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Sunday Toughie 37

Sunday Toughie No 37 by Robyn

Review by Sloop John Bee

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This puzzle was published on the 9th of October 2022



1a Actor playing W. Churchill on the radio loots bank (7,5)
GOLDMAN SACHS: The Initial and Surname of the actor who played W. Churchill in Darkest Hour – Mr G. Oldman and a homophone (on the radio) of loots or sacks becomes the investment bank GOLDMAN SACHS.

9a Gruff noises made by crew member bagging tat (5)
OINKS: A low-ranking member of a Royal Navy crew would be an Ordinary Seaman abbreviated to OS and put round (bagging)another informal name for a tattoo INK, gives us the gruff noise that a pigs make OINKS.

10a One intended to jog round area’s left part (9)
REMAINDER: A jog to the memory or REMINDER around A for area gives us the REMAINDER or the part left behind in a division.

11a Criminal calumnies inspiring a possible sentence (4,6)
MAIN CLAUSE: An anagram (criminal) of CALUMNIES and A. A main clause is a group of words that contains a subject and a verb and can possibly form a complete sentence on its own.

12a High grade given by teacher having retired (4)
ABED: A for the highest grade, and the degree that a teacher should have (a Bachelor of Education degree or BEd. are ABED when they have retired for the night.

13a Interpret late modernist writer (7)
EXPOUND: A prefix for late as in dead EX goes in front of the late modernist poet who died in 1972. Ezra POUND. Expound to expose, explain or interpret in a certain way.

15a Loan needing to be paid? Day is checked (7)
SUBDUED: A loan or SUB to tide one over  and when it is needed to be repaid DUE + D for day is SUBDUED checked or toned down.

17a Happy following reporter’s accurate account (5-2)
WRITE-UP: A homophone (reporter’s) of accurate or right WRITE followed by happy or UP.

19a Bash bone and make a hole (7)
SHINDIG: This party or BASH is a bone at the end of a leg SHIN and to make a hole DIG.

21a Current head of state always gracious (1,3)
I SAY: I is the physics symbol for current, S the head letter of State and a poetic always AY is a gracious affable I SAY.

22a A little glower from cavalier in hasty retreat (5,5)
FAIRY LIGHT:These little glowing decorations are Cavalier or AIRY in a hasty retreat or FLIGHT.

25a Daughter leaves second-class cereal in dish (9)
DREAMBOAT: D for daughter, a REAM or 500 leaves of paper, B for second class and the cereal OAT is a dishy DREAMBOAT.

26a Old president advanced, making lively steps (5)
POLKA: The 11th president of the US James POLK plus A for advanced gives us the lively dance steps of the POLKA.

27a Fabled curative which may be plucked from lab? (4,2,3,3)
HAIR OF THE DOG: This lab is a LABRADOR dog this strand of fur plucked from the dog is also a phrase that suggests the best cure for a hangover is to take yet more alcohol.


1d Regular servings of iced gin, rum, and spirits (5)
GENII: Alternate letters of IcEd and an anagram (rum) of GIN give us the plural of a spirit or genie.

2d You can’t save this cad poked by holy person roughly (4,5)
LOST CAUSE: A cad or LOUSE contains ann abbreviated holy Saint ST and a rough approximation Circa CA. You can’t save a LOST CAUSE.

3d Christmas gift produced, we hear, for fabulous lady (7)
MERMAID: Two homophones one for the Christmas gift Myrhh, another for produced or made, give us the fabled MERMAID.

4d Big rival from e.g. Tyneside, footballer with tail up (7)
NEMESIS: Tyneside is abbreviated to the compass point in which it lies NE then the footballer Lionel MESSI follows but the tail letter I moves up the order producing NEMESIS a long standing rival or arch enemy.

5d Got off, needing appeal after call to dismiss case (4)
ALIT: The case letters of (c)AL(l) and some sex appeal IT. ALIT the past tense of alight or get off.

6d Dressed with e.g. leather on top, refusing to change (9)
HIDEBOUND: Leather or HIDE plus dressed in bandages BOUND. HIDEBOUND reluctant to accept new ideas or opinions, especially because of a petty, stubborn or conservative outlook.

7d One on the left of major road that’s within reach (6)
COMMIE: To reach or COME to around the major road M1 gives us an informal politically left-leaning communist.

8d Did traffic race north round centre of Bordeaux? (6)
TRADED: To race or DART is reversed (north in a down clue)around the central letters of (Bor)DE(aux) did traffic or TRADED.

14d It’s made with fried veg in proper state — ace! (9)
PRIMAVERA: PRIM and proper, to state or AVER and A for ace give us PRIMAVERA, The Italian for springtime and also a dish of fried spring vegetables.

16d One scours great announcement to secure work (6,3)
BRILLO PAD: An informal great or BRILLiant and an announcement or AD around (to secure) OP for work. gives us the soap-impregnated wire wool pad that scours pans etc.

17d Obstacle in current social event for misfit (6)
WEIRDO: An obstacle in a current or river WEIR and a social event or DO come together for a misfit or WEIRDO.

18d Tie end of burlap sack (4-3)
PLAY-OFF: the end letter of burlaP and to sack, fire or dismiss from a job LAY-OFF gives a PLAY-OFF A tie or match to decide a sporting match.

19d Extremely silent, given gag for a punishment (7)
STRETCH: The extreme letters of S(ilen)T and to gag or RETCH  gives an informal punishment or STRETCH in prison.

20d Maybe what one did at butcher’s shop in US city (6)
GOTHAM: The fictional US city (reputed to be based on New York) when split 3,3 would be GOT HAM, something that you may have done at a butcher’s shop.

23d Loudly drink up, holding a historical Russian jug (5)
GULAG: Tdrink loudly or GLUG is reversed (up in a down clue) around a from the clue to give GULAG a historical Russian prison or jug.

24d One ruler or another receiving tips from maharishi (4)
EMIR: The regnal cipher of our recently departed queen ER around the tips of M(aharish)I give us an EMIR the ruler of several states in the middle east.

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  1. Another splendid Robyn Sunday Toughie. My list of ‘clues I liked’ included 1a, 27a, 3d and 16d

    Many thanks to Robyn and SJB

  2. Thanks, SJB, and once again to Robyn.
    The word PRIMAVERA (14d) always brings to mind a visit we made to the Uffizi gallery several years ago. I’m by no means an art aficionado, but this work by Botticelli left a lasting impression on me…

    1. My apologies for the quality of the illustration and if you have seen duplicate posts from me (I tried to delete them as the image quality was so poor – it was my first, and second, attempt to post an image!) If you would like to see a better image then please visit…

      Botticelli’s Primavera

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