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Sunday Toughie 38 (Hints)

Sunday Toughie No 38 by Zandio

Hints and Tips by Sloop John Bee

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For me, the trickier end of Zandio’s spectrum but I got there eventually. I understand that some of you may have not got the correct enumeration for 1 across, on the new site it was initially (15) when it should have been (4,3,3,5) It has been corrected now and should be an easyish start and doesn’t cause you to 27a.

14 across and 16 down clues today and I have hinted half. If you require extra hints or have alternative parsings (1d and 5d in particular) I am open to help and advice if required.

Here we go…


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EV 1561 Hints

Enigmatic Variations 1561 (Hints)

Thirtieth Anniversary by proXimal

Hints and tips by Phibs

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The Enigmatic Variations series was started by James Leonard (RUSTIC) in 1992. The first puzzle was published on 18th October of that year – entitled GREETINGS, the perimeter of the completed grid contained the message ‘WELCOME TO THE NEW SUNDAY TELEGRAPH PRIZE CROSSWORD’. Leonard edited the puzzle from its inception until his death in 2013, at which point Chris Lancaster (SAMUEL) took over the responsibility. When Chris moved on in 2019, the current editor, Steve Bartlett aka proXimal, took over.

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ST 3182 (Hints)

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3182 (Hints)

Hints and tips by Senf

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A very good Sunday morning from Winnipeg where, with some cool-ish temperatures, we have been enjoying ‘mixed’ precipitation.

For me, a slow start, a quick middle, and a slow finish not helped by a senior moment trying to make 9a (2,7) instead of its (3,6) – seven anagrams (four partials), two lurkers (one reversed), and no homophones – all in a slightly asymmetric 30 clues; with 15 hints ‘sprinkled’ throughout the grid you should be able to get the checkers to enable the solving of the unhinted clues.… Continue reading