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Big Dave – Update

Good News – I have just had a chat with Big Dave who says that he is doing OK and a lot better since he came out of hospital.  Mrs BD is, of course, delighted that he is now home where she can keep a proper eye on him!  It will, however, be quite a while until he returns to the blog

He said that, as he is now up to date with his emails, so if anyone wants to contact him, they can send him a message via the ‘Contact’ page shown at the top of the blog,


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  1. Good news in an otherwise bleak world! I am sure Mrs BD will Soon have him fighting fit. 👩‍⚕️
    Best wishes and a speedy return to good health.

  2. Brilliant to the hear the news – thanks crypticSue for sharing it with us :-)
    Best wishes BD for a full and speedy recovery – I look forward to meeting up again in the not too distant future.

  3. Excellent news when there doesn’t seem to be a lot of it about these days. Onwards and upwards BD, we’re all rooting for you.

  4. Wonderful news and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, Big Dave. Many thanks CS for the update. Such cheering news after a wet miserable day 👍

  5. Great news, well done BD. Been stuck in hospital myself since 5 Sept after there were complications with some major abdominal surgery, and I’ve been round this loop several times now over the years so I know how good it feels to get home and be able to get more comfortable and get all the little details right that help so much with your recovery going forward. Hoping to be at that point myself in maybe a couple of weeks. Very best wishes Dave.

  6. Great news BD hope you get back to fully enjoying yourself with your baby – BDCB!
    I can’t wait to get home too, currently in St Jimmy’s with covid.

  7. So glad that you are home and you will be able to recover so much better – hope Mrs BD is well too. Great news. Thanks CS.

  8. Have been wondering for a while and hoping recovery was progressing, so this is indeed very good to hear, thank you CS. Best wishes to BD for the next stage of his return to full fitness/health.

  9. Only just picked up the good news – not been around much for a while and it’s good to come back to such a positive post! Keep going in the right direction BD. Thanks for the update CS

  10. Splendid news! Warmest best wishes to you Big Dave and to Mrs BD. Many thanks to Crypticsue for this cheering update.

  11. Great news. You have been sorely missed. Though hats off to the troops, who rallied round well. I hope the continued recovery carries on without hitch.

  12. The best news we’ve had in ages.
    The best news we’ve had in ages. A speedy full recovery to BD and all very best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. BD.

  13. I see a typing error in the above. Never mind, it is the best news we’ve had in ages, and deserves to be repeated (several times).

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