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DT 30119 (full review)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30119

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 15th October 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A Cephas crossword – I, for one, am quite enjoying a return to Saturday Prize Puzzles without a pangram

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1a    Save family mansion? (9)
STOCKPILE – STOCK (family) PILE (mansion)

8a    Inside with instruction to secretary to do this for boss in his absence, how petty! (13)
INSIGNIFICANT – IN (inside) SIGN IF I CANT (instruction from absent boss to his secretary)

11a    Arbiter has item to repair (5)
REFIT – REF (arbiter) IT (item)

12a    Switzerland’s call up? (5)
YODEL – A cryptic definition of a call made high up in the Swiss alps

13a    Ask about in person (5)
BEING – BEG (ask) goes about IN (from the clue)

16a    Type that is raiding excursion (6)
SORTIE – SORT (type) IE (that is)

17a    One French male and all the others create disturbance (6)
UNREST – UN (the French masculine word for one) REST (all the others)

18a    Hurries round one old castle? (5)
RUINS – RUNS (hurries) goes round I (one)

19a    One does not succeed alone (6)
COHEIR – Cryptic definition

20a    Non-drinker in fancy tutu having expression of disapproval (3-3)
TUT-TUT – TT (non-drinker) inserted into an anagram (fancy) of TUTU

21a    Rude fellow bringing back fodder ducks (5)
YAHOO – A reversal (bringing back) of HAY (fodder) followed by O O (two ducks in cricket)

24a    Beat broth that has been cooked (5)
THROB – An anagram (that has been cooked) of BROTH

26a    Journalist, beyond pale, became less important (5)
WANED – ED (journalist) goes after (beyond) WAN (pale)

27a    Behind swamp spoil one yellow flower (5,8)
MARSH MARIGOLD After (behind) MARSH (swamp) put MAR (spoil) I (one) GOLD (yellow)

28a    Does toffee-maker eventually come to this? (6,3)
STICKY END – A disaster that may befall anyone, not just toffee-makers (although I’d expect it would literally happen to them most days!)


2d    One who wanted more
tobacco, perhaps (5)
TWIST – Charles Dicken’s orphan who wanted more, or an amount of tobacco

3d    Not a current sort of light? (6)
CANDLE – A type of light that doesn’t need electrical current to work

4d    Bird endlessly showing signs of breathlessness (6)
PUFFIN – PUFFINg (showing signs of breathlessness) without the letter at the end

5d    Courageous but not to begin with bringing good fortune (5)
LUCKY – pLUCKY (courageous) without the letter at the beginning

6d    Moving on to Hereford, a drink to have first? (3,3,3,4)
ONE FOR THE ROAD – An anagram (moving) of ON TO HEREFORD

7d    Lad, very intent, going to pieces without thinking (13)
INADVERTENTLY – An anagram (going to pieces) of LAD VERY INTENT

9d    Sue quaintly pleasing, ordinary language first (9)
PROSECUTE – PROSE (ordinary language) goes first before CUTE (quaintly pleasing)

10d    Papa with scope giving trite remark (9)
PLATITUDE – P (the letter represented by P in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet)

13d    Be going over right lines for fruit (5)
BERRY – BE (from the clue) going over (in a Down solution) R (right) and RY (railway lines)

14d    Hibernian goddess with aspiration (5)
IRISH – IRIS – the goddess of the rainbow) with H (aspiration)

15d    Blow one’s initial enthusiasm (5)
GUSTO – GUST (blow) and O (the initial letter of One)

22d    Type of power from a beastly male in charge (6)
ATOMIC – A (from the clue) TOM (beastly male) IC (in charge)

23d    Bird circles victim (6)
OSPREY – OS (circles) PREY (victim)

25d    Live group surrounded (5)
BESET – BE (live) SET (group)

26d    Continue to shake vehicle (5)
WAGON – WAG ON (continue to shake)


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