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ST 3180 (full review)

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3180

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 2nd October 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A very friendly Sunday puzzle from Dada this week

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8a    Carelessness evident, having cut right cheek (9)
IMPUDENCE – IMPrUDENCE (carelessness) without (having cut) the R (right)

10a    Huge scrape, it’s said (5)
GREAT – A homophone (it’s said) of GRATE (scrape)

11a    I’ll get this drink mixed with our spoon, say (5,4,6)

12a    Fury after prayer, mean (7)
AVERAGE – RAGE (fury) goes after AVE (prayer)

13a    Passage more to the left of empty closet (7)
EXTRACT – EXTRA (more) goes to the left of (in an Across solution) the outside (empty) letters of CloseT

15a    Cosmetic discovered, abhorrent to American (10,5)
FOUNDATION CREAM – FOUND (discovered) and an anagram (abhorrent)of TO AMERICAN

19a    Somewhere in the far north, boy holds map (7)
LAPLAND – LAD (boy) ‘holds’ PLAN (map)

22a    Country where I live, rail winding around it (7)
LIBERIA – An anagram (winding) of RAIL goes around I BE (I live)

24a    Sailor qualified as tinker, tailor, soldier etc? (4,2,3,6)
JACK OF ALL TRADES – JACK (sailor) OF ALL TRADES (qualified as tinker, tailor, soldier etc

26a    Valid noise (5)
SOUND – Double definition

27a    An inebriated monarch, presenter of programme (9)
ANCHORMAN – AN (From the clue) and an anagram (inebriated) of MONARCH


1d    Prospect uplifting the four of us? (4)
VIEW – A reversal (uplifting) of WE IV

2d    European port in effect up over choppy seas (6)
ODESSA – A reversal (up) of DO (effect) goes over an anagram (choppy) of SEAS

3d    Sassy part of shoe, not unfilled (8)
INSOLENT – INSOLE (part of shoe) and the outside (unfilled) letters of NoT

4d    Extent of French language ultimately wanting (6)
DEGREE – DE (French word for of) and GREEk (language without [wanting] its ultimate letter)

5d    One doubts I can go dancing around street (8)
AGNOSTIC – An anagram (dancing) of I CAN GO around ST (street)

6d    Old country shown in newspaper, Siam (6)
PERSIA – Shown in newspaPER SIAm

7d    College polished off, we hear? (4)
ETON – A homophone (we hear) of EATEN (polished off)

9d    Table where Paul ate crackers (7)
PLATEAU – An anagram (crackers) of PAUL ATE

12d    Foul right after leader sent off (5)
AWFUL – “Send off” the leader of lAWFUL (right)

14d    Drive down over a city in Florida (5)
TAMPA – TAMP (drive down) goes over A (from the clue)

16d    Girl’s best friend in suit? (8)
DIAMONDS – A suit in a pack of cards, or as the song tells us ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend)

17d    Soil slightly damaged, taste evidence of disaster? (3,5)
OIL SLICK – An anagram (damaged) of SOIL (slightly because what we are doing is cycling rather than making an anagram, followed by LICK (taste). I wonder why Dada didn’t realise he had the first part of the solution hidden in the first two words of the clue?

18d    Rank older man, almost entirely drunk (7)
EARLDOM – An anagram (drunk) of almost all of OLDER MAn

20d    Vehicle in rally (4,2)
PICK UP – The vehicle has a hyphen between the two words

21d    Short, like theatrical works (6)
DRAMAS – DRAM (short drink of spirits) AS (like)

23d    Rod and line in cart (6)
BARROW – BAR (rod) ROW (line)

24d    Only gravy on last of meat (4)
JUST – JUS (gravy) on the last letter of meaT

25d    Drop some plates in kitchen (4)
SINK – Hidden in some of plateS IN Kitchen


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