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DT 30044

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30044

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

We have been listening with concern to the reports coming through about the trials and tribulations of the atypically hot conditions that are affecting so many of you. It actually is rather bizarre to us as we are wrapped up and gathering around the fire to keep ourselves warm here. Our thoughts are with you all.

As has been noted in comments yesterday, Logman is on Toughie duty so a different setter for us to enjoy and blog.

We found the Quickie puzzle pun quite a challenge.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


2a     Where one finds nuns hiding knight? That is awkward (12)
INCONVENIENT : A 2,7 phrase for where one might find nuns contains the chess abbreviation for knight and the abbreviation for the Latin phrase ‘that is’.

8a     Found in Ransome, another like Scrooge? (4)
MEAN : A lurker, hiding in the clue.

9a     Belligerent Yanks? (3-2-3)
TUG-OF-WAR : A cryptic definition of a sporting contest that was once part of the Olympic Games.

10a     Tramp turned red meeting priest at court (8)
DERELICT : The reversal (turned) of the word red, then an Old Testament priest and the abbreviation for court.

11a     Was tender shark served with chard finally? (6)
NURSED : A type of shark with the final letter of chard.

12a     Ringer Andy rocking church in seductive act (5,5)
BELLY DANCE : The device played by a ringer, then an anagram (rocking) of ANDY and finally the Anglican Church.

13a     Forgive Conservative breaking old custom (6)
EXCUSE : The single letter Conservative splits old or former and another word for custom.

16a     Queen going around the compound (5)
ETHER : ‘THE’ from the clue is enclosed by Her Majesty’s regnal cypher.

17a     Offence announced to test sentencing rules? (6)
SYNTAX : A homophone of offence or wrongdoing and a verb meaning to test or tire.

18a     Back surgery transformed Marianne Barker? (10)
POMERANIAN : The reversal of the short version of a surgical procedure, then an anagram (transformed) of MARIANNE.

21a     Black duck after look finds summerhouse (6)
GAZEBO : A four letter word for look or stare intently, then B(lack) and the cricket score duck.

23a     Prickly sort to be evasive with swine (8)
HEDGEHOG : A word meaning be evasive, then a porcine creature.

24a     Old PM from day one touring country (8)
DISRAELI : D(ay) and Roman numeral one surround a middle eastern country.

25a     Creature occasionally in rut? Time to stop decline (4)
STAG : Decline or droop contains T(ime).

26a     Mixed ham with tripe to cover articles in bowl (12)
AMPHITHEATRE : An anagram (mixed) of HAM and TRIPE contains a definite and an indefinite article.


1d     Strict at all times in South-east (6)
SEVERE : A word meaning at all times is inside the compass direction South East.

2d     Someone smart, allowed to rise, taken in by corrupt client (9)
INTELLECT : An anagram (corrupt) of CLIENT contains the reversal (to rise) of allowed or permitted.

3d     Cloned fish used in baked dish? On the contrary (6)
COPIED : A baked pastry dish is inside a type of fish.

4d     No nightmare with this revived county (15)

5d     Manipulate technician (8)
ENGINEER : A double definition.

6d     Deduce there’s no escaping Hell (5)
INFER : Remove ‘NO’ (from the clue) from Dante’s word for Hell.

7d     Make cosy home around region in Asian parts? (4,4)
NEAR EAST : Make cosy home as a bird might, contains region or district.

14d     Tune rewritten in hunt for singer (9)
CHANTEUSE : Hunt, like on the popular TV quiz show, contains an anagram (rewritten) of TUNE.

15d     My mind as wandering shows energy and enthusiasm (8)
DYNAMISM : An anagram (wandering) of MY MIND AS.

16d     Former lover confined welcomes working advocate (8)
EXPONENT : The two letter former lover, and then an old word for confined contains the two letter ‘working’.

19d     Mouse perhaps to decay outside lair (6)
RODENT : An animal lair inside decay or decompose.

20d     Garment rook found inside a tree (6)
ANORAK : The chess abbreviation for rook is inside a 2,3 type of tree.

22d     What’s outside cunning fox’s home? (5)
EARTH : A slang inquiring alternative to ‘what’ contains cunning or skilled.

There felt to be plenty of anagrams here but they were appealing ones so no complaints from us.

Quickie pun    earns    +    Davro    +    blow    +    felt    =    Ernst  Stavro Blofeld

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  1. This had the feel of a Chalicea creation and was most enjoyable. It certainly isn’t Jay because he is on Toughie duty. It’s not a pangram so that would rule out Cephas. Anyway, such deductions are probably wrong because my setter spotting skills are meagre at best. Plenty of pennies dropping all over the place as well as a few smiles to brighten this cool and wet (thank goodness) day. I put ticks by 9a, 12a, 17a and 20d with 17a being my COTD. I am not at all sure about 25a, which is my only bung in. I will check the hints for explanation.

    Many thanks to the setter, whomsoever he or she may be, for the fun. Huge thanks to the 2 Ks for the hints, which I will now read.

    I’m not sure about the Quickie pun. I get a surname but not a first name. Ah well!

  2. Enjoyed this one a lot, thought it was great fun, witty and smart.
    Had to confirm the synonym at 10a.
    Although I clocked the wordplay immediately I thought 18a very clever but my top three are 2,12&17a.
    Many thanks to the setter and the 2Ks.

  3. This one flowed well at */**** with my favourites being 2, 17, 18 and 25 all across. Some nicely accessible cryptic clues and a few useful anagrams. Great fun. Thanks to the 2K’s and the setter.

  4. I hope you’re right SC and this is Chalicea’s handiwork. A granimal doctor’s delight with so many creatures scattered throughout, along with some smiles. LOI 25a because there were just too many words but eventually the P Dd.

    CsOTD 2, 12, 18 (back surgery!) & 26a.

    Many, many thanks to the setter and 2Ks for a great start to the day.

  5. Came together smoothly with just a slight hold up on 20d and 25a.
    My favourite today was 9a.
    Wasn’t familiar with the term for the fox’s home.
    Thanks to the setter and the 2Ks

  6. 1*/3*. This was light and fun with 17a my favourite.

    Not sure about the setter, but my leaning is towards NYD. Thanks to whomever and to the 2Ks.

  7. A sleepless night lieing in a puddle of sweat gave me ample time for this pleasant distraction. The tramp at 10a took the longest to drop as I was feeling a bit 10a myself.
    Thanks to the 2K’s and setter ( I agree with RD it feels like NYDK)

  8. Much to enjoy in this one and my favourite has to be the belligerent Yanks with 2&12a taking the reserve places.

    Thanks to our setter and to our 2Ks for the review – very envious of your cool temperatures!

  9. As I solved this crossword, I thought it had all the hallmarks of a NYDK puzzle. Following on from a comment he made last Thursday about how the Quick Crossword would have a clue that described how he was feeling, I checked there and 16a in that crossword would seem to confirm that it is indeed him

    Thanks very much to Donnybrook – I did like the belligerent Yanks in 9a – and to the 2Ks

  10. A pleasant puzzle and a satisfactory substitute for a Jay back pager. Surprised to see the same tree so soon after it’s recent appearance. Thanks to the setter for the puzzle which prompted the 2Ks to open a Zoo today. Thanks to them. Especially for their kind words regarding our mini heatwave

  11. Light and enjoyable Wednesday entertainment from ? – NYD could be the logical answer since he substitutes quite often on a Wednesday or a Thursday, and tomorrow should be a regular Mr T. **/****

    A ‘suggestion’ of pangram during solving but it seems to have fallen short by two letters.

    Candidates for favourite – 8a, 13a, 17a, and 3d – and the winner is 17a for its clever definition.

    Thanks to NYD(?) and to the 2Kiwis who get a ‘mention’ in Logman’s Toughie, speaking of which it is good to see that the Toughie Setters are back on the Home Page of the blog.

  12. A light, enjoyable, and undemanding solve, themed to be of particular interest to animal lovers! A helpful dollop of anagrams, while the few double unches were generously clued.

    Hon Mentions to 2a, 3d and 20d; COTD to 6d.

    1* / 3*

    Many thanks to the Setter and to the 2Ks.

  13. There are some excellent and witty definitions here (with Belligerent Yanks the cream of the crop). Thanks to setter and 2Ks.
    My favourite clue was the aforementioned 9a with honourable mentions to 17a, 25a and 22d.

  14. I had this oegged as a NYD production too. Therw wS lots to enjoy and a few challenges along the way. I liked 3a, 26a and the big anagram at 4d. Id enjoy agood anagram and there were a few more to choose frome here. My otber half chortled over the Quickie pun, being a fan of the movies. I’m glad it cheered him up as he’d had no sleep ( another hot night). At least it’s a lot cooler today.Thanks to NYD for an enjoyable puzzle and to the Kiwis in their chilly abode

  15. Quickie pun is a work of genius for me. After I’d picked myself up off the floor, I was put back down there again by the excellent anagram at Q16A. I’m sure Cryptic Sue must be right about this, as I too remember the presumably tongue-in-cheek remark NYDK made on his previous (?) appearance. So that did whet the appetite!

    Puzzle proper, if that’s the right way to see it, a gem for me too. It’s very easy, as other have said, easier than normal NYDK in my view, but many delights along the way, including 2,9,17,18,25 & 26A, and 3,6,15,19,20 & 22D. Laurels to the ultra-neat 22 Down.

    Thanks Mister Ron, though surely you are NYDK, and 2K. Temperature down in UK by 10 degrees today, so hope all made it through okay.

  16. I’ve been a follower of BD for many years but kept stopping myself from posting as it always seems to be a complaint that provokes the desire, and as my old Nan used to say, ‘If you’ve nothing good to say say nothing’.
    I decided to break my duck on this one, thoroughly enjoyed it, although it was over all too quickly.
    25a was the one that caused most consternation, once I got my head around it I think it became my clue of the day, followed closely by both 9 & 10 across.
    Loved the Quickie pun, my second favourite Bond villain.

  17. Crosswords this week have been excellent, right up our “Backpager’s Street” but this was No 1 😃 **/**** Favourites 17a, 18a, 28a and 14d 🤗 Thanks to the Compiler and to the 2x Ks I agree sorting the “Quicky” phrase was tricky and I am not sure what slang was involved in the parsing of 22d 🤔

  18. Really enjoyed this one today, took me a while to get going, but after that it was all plain sailing until 18a. Couldn’t fathom it at all, but then thought ‘Well, only one word that I know fits in here’
    so wrote that down and worked out the clue backwards from there!

  19. I, too, went for the belligerent yanks as my COTD. A terrific, concisely clued puzzle that at first felt like a Ray T, especially with the single word clues in the Quickie, but the word count in this one put paid to that idea. Top stuff.

    Thanks to Donnybrook, who seems to have emerged as the most likely, and to the 2 Ks.

    1. We’d all love to hear from you, Merusa, if you had the time and the energy to comment. I’ve had to take a few breaks for various reasons but came back in the end.

  20. I’m with many others in making 9a my clue if the day – brilliant, although I also had daisies round 12,18 &26a. A lot to like here from the doorknob, who always makes me think of some very nice American jeans which fit me very well and what’s more I take an 8 instead of a 12 which is a painless way of losing weight. We have had three very nice men from Diss here all morning replacing our oil tank, a very efficient job and most impressive to see the crane remove the old monstrosity. I am glad it is marginally cooler as the smell of oil was overpowering and I think yesterday it might have all self ignited. Anyway, thanks to Not Your Daughters and the 2 Ks and deepest sympathy to those people who lost their homes in the big fire yesterday. Ghastly.

    1. I’m with you on the jeans, DG. Fit like a dream and last ages – which is just as well, given the price tag!

  21. I seem to have found this trickier than most others. Perhaps I need another coffee, but as I am strictly decaf I don’t think that will help. Even bombed on Wordle as I had two viable words at the end, and I picked the wrong one. But I am a Wednesday’s child so no surprise. Off to the dentist now, but will have another stab later. Thanks to setter and 2Kiwis. Really envy you sitting by the fire. Feet up in the couch, with a good book, by a crackling log fire. My kind of heaven.

  22. Very enjoyable, though clearly not Jayful, whose Toughie today is terrific and doable. Still, this one has its charms, especially 26a, 22d, 17a, 2a, & 9a (did anyone else first try ‘men-at-war’?). Missed the pun altogether, though. Funnily, 25a was my LOI, thanks to doddering me. Thanks to the Kiwis and to NYDK. 2.5* / 4*

    1. Yes Robert, men of war was my first thought but only fleetingly. As I said it so the penny dropped. A great clue.

  23. I decided very early in the day as the setter couldn’t be NYDK – I always have major trouble with him so that was him completely out of it – wrong!!!
    Oh well – I never was any good at “setter spotting” unless it was Ray T, mainly because I had years of experiencing being his “hinty person”.
    I do like some good long anagrams or, failing that, just plain answers anagrams or otherwise.
    I also appreciated the prickly one!
    Thanks to NDYK and to the K’s.

    1. I see your recovery is well on course Kath.

      You inspired me to get into this BD site a couple of years ago.

      Thank you.

  24. Can’t believe 23a was my last in after fixating for some time on a plant until the proverbial penny.
    Probably the easiest clue!
    Lots to enjoy, especially 9a and the juicy anagram at 26a.
    Many thanks to the compiler and to the 2Kiwis.

  25. Coming in after a depressing day in Devon. A lot cooler but no rain as promised. The sort of weather when to stay awake is a challenge,
    I found this relatively easy with my COTD being 29a. How refreshing to have this listed as a garment and not an insult.
    Oh, one small admission, I was beaten by 18a.

  26. Morning all,
    Once again we appear to have consensus on the puzzle at this stage. Nice to see people agreeing with us.
    NYD was top of our last of possibilities as setter but were not certain enough to commit ourselves when we put the blog together.
    Can hear rain on the roof while writing this and the forecast says another wet, wet day. Bother!

  27. Excellent puzzle, thanks NYD! Like others 9a made me smile but I thought 1a a good one too!
    It’s grim up north, actually raining in north Lancashire, first this month. Good for the garden and allotment.
    Thanks also to the 2Ks.

  28. Splendid puzzle. All completed whilst waiting for a physio appointment. I was early! Last few in were in SE corner – the rutting creature being the last. Top marks from me for 17a. Great misdirection. Also liked to see my County in 4d. Quite a few more favourites. Thanks NYD and 2Ks.

  29. No rain in my neck of the woods but mercifully cooler. Two great crosswords today. I’m going with flow for favourite 9a. Thanks to NYD and 2K’s.

  30. Late getting to this one but well worth it, great fun throughout – but 9a has to take top spot Super stuff, many thanks NYDK & 2Ks

  31. Another vote for the belligerent yanks with ticks against plenty of others – 2,12,17&25a plus 14d.
    A nice gentle accompaniment to the Logman Toughie.
    Thanks to Donny & 2Ks

  32. A pleasant walk-in-the-d park in the North but the South was a bit more demanding mainly as 20d garment didn’t dawn on me. Fav was 22d. Thank you NYDK and 2Kiwis.

  33. Brilliant solve, with far too many excellent clues to decide on a favourite! Many, many thanks to the setter, and of course to my two compatriots for the hints! I hope everyone in the UK is coping with the heat, and is keeping safe – here in NZ we have pouring rain and high winds – and it’s cold! I believe it’s called “Winter”!

    1. The first part of the clue tells us to put the fish inside the baked dish. “On the contrary” tells us to do the opposite, i.e. put the baked dish inside the fish.

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