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ST 3167

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3167

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 3rd July 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Another typical Dada Sunday Prize Puzzle

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7a    China and Japan etc are parting quickly (3,4)
FAR EAST – ARE (from the clue) ‘parting’ FAST (quickly)

8a    Important agreement? Who cares! (3,4)
BIG DEAL – An important agreement and/or an informal scornful response (who cares) sounds like it might also relate to an important agreement

10a    Three quavers by singer good, on the whole (10)
ALTOGETHER – An anagram (quavers) of THREE goes after ALTO (singer) and G (good)

11a    Note old symbol (4)
LOGO – LOG (note down) O (Old)

12a    Block in front of a humble dwelling (8)
BUNGALOW – BUNG (block) A (from the clue) LOW (humble)

14a    Feast where diner consumes last of eggs (6)
EASTER – EATER (diner) ‘consumes’ the last letter of eggS

15a    Covered by dressing, wound site sure to be germ-free (11)
PASTEURISED – PAD (dressing) covers an anagram (wound) of SITE SURE

19a    ‘Piano’ film actor (6)
PLAYER – P (musical instruction Piano) LAYER (film in the sense of coating)

20a    Insect burrowed into unremarkable tropical food (8)
PLANTAIN – ANT (insect) ‘burrowed’ into PLAIN (unremarkable)

22a    Rank piece of furniture I took back (4)
TIER – Hidden in reverse (back) in a piece of furnituRE I Took

23a    Type of bridge: brilliant crossing over from the other side (10)
CANTILEVER – CLEVER (brilliant) ‘crossing over’ ANTI (from the other side)

25a    For example, third noise has interrupted exam (7)
ORDINAL – DIN (noise) has ‘interrupted’ ORAL (exam)

26a    Take a holiday? That seems unlikely! (3,4)
GET AWAY – Take a holiday or an expression of disbelief (that seems unlikely)


1d    Negative side effect when Yankees’ season dismissed (7)
FALLOUT – FALL (the American word for the season we call autumn) OUT (dismissed)

2d    March in parade, monotonous (4)
DEMO – Found in paraDE MOnotonous

3d    A balloon for good measure (2,4)
AS WELL – A (from the clue) SWELL (balloon)

4d    Idler is a rubbish prime minister (8)
DISRAELI – An anagram (rubbish) of IDLER IS A. How nice to have a different clue to the usual ones we see for this Prime Minister

5d    Kid with a state payment on track (10)
ADOLESCENT – A (from the clue) DOLE (statement) SCENT (track)

6d    Chap is off fruit (7)
MANGOES – MAN (chap) GOES (is off)

9d    Sport bound to feature in broadcast (11)
SHOWJUMPING – JUMP (bound) to ‘feature’ in SHOWING (broadcast)

13d    Liquid carried by boat and coach, source of easy money (5,5)
GRAVY TRAIN – GRAVY (liquid carried in a boat) TRAIN (coach)

16d    Judas in court, an awful traitor for a start (8)
TURNCOAT – An anagram (awful) of COURT AN followed by T (the ‘start’ of Traitor)

17d    Capital city abroad is large (7)
ALGIERS – An anagram (abroad) of IS LARGE

18d    Greek character transported by vessel from the 7 across (7)
TIBETAN – BETA (Greek character) ‘transported’ by TIN (vessel)

21d    Fishy sarnie appeared (6)
ARISEN – An anagram (fishy) of SARNIE

24d    Cheese crafted the wrong way (4)
EDAM – A reversal (the wrong way) of MADE (crafted)


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