factory.

18a Small bookmaker, a dashing type (8)
SPRINTER: the clothing abbreviation for small and someone who produces dead-tree versions of books.

19a Did rock and roll material in recital (6)
SWAYED: homophone of a type of leather material with a slightly rough surface.

21a Zero in test starting with pronoun in French lesson (8)
TUTORIAL: a test or try-out with the zero-resembling letter contained inside it. All that preceded by a French pronoun.

23a Provocation about skirts for men? (3,3)
RED RAG: a preposition meaning about and what skirts for men might be an example of.

26a First team gaining award, it’s widely accepted (5)
AXIOM: a shorthand way of writing ‘first team (football or cricket)’ (1,2) and the abbreviation of an award in the personal gift of the sovereign.

27a Iffy place to drive, say, in front of bunker has no grass (5,4)
BLACK SPOT: the first letter of bunker, a verb meaning ‘has no’ and another informal word for grass or marijuana.

28a One may dabble in this gentle, confusing game (8,4)
PADDLING POOL: the musical abbreviation for gently, a present participle meaning confusing or befuddling and an indoor game with balls.


1d Improperly catch a little hoodlum — is he armed? (7)
MISHEAR: hidden in the clue.

2d Don’t stick first bit of stuffing in goose (5)
TWIST: the option you might choose instead of ‘stick’ in a game of pontoon comes from inserting the first letter of stuffing into a goose or fool.

3d Nothing by Liberal Party makes sense (9)
OLFACTION: the letter resembling zero, the abbreviation for Liberal and a small party or group.

4d Surface of acrylic? I would trip on this (4)
ACID: the outer letters of acrylic and the contracted form of ‘I would’.

5d Carry On film, one using Amerindian symbols? (8)
TOTEMIST: a verb to carry precedes a film or fine spray.

6d Sky features new statement about sexuality (5)
NIMBI: the abbreviation for new and a statement (1’1,2) indicating that one’s not rigid about one’s sexual leanings.

7d A swine blocking a good deal for timber (8)
MAHOGANY: A and a domesticated pig go inside a word meaning ‘a good deal’ or ‘a lot’.

8d Rising like little piece of bread (6)
ASCENT: a preposition meaning like and a small coin.

14d Where to take off kit after show (8)
AIRSTRIP: a word meaning sports kit follows a verb to show or broadcast.

16d One may go off meat, say, eating wodges regularly (6,3)
POWDER KEG: a type of meat contains the odd letters of ‘wodges’ and that’s followed by the abbreviation meaning ‘say’.

17d Roughly painted two lots of furniture gold on the inside (8)
BEDAUBED: two pieces of furniture (actually the same thing twice) contain the chemical symbol for gold.

18d Guide vehicle around after 24 hours (6)
SATNAV: the reversal of a vehicle follows the abbreviation for a 24-hour period between Friday and Sunday.

20d So-and-so poking face using fingers (7)
DIGITAL: an informal word for a so-and-so or unpleasant person goes inside the face of a clock or watch.

22d Dance with spirit, rating pirouettes (5)
RUMBA: a type of alcoholic spirit and the reversal of a naval rating.

24d Copy carpeting of leaves (5)
REPRO: a word meaning a carpeting or reprimand without its ‘of’.

25d Place to drink single port (4)
BARI: a place to drink alcohol and the letter that looks like a single.

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