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ST 3172 (full review)

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3172

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 7th August 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

A typical Dada Sunday crossword


8a    One touching prickly thorns briefly (2,5)
IN SHORT – I (one) followed by (touching0 an anagram (prickly) of THORNS

10a    Testament, word of introduction for play (7)
OTHELLO – OT (Old Testament) HELLO (word of introduction)

11a    White pile ground down first (9)
SNOWDRIFT – An anagram (ground) of DOWN FIRST

12a    Large mammal with cry that’s audible? (5)
WHALE – A homophone (that’s audible) of WAIL (cry)

13a    Green water, ebbing (5)
NAÏVE – A reversal (ebbing) of EVIAN water

14a    Certain to eat first of food with it — a bellyful (7)
SURFEIT – SURE (certain) to ‘eat’ the first letter of Food, IT (from the clue) being added at the end

17a    American writer in West Germany, he travels (6,9)

19a    Resurgent publisher welcomes novel then (2,3,2)
ON THE UP – OUP (Oxford University Press – published) ‘welcomes’ an anagram (novel) of THEN

21a    Crooked when horizontal? (5)
LYING – Double definition

24a    Mark part of the intestine (5)
COLON – A punctuation mark or part of the intestine

26a    Large vessel left empty, article scoffed by pig (3,6)
OIL TANKER – the outside (empty) letters of LefT and A (article) ‘scoffed’ by OINKER (pig)

27a    Has that woman visited unlicensed bar? (7)
SHEBEEN – Has SHE (that woman) BEEN (visited)

28a    Revolutionary queen I love for so long (7)
CHEERIO – CHE (crosswordland’s favourite revolutionary) ER (regnal cipher of our current Queen) I (from the clue) O (love)


1d    One line redacted in documents, working for old PM (6)
WILSON – WILlS (documents with one L for line redacted) followed by ON (working)

2d    Strangely, one isn’t a European (8)
ESTONIAN – An anagram (strangely) of ONE ISNT A

3d    Virtue has come after loss of business, I say! (8,2)
GOODNESS ME – GOODNESS (virtue) and coME (come without the (loss of) CO (company, business)

4d    Pass wobbly desk to man (4,3,2)
DON’T ASK ME – An anagram (wobbly) of DESK TO MAN

5d    Gradually soften what has melted (4)
THAW – An anagram (has melted) of WHAT

6d    Stick together — or split (6)
CLEAVE – A word which     has two opposing meanings

7d    City where group of witches go (8)
COVENTRY – COVEN (group of witches) TRY (go)

9d    Holiday dance (4)
TRIP – Double definition

15d    Item of jewellery, article for troublemaker (10)
RINGLEADER – RING (item of jewellery) LEADER (article in a newspaper)

16d    Cane and single bullet for collection (4-5)
WHIP-ROUND – WHIP (cane) ROUND (single bullet)

17d    Person downing the spirits? (8)
EXORCIST – A cryptic definition of someone getting rid of unwanted spirits

18d    Hairy spider’s ending in drink (8)
WHISKERY – The R at the end of spider inserted in WHISKEY (drink)

20d    Narrator, one working in bank (6)
TELLER – Double definition

22d    Hideous thing where no rum and water served up (6)
GORGON – A reversal (served up) of NO (from the clue) and GROG (rum and water)

23d    Alliance broken, leaving one cold initially (4)
BLOC – The initial letters of Broken Leaving One Cold

25d    Christmas book, middle torn out (4)
NOEL – NOvEL (book) with its middle ‘torn out’


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