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Big Dave – An Update

Just a short update to last month’s post about Big Dave’s health. Bloggers and setters: please read this post about the consequences for you.

BD is still in Hereford Hospital.  At the moment he is in isolation as he has been in contact with someone currently suffering from COVID.

Unfortunately, he has broken his mobile, so can’t be reached.  I have spoken with his son, Richard.  There’s no real change in his condition and the plan is to move him to the local cottage hospital when possible.

The family would like to thank everyone for their good wishes and support.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I am just now reading this and I am so very sorry that events have passed me by. Please convey my very best to Dave and Pam. I have such good memories of lunching with them on my infrequent UK visits.

  2. And every good wish from me (lurker) too. BD’s site is invaluable, making him of huge value in so many lives. He must be so frustrated to be in this position, and I am one of thousands who truly wish him a full and speedy recovery.

  3. Wishing all the very best to the Big Man along with a fervent hope for a speedy recovery.

    1. I have been lurking on this site for several years and have really appreciated all the help from Big Dave and the others. I am really sorry to hear about his health problems and hope he makes a full recovery. I would never have learned how to solve crosswords without this blog.

  4. Sorry to hear about the rotten luck with the Covid contact and subsequent isolation. Continued best wishes through that and for your recovery in general, Dave.

  5. Broken mobile – is that a curse or a blessing…? With BD’s IT prowess I suspect he might rather have a working bit of kit to hand.
    I’m sorry to read of Dave’s continued problems and hope he will be more comfortable when he gets to the cottage hospital. My very best wishes to him for his ongoing recovery (which sadly doesn’t sound as if it will be speedy) and to his family.
    My thanks also to everyone involved in maintaining this superlative blog site on his behalf.

  6. Best wishes, BD. Keep on making progress please and hurry back to us – we all miss you.

  7. Thank you for the update, Tilsit. So many of us are anxious about him.

    When reading “Unfortunately, he has broken his …” I was fearing the worse for Big Dave medically, so was relieved to hear it was an electronic device and not part of his anatomy.

    Best wishes to the invalid and his family.

  8. Very best wishes to you Big Dave. I am sure you are in good hands but hope you will soon be
    back home. Everyone is filling in very well but we need YOU!

  9. Thank you for the update, Tilsit. As Smylers said, thank goodness it’s just his phone that’s broken and not a part of his anatomy!
    He must be one very frustrated man at the moment.
    Sending best wishes from Anglesey.

  10. Continuing best wishes for a full (alas not speedy) recovery and thanks to the various bloggers for filling in to keep our site up and running

  11. Our very best wishes to Big Dave for a full recovery. We love this website and we are grateful to Tilsit and Prolixic for looking after the site in BD’s absence.

  12. Ach, how frustrating for BD on various levels. Best wishes to him for a speedy transfer to the local san., and a swift recovery from his travails.

  13. Oh dear! Poor Big Dave! My ongoing best wishes for your good recovery and transfer to the Cottage Hospital. I hope very much that you don’t get COVID, but if you do, may the symptoms be comparatively mild. As for your mobile phone… well, you have the perfect excuse for an excellent new one! As Jane says, you ‘must be one very frustrated man at the moment’.
    My warmest wishes to Mrs BD.
    Once again, most appreciative thanks to Tilsit and all the bloggers who are doing such a splendid job keeping the site running.

  14. Oh dear, isolation *and* broken mobile – poor BD. Hope all improves soon, best wishes also to Mrs BD! Many thanks to Tilsit, Prolixic et al keeping everything running.

    1. I have learnt so much about solving crosswords from this site. Best wishes to Big Dave for a full recovery.


      1. You’ve used a different alias from previously so this comment needed moderation. Both aliases will work henceforth.

  15. I echo all the good wishes for Big Dave and Mrs BD and hope everything sorts itself out as soon as possible.

    Bad luck with the covid contact and even worse luck with the broken mobile.

  16. I too have only recently learnt of BD’s illness. Please add mine to the extensive list of readers who wish him and his wife their very best wishes and hopes for a recovery as soon as possible ..

    Best regards BD


  17. Not long come back to doing my crosswords only to find that Big Dave has gone absent!!!! I hope he put in his yellow leave of absence form !!!!!
    Seriously though please make a speedy recovery Dave but remember at your own pace …. thinking of you….Mary xxx

  18. So sorry to hear your problems continue BD but fingers crossed for better times ahead. “Fings ain’t what they used to be” without the gaffer in the background. Do hope you will be back a.s.a.p. Best get-well wishes, Doona (aka Angelov).

  19. Big Dave sorry to hear about your health problems, get well soon and keep on solving Tom (aka Worworcrossol) in Canada.

  20. Hi Dave, sorry to hear of your ongoing problems. Hope you get to the cottage hospital soon, and then home. Wishing you and your family all the best. Paul H.

  21. Such sad news on every level. Surely someone can replace the broken mobile? In the real world, which I suppose this isn’t, we’d have a whip round and I’d be the first to contribute!

  22. Get well soon BD, you’ve lots of friends even if, like me, some may not have met you. Think of you and wishing all the best.

  23. So sorry to hear of your latest setback BD I do hope you only get mild symptoms with Covid and can soon be on your way to the cottage hospital for no doubt much needed convalescence. Your site is such a wonderful amenity and though I don’t make regular comments I access it daily. Get well soon and we will all be here waiting for your return.

    Many thanks to Tilsit and all the bloggers for keeping everything ticking over.

  24. Best wishes, Big Dave, from Across the Pond. We all miss you terribly. Tilsit and the others are doing a great job, but it’s not the same without you.

  25. Thanks for the update Tilsit, depressing as it is. Continued best wishes for BD.

  26. I have every sympathy BD. There’s nothing worse than a series of misfortunes, which leaves you hospitalised and isolates you.Best wishes. I hope things get better soon. As the song says, ‘EVery storm runs out of rain’ even if it takes a while!

  27. It never rains but it pours. All best wishes, BD, and may things take an upturn from now on.

  28. All the best to BD – hopefully the fall, isolation and mangled phone count as 3 bad things, and all will improve from now on.

    Thanks to Dave for this site and to all those who work so hard to help us lesser mortals!

  29. My thoughts are with you BD. Get out of hospital asap, they’re full of ill people.

  30. Sorry to hear that things are progressing so slowly.
    Now he gets Covid contact thrown into the mix … ugh!
    Wishing him and the family well and thank you Tilsit for the update.

  31. Best wishes Big D I suspect the mobile is the least of your problems .Fingers crossed.
    Onwards and upwards hopefully .

  32. Absolutely best wishes to you, big man! Wishing you a very speedy recovery – we’re all missing you already and can’t wait for your normal witty service to return.

  33. I’ve never posted here before, but Dave has been a good friend to me for many years & I am very sorry to read that he’s unwell.

    Dave – I wish you a speedy & comfortable recovery & send my very best to Pam as well.

    Stay safe & get well soon, my friend.

    L-i K

  34. So sorry to read of your involuntarily extended stay in hospital B.D.

    You are sadly missed every Saturday morning ! (the only day I do crosswords) although Tilset and co. do an excellent job trying to replace you !

    Get well soon.

  35. Oh dear .
    Wishing BD a very speedy recovery.
    I for one owe him a debt of gratitude for everything I have learnt from his site.
    Without it I would still be struggling .
    Thank you BD .

  36. A sometime visitor here, so I was unaware of BD’s illness. I add my very best wishes for a proper recovery and return to us all here.

  37. Never posted before but BD is an essential part of our day and we regard Dave as a friend!
    So sorry to hear you are unwell and send all good wishes. Hoping the hospital food is not trolleyloads of mince ( as per Tony Hancock) and that you are soon up and about.

  38. Dave, don’t know if or when you’ll see this, your phone being broken and all, but I want to send you my best wishes for recovery. I haven’t been this way for some considerable time and am very sorry to hear you’ve done your knee in. Hopefully, you might have avoided contacting Covid, despite having being exposed to it but if not, I hope it will be mild.

    Very puzzled about the endoscopy following a knee being damaged in a fall. If I were you, I’d tell them where to stick it!

    1. You’ve extended your alias since your previous comment sending this one into moderation. Both versions will work from now on.

  39. Oh cripes – only just seen this! Get well soon (hopefully the Cottage Hosp move happened).

  40. Not looked at this site for several months , so shocked to hear that BIG DAVE is ill . Best wishes for speedy recovery

  41. So sorry to read this…I do hope Dave gets better soon..
    I love doing the crossword and really grateful for your comments every week

    Sending best wishes for q speedy recovery

  42. Don’t comment on here now, but always look. Best wishes to BigDave. Get well soon. You are missed.

  43. Here’s hoping BD is recovering well and will soon be home and enjoying life again.

  44. Sending best wishes and warm regards to BD and family. Get well soon.

  45. Really sorry to hear the news. Hope he can soon be able to be moved and have convalescent care.

  46. All best wishes for a speedy recovery. Thanks to you BD, I am now addicted to the Saturday crossword. Could not do it without you! X

  47. Does anyone have any news how BD is progressing? Here’s hoping he is well on the mend.

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