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Sunday Toughie 33

Sunday Toughie No 33 by proXimal

Review by Sloop John Bee

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This puzzle was published on the 11th of August 2022



1a Jerk cycling in hail on the move (6)
ACTIVE: A jerk or TIC cycles last letter to first and goes in a Latin hail or ave, Ave atque vale – Hail and farewell your majesty.

4a Quickly get larger drink (8)
SNOWBALL: A double definition of a Christmassy drink and quickly get larger is what happens to a rolling snowball.

9a Close to a facility for sport, but not golf (6)
AROUND: This synonym of close to or nearby is A (from the clue) and a sports gROUND without the letter that golf suggests.

10a Space with endorsement, say, having turned picture (8)
ENVISAGE: A printers space EN the endorsement that a Passport may carry and a reversal (having turned) of say as an example EG. To ENVISAGE or picture in your minds eye.

12a Prisoner shot holding air rifle regularly in defiant manner (10)
CONTRARILY:  a prisoner or CON, a shot, go or TRY contains (holding) A R I L, being the alternate letters of AiR rIfLe. To behave a contrary or defiant manner.

13a Small child is matter for discussion, back to the fore (4)
MITE: A matter for discussion or ITEM moves the back letter to the fore to be a small child or MITE.

14a Anger when stuck in pad that’s shared with another (3)
IRE: This synonym of of anger when stuck in PAD becomes paired, or shared with another.

15a Group of politicians bizarrely seen as rational (11)
COMMONSENSE: Politicans who are members of the House of COMMONS and an anagram (bizarrely) of SEEN. Debate as to the amount of commonsense displayed there should be saved for elsewhere.

18a Flash article containing so outsize layer of precious metal (6,5)
MOTHER GOOSE: A flash of time or MO and the definite TH-E article contains the Latin so or ERGO and OS for outsize. MOTHER GOOSE was a collection of childhood fairy tales and nursery rhymes, including a goose that laid golden eggs.

20a Stick for player in overheard row (3)
CUE: A homophone (overheard) of a queue or row is the stick that a snooker player uses. Queue is a poignant word as I write the review. Q for queen, the important letter and the other four letters follow on silently behind. The Queue was quintessentially British. They should have called it The Elizabeth Line.

21a Winged creature following grouse (4)
BEEF: The winged creature seen in my avatar BEE and F for following becomes a BEEF, complain or grouse.

22a Overseer of US agency involved in attack with soldiers (10)
OFFICIATOR: This overseer comes from, OF from the clue, a FIT (attack) around the American Central Intelligence Agency CIA (FI CIA T)and OR for Other Ranks of soldiers.

24a Domestic military information to protect Royal Navy area (8)
INTERNAL: Abbreviations of Royal Navy and area RN A, go into some military information or INTEL(ligence)

25a Red mark on page crossing line (6)
CLARET: CARET is a mark on a page in proofreading, to show where to insert something omitted (^ on a keyboard, although it looks more like an inverted y in written form), it crosses L for line to be CLARET a red wine.

26a Pronounced flat grassland with sage in distinct phases (8)
STEPWISE: To proceed in distinct phases or STEPWISE comes from how a flat grassland or STEPpe is pronounced and someone who is sage or WISE.

27a Scrumpy might be produced by this country farm, far away (6)
CYPRUS: A rather clever clue that is somewhat convoluted. A country and a farm produce SCRUMPY when far is removed (away). Therefore we need to remove the M from SCRUmPY and the remaining letters can be reshuffled to give us the country we seek.


1d A new chief is source of much chaos (9)
ANARCHISM: A from the clue, N for new, someone who is chief or ARCH, IS from the clue and the initial (source) of Much. ANARCHISM the chaos of being without law or government.

2d Clobber from traveller’s case with little weight (7)
TROUNCE: The case letters of T ravelle R and a little weight or OUNCE, to TROUNCE or clobber.

3d Chamber’s opening left covered in grain (9)
VENTRICLE: An opening or VENT and some RICE or grain that contains L for left is VENTRICLE one of the chambers of the heart.

5d Soft cocoon in hall gets spun (3-9)
NON-ALCOHOLIC: An anagram (gets spun) of cocoon in hall gives us a soft or NON-ALCOHOLIC drink.

6d Little card bearing hearts (4)
WHIT: A card can be a comical or eccentric person or WIT, around H for hearts, gives us WHIT the smallest particle imaginable.

7d Man grabs giant, totally unbridled, horse (7)
ARABIAN: Totally unbridled is an instruction to remove the outer letters of the first three words leaving A RAB IAN
ARABIAN, a breed of horse from which thoroughbred racehorses are descended.

8d Subject characters in college ill-advisedly took up (5)
LIEGE: These subjects of a monarch or feudal lord are a lurker (characters in) and a reverse lurker to boot (advisedly took up – in a down clue) hidden in collEGE ILL-

11d Out of date, we’re told, scrap creamy food (7,5)
FROMAGE FRAIS: This creamy food that translates as Fresh Cheese is Out of or FROM, and to date or AGE with a homophone (we’re told) of a scrap or aFRAY.

16d Particularly cool piano overturned in raid (9)
SPECIALLY: To cool or ICE and P for piano are reversed (overturned) and put in a raid or SALLY.

17d Curses business charges? (9)
EXECRATES: To curse or execrate is from a businessman or EXEC and some charges or RATES.

19d Cast regularly seen inside at that place (7)
THEATRE: The place where the cast of a play are regularly seen, when AT is placed in that place or THERE.

20d One providing fare in time before boarding transport (7)
CATERER: T for time and a literary before or ERE  go in a transport or CAR. CATERER one providing fare at a function.

21d Pound raised is small joy (5)
BLISS: lb for a pound weight reversed (raised) IS from the clue and S for small gives us BLISS or joy.

23d Scavenger beginning to rip neat clothes (4)
CROW: The beginning R from rip is clothed by Neat as an archaic adjective for an ox, bull or COW, giving us a scavenging bird or CROW.

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