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DT 30104

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30104

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

Last Sunday we moved our clocks forward one hour. This gives us longer evenings for leisure activities but also has the effect of moving the time the puzzles come available. For a few weeks, until you move your clocks back on 30th October, our solving time starts at midday instead of 11am.

This puzzle had us working quite hard and we even considered giving it 4 stars for difficulty but we’ll stick with what the clock told us.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Clash of politicians after moving to centre (11)
CONTRETEMPS : An anagram (moving) of TO CENTRE, then Members of Parliament.

10a     One among many to get lift (5)
HOIST : The word that Wordsworth used for many daffodils contains the Roman numeral one.

11a     Quiet time that hurt one easily convinced (4,5)
SOFT TOUCH : Quiet or gentle, then T(ime) and the exclamation one might make on being hurt.

12a     Mourn rate worked out for dividend (9)
NUMERATOR : An anagram (worked out) of MOURN RATE. Dividend is used here in its mathematical sense.

13a     Coppice material may be pinker after being pollarded (5)
OSIER : Remove the first letter (pollard) from another word for more pink.

14a     Move quickly in rejection of old English currency once (6)
ESCUDO : Move quickly as clouds might do is enclosed by the reversal of O(ld) and E(nglish).

16a     Perhaps Liverpool player with time must accept brilliant winger (8)
REDSTART : The colour associated with a Liverpool football player then brilliant or leading followed by T(ime).

18a     Angle moderates rejected is something to be savoured (4,4)
FISH STEW : Angle in a piscine sense, then the reversal of a term used for moderate politicians.

20a     Mother’s party going west for medical application (6)
BALSAM : Working from right to left (going west) we have a short form of mother with its ‘S, and then a political party.

23a     One smoulders as people in club must lose protection (5)
EMBER : Remove the first and last letters (protection) from a word for people belonging to a club.

24a     White Rose represented in a different way (9)
OTHERWISE : An anagram (re-presented) of WHITE ROSE.

26a     First class requirement of a radio (9)
RECEPTION : A double definition. We learnt via Google that this term is used in the UK for a new entrants class at school.

27a     Almost perfect place to pull (5)
HEAVE : Remove the last letter (almost) from an idealised place.

28a     Sponge, say, or exotic food cooked here? (6,5)
GREASY SPOON : An anagram (exotic) of SPONGE SAY OR.


2d     Old, not very bright, full of universal hatred (5)
ODIUM : O(ld) then not very bright or dull contains U(niversal).

3d     Taught wine after time out for revision (7)
TUTORED : Wine identified by its colour follows T(ime) and an anagram (for revision) of OUT.

4d     Artificial flowers at zebra crossing (6)
ERSATZ : A lurker, hiding in the clue.

5d     Imposed objective, binding for church (8)
ENFORCED : An objective or goal contains (binds) ‘FOR’ from the clue and the Anglican Church.

6d     In a wretched state, we’re heard to demand sympathy (7)
PITEOUS : The answer is a homophone of a 4,2 phrase stating, “We demand sympathy”.

7d     Reverse decision for transplant? (6,2,5)
CHANGE OF HEART : A double definition. Christian Barnard came to mind for us.

8d     Jokes about RI volunteers and prudes (8)
PURITANS : Jokes like the ones at the top of the Quick Crossword contain RI from the clue and volunteer soldiers.

9d     Irritable as spirit diluted (5-8)
SHORT-TEMPERED : A word for a spirit drink served in a pub and diluted or made less strong.

15d     Bread that’s asked for at checkout? (8)
CASHBACK : A cryptic definition for a means of refilling one’s wallet.

17d     In some ways, a lemon is sweet (8)
SEMOLINA : An anagram (in some ways) of A LEMON IS.

19d     Get rid of Nero — at heart a fiddler (7)
SCRAPER : Get rid of or dump and the two inside letters of Nero.

21d     Do posers put these on fashionable transport? (7)
AIRSHIP  : The pretensions adopted by posers and then a jazz word for fashionable.

22d     The last of this readily available drink (6)
SHANDY : The final letter of ‘this’ then readily available or easily reached.

25d     Short picture — origin of only adult version (5)
IMAGO : Remove the last letter from a synonym for picture and replace it with the first letter of ‘only’.

Quickie pun    core    +    shunned    =    cautioned

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  1. Glad to see a bit more of a head scratcher today, thought it was going to be easy at first
    but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t.
    Favourites today were 28a and 15d. Thanks to the setter, lots of fun.

  2. Excellent stuff, with only perhaps 14a not really floating my boat.
    1&28a were terrific anagrams (ok,1a partial) but my top three are 13&27a plus 21d
    Many thanks to Jay (I presume) and the 2Ks.

  3. Nicely clued puzzle today which I rally enjoyed.
    Favourite was 26a when the D,oh moment occured after I twigged the ‘ first class’ double definition..
    A similar event took place with the ‘moderates’ in last to fall 18a .
    Liked the surface of 13a.
    Agree with the 2K’s ***/**** and thanks for the pics-what an airship!

  4. Some really difficult clues here and there was a cluster un the SE that I just couldn’t break into, so its DNF for me. There were some rather good anagrams 24a and 1a being the best 3and the two long cryptic definitions were very good at 7d and 9d. A very clever puzzle it’s a shame i wasnt equal to it so thanks to the compiler and to the Kiwis for enlughtening my darkness.

  5. Message for MANDERS – I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the programme on Cley Next the Sea
    (such a lovely name) last night. I have not been there for some time but remember it well, most attractive.
    Lucky you to live there. Could not wait to include this in a legitimate crossword comment as it is the fourth
    Wednesday of the month and yet another Ladies Lunch! Such fun.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it DG – I felt he left rather a lot out that was really interesting. Did spot our house from the air at the end as we live near the church – it’s a huge church for a small village. Still got 8 left to do of the puzzle, all at the bottom, so will come back later.

      1. I watched the programme too. What a lovely place to live in. The church was wonderful.
        Not had much time on the crossword but found what I looked at quite tricky. More success this afternoon hopefully. Thankyou all.

      2. I made a point of recording the programme Manders and we have just got to catch-up with with the last few minutes. Similarly, we thought what a large church for a small village but obviously it was a much larger town/port decades ago. I’m sure you must see some lovely sunsets and I couldn’t help but comment to my husband, Bill, about your locally sourced seafood indulgences!

        1. Yes Hilary, we have wonderful super sunsets with our huge open skies. Next time we have a cracker with the red sun going down behind Blakeney church from our garden I will take a pic and post it here. The church is well used and there is a free half hour classical concert every Thursday afternoon with tea and cake! I’m often on tea duty. Going to the cheese and wine there next week – my neighbour is the wine provider (delish) and local cheese maker Mrs Temple provides the yummy cheeses – a very good evening is had by all.

          1. I also watched the programme, Manders, what a good ambassador you have been for the BBC! It does look as though you live in a beautiful village (learnt something new in the pronunciation of same) and I’m pleased to hear that your lovely church gets put to good use – the maintenance bills must be somewhat horrific?
            If I may ask, why did you decide to settle there?

  6. Excellent entertainment from the uber reliable Jay that was pitched perfectly for a sunny Shropshire morning. Of many fine clues, 1a was my favourite ahead of 16a.

    Many thanks to the aforementioned for the fun, and to the 2Ks.

  7. Ah, the joys of Jay Wednesdays. This one is particularly fine, I think, with 1a, 28a, & 24a showing anagrams in their glory, but 18a, 6d, & 7d found a podium of their own to occupy. Thanks to the Kiwis and to Jay ** / ****

    We are now under a Tropical Storm ‘watch’, expected to change to ‘warning’ within the next 24-36 hours, as Hurricane Ian moves up the state of Florida, back out to sea, and inland again on the S Carolina / Georgia border–or so the new projected path indicates. Already hunkered down here.

    1. Hope you stay safe Robert. As you say the best thing is ro h7nker down with a food supply of books and supplies for potential power cuts, and in case of transport disruption. Good Luck.

    2. Sorry RC it is to you not the 2Kiwis (Comment 11) to whom I should have wished safety from Ian (senior moment!) which I do now.

    3. Uh-oh, we’ve just been placed under a Tropical Storm ‘warning’ and a Hurricane ‘watch’, an unexpected development as Ian has strengthened to a Cat 4, with 155 mph winds as it strikes inland around Ft Myers, FL. (11.30 Eastern Standard Time)

    4. I think it’s going to lose some punch when it crosses Florida, but I worry about the folks in the Tampa area. We’ve had flood rains and a brisk breeze but nothing more. Keep safe, looks like your problem will be water.

  8. Well that was a bit more of a challenge than the last 2 days. The one that didn’t float Stephen’s boat was my last in & the reluctant penny drop extended the solve time by 50% – knew the missile but can’t say I was familiar with the meteorological context or the Scottish use of the word (which I rather like) for that matter. You can’t beat a good 18a or a hearty breakfast from a quality 28a but absolutely loathe 17d which brings back unhappy memories of boarding school puds. 1a set the bar very high & wasn’t beaten for me in what was a very enjoyable puzzle.
    Thanks to Jay & 2Ks
    Ps Robyn proving a tough nut to crack in the Toughie slot.

  9. This joint Jay/Logman production certainly upped the ante after the gentle first two days of the week – ***/****.

    Candidates for favourite – 1a, 10a, 2d, 19d, and 21d – and the winner is 19d.

    Thanks to Mr Mutch and the 2Kiwis.

  10. More application called for today as compared to last couple of days but none the worse for that. 11a, 28a and 7d all appealed. Thank you Jay and 2Kiwis (keep safe from Ian).

  11. Must have been on something of a roll today as this one fell in very short order – I’m sure my luck won’t last!
    From many worthy contenders, I chose 1&28a plus 9d as my top three.

    Many thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks for a delightfully illustrated review.

  12. Good puzzle
    Top, NW especially, fairly straightforward
    14a,18a,27a good clues and 28a cunning anagram.
    19d a fiddler, if you say so!

  13. Many thanks to ‘Mr Consistency’ Jay for another great puzzle and to 2Ks for their great review.
    For my podium I’ve selected 26a, 6d and the very amusing 27d.

  14. Another great crossword – my particular favourite out of many candidates was 26a for the misleading ‘first class’

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks

  15. Late on parade and a slightly longer solve today as my favourite barmaid Kelly plied me with two Pinot Grigios so I blame her. I always do mind. I found this one quite tricky at top end ** but it did unlock some lovely clues including 14a my COTD (sorry SL) and 18a and the clever 15d. Tricky on enjoyment but I thought a solid ***. Thanks the 2K’s the setter Jay if it is himself and of course Kelly

  16. Down to Earth with a bump after Monday and Tuesday.
    Found this difficult but managed to complete unaided, spelling checks apart.
    Satisfying and enjoyable challenge.
    COTD 18a in a strong field.
    Many thanks Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  17. Definitely more like a Logman puzzle today from Jay.
    For me 3*/3.5*

    Favourites today include 12a, 26a, 7d, 9d & 22d — with winner, (and with a chuckle), is 7d.

    Thanks to Jay/Logman and the 2 Kiwis for the hints

  18. I agree that this was a bit harder than Monday and Tuesday but I got there in the end. Particularly impressed by 1a, 26a and 8d. Puzzle completed whilst doing the ironing after a very nice lunch with old friends. I did manage last night’s toughie which was also a pleasure to work on. Or on which to work if you do not want to end a sentence with a preposition. Oh, Mrs Spridgeon, your lessons went deep. Many thanks to the three birds.

  19. I found this a struggle to begin with but finally tuned into the setter’s wavelength and managed to finish unaided.
    26a my favourite with 9d a close second.
    Thanks to the setter and the 2Kiwis.

  20. Can’t believe that I have finished all three puzzles this week using my own little brain. I was expecting a big fail and it didn’t materialise. I liked 26a and 7d best of all.

    Others are confident this was a Jay puzzle but as I finished it that is likely not to be the case. Thanks to the 2Ks for their excellent blog.

    1. Just finished my third Laidlaw book (that’s including the Ian Fleming prequel), with one to go. Many thanks to you, Corky, for the heads-up, McIlhanney is a terrific find for me–what style, what a worldview, even if it seems circumscribed by a teeming Glasgow. Taking a break now to read Ian McEwan’s new book, Lessons, before I tackle the Laidlaw finale.

      1. Glad you are enjoying them Robert. I have just started the complete stories of J G Ballard and got hold of Cocaine Nights and Kingdom Come. Enjoying so far.

        Hope you are not badly affected by the latest weather events.

  21. A bit of influence from Logman today,
    It took ages for me to get going and I didn’t speed up at all really – in other words I found it difficult.
    I wonder what’s in store for us tomorrow.
    I liked 7d and my favourite was 15d.
    Thanks to Jay/Logman for the crossword and to the K’s for the hints.

  22. Morning all.
    Just woken up to hear rain on the roof again. We’ve already had more than enough these last few months and were just starting to dry out a bit.. At least its nothing like what Robert and others on the SE coast of USA are facing at present. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you all.
    Seems we weren’t the only ones to find this puzzle a bit tricky in places. Satisfying to solve though.

  23. Well I have to admit that I wasn’t able to finish without some of the hints. After a busy morning and lunch out I was quite late getting started. Set off on quite a good roll but ran out of steam and after 2 good efforts this week I was disappointed not to make it 3 out of 3. Many thanks to Jay and the 2 Kiwis. I do hope you don’t get too much more rain. Good luck to Robert. I remember seeing the hurricane warning signs when we stayed on the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Fortunately, we were staying there well out of season. Though we did have to avail ourselves of the emergency services ( they were brilliant) as Bill collapsed and had to be taken to Kittiwake. That was quite a memorable experience and one neither of us want to undergo again.

  24. Way beyond me today. Not helped by the many words that were new to me. Finished about a quarter and resorted to the answers.

    Kudos to those that finished this!

    Thanks to all.

  25. Nobody’s mentioned 15d…it made me chuckle! Excellent crossword, thanks to Jay and also the 2
    Kiwis, hope it stops raining soon.

  26. One day I’ll get on Jay’s wavelengh but I got there in the end. I could never savour an 18a. Favourite was 14a as the middle four letters was the name of one of my old spaniels, he never lived up to it, never a racehorse. Some years ago, soon after Mrs. TWLC’s Labrador died, S**d started barking in the middle of the night which he’d never done before. Assuming he was feeling lonely I went downstairs and told him to shut up, which he did. The next morning I found my car had been stolen. 🤦‍♂️ Thanks to Jay and 2K’s.

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