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Sunday Toughie 26

Sunday Toughie No 26 by proXimal

Review by Sloop John Bee

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This puzzle was published on the 24th of July 2022



1a Arthur lost at sea with frequent waves (10)
ULTRASHORT: An anagram (at sea) of Arthur lost, ULTRASORT waves come along very frequently. If you remember any Physics you may have studied these waves, they have a frequency between one and ten metres.

6a Bringing rear forward, docks tail (4)
SCUT: A synonym of docks, as a dogs tail may be, CUTS has the rearmost letter brought forward to become SCUT a short erect tail, as in hare, rabbit or deer.

9a Developer’s resistance to embed into soft rock (5)
LARVA: R for resistance is embedded into some soft molten volcanic LAVA to be a developing insect or LARVA.

10a Bad taste in house with green interior (9)
INDECORUM: Start with IN from the clue and then a bit of Cockney Rhyming Slang for a house, DRUM and bass place, having a prefix for green ECO interior to the DRUM. INDECORUM an act of improper or impolite behaviour in bad taste.

12a Inconclusive list to be shortened before end (13)
INDETERMINATE: A list at the back of a book INDE(x), is shortened by one letter and put before a synonym of end TERMINATE. INDETERMINATE an inconclusive adjective having no defined or fixed value.

14a Two of this writer’s books forthcoming (8)
IMMINENT: I’m and mine, are two of the way this writer can address his possessions and the abbreviation of the books of the New Testament become IMMINENT, an adjective for something Impending, approaching or forthcoming.

15a Almost broke case from Norway that’s thin (6)
SKINNY: Most of a synonym of broke SKIN(t)and the case letters of NorwaY, SKINNY that’s thin.

17a Bug American spies used to trap rogue (6)
CICADA: The American spy agency or C.I.A. traps a rogue or CAD to become CICADA a large insect, the male of which makes a loud chirping sound’

19a One buying award in possession of cavalry commander once (8)
CUSTOMER: The award is the Order of Merit, it goes in the cavalry commander who lost his life in a last stand in Montana 1876. General George Armstrong CUSTER + OM becomes CUSTOMER, one who buys goods or services’

21a Newly fitted uniform kept by salesman in case (13)
REUPHOLSTERED: Our usual abbreviated salesman REP, contains the letter that uniform indicates in the Nato code book U, followed by an adjective to describe where a gun may be kept HOLSTERED. RE(U)PHOLSTERED having furniture renovated with new stuffing and coverings.

24a Hopelessly drunk in clubs, roll around covered in beer (9)
INCAPABLE: IN from the clue, the Bridge notation for the suit of Clubs C, and a type of beer ALE, covers the reversal of a bread roll or BAP. To become Hopelessly drunk or IN-C-A-PAB-LE.

25a Wood man on horse picked up for ally (5)
UNITE: Homophones (picked up) of a type of wood, YEW and a man on horse KNIGHT, YEW KNIGHT becomes UNITE to ally or become one.

26a Metal egg uncovered, antique (4)
GOLD: Remove the covering letters of eGg and you are left with G, add a synonym of antique OLD. G+OLD is GOLD a precious metal.

27a Dad’s nice playing with son exuding love and sincerity (10)
CANDIDNESS: This synonym of sincerity is an anagram of words 1, 2 and 5 after the letter that love represents has been removed. DADS+NICE+S(o)N.


1d Disheartened lurgy turned nasty (4)
UGLY: Take the middle out of LU(r)GY  and turn it into something nasty or UGLY.

2d Political ideology from history is Maggie’s (7)
TORYISM: A lurker (indicated by from) in the last three words of the clue.

3d Left craft area, group’s outside finished with it (9,4)
ABANDONED SHIP: A for area, some plural group’s BAND’S outside a synonym of finished DONE, and add an adjective that describes someone informed about the latest trends HIP. A_BAN-DONE-D’S_HIP.

4d Raising call for attention upon attack from bee (8)
HOISTING: The raising of a flag is a call for attention HOI, put upon an attack from a Bee STING.

5d Household appliance’s beginning to be moved down list of needs (5)
RIDER: The Household appliance we seek is a DRIER, the beginning letter D is moved down to be the third letter in RIDER. According to me digital BRB the 6th definition of rider is a list of specific personal requirements, such as food and drink, included in the contract of a performing artist.

7d Maybe blind dog following has run away (7)
CURTAIN: A dog or CUR has a following or TrAIN after the r for run has gone away. CURTAIN a covering for a window which is rather like a blind hence the maybe.

8d Arranged ride by tram to find place that might provide deal (10)
TIMBERYARD: An anagram (arranged) of RIDE BY TRAM. The deal that a timberyard may provide is a softwood fir or pine of a standard size.

11d Insect made into meal for sports venue (7,6)
CRICKET GROUND: The insect that is also a sport was obvious CRICKET, the meal less so. To be made into a meal we take a grain or pulse GROUND to a powder.

13d Shrewd getting paid dropping off article beneath counter (10)
DISCERNING: A game counter or DISC and the act of getting paid EaRNING after the indefinite article A is dropped. becomes DICERNING or shrewd.

16d Briefly contemplate tramp’s recommended book (4-4)
MUST-READ: To contemplate or MUSe is brief (loses its last letter and is attached to a heavy tramp or TREAD to become a MUST-READ or recommended book.

18d Assembly company not friendly sacking six (7)
COUNCIL: Someone who is unfriendly UNCI(VI)L has the Roman numeral for six removed and is attached to our usual company CO. Six could be equally four and the clue would still work CO+UNC(IV)IL.

20d One delivers uplifting dark whiskey provided by European (7)
MIDWIFE: Uplifting is a reversal indicator (in a down clue) and dark or badly lit is the word that is reversed DIM becomes MID. It goes on the letter that whiskey represents W, a conjunction indicated by provided IF, and E for European. MIDWIFE one who delivers babies.

22d Sign that’s plain by road regularly ignored (5)
LIBRA: The Zodiac sign is hidden alternating in pLaIn By RoAd.

23d Fish fingers, not starter (4)
EELS: Fingers or fEELS loses the starter F to become the slippery EELS.