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DT 30029

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30029

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 2nd July 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Another typical Cephas Saturday Prize Puzzle pangram

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1a    Avoids occasionally being seen in terribly poor condition (7)
PROVISO – the even (occasionally) letters of aVoIdS inserted into an anagram (terribly) of POOR

9a    Caught having stashed silver in desert hollow (8)
CLEAVAGE – C (caught) with AG (chemical symbol for silver) ‘stashed’ in LEAVE (desert)

10a    Sauce boat in a higher position (7)
KETCHUP – KETCH (boat) UP (in a higher position)

11a    Pair inside hollow cog (8)
SPROCKET – PR (pair) ‘inside’ (inserted in) SOCKET (hollow)

12a    Icy performer takes meandering run (6)
SKATER – An anagram (meandering) of TAKES followed by R (run)

13a    Significant old papers I have (10)
EXPRESSIVE – EX (old) PRESS (papers) IVE (I have)

15a    Continue to talk too much (2,2)
GO ON – To continue on a path, road etc; or a way of saying ‘talk too much’

16a    I left mutinous regular outside for one underground? (9)
GUERRILLA – An anagram (mutinous) of REGULAR goes outside I (one) and L (left)

21a    Collie fetched content willingly (4)
LIEF – Hidden in the content of colLIE Fetched

22a    So excited getting last part of cow perhaps first as starter (6,4)
OXTAIL SOUP – OX TAIL might be described as the last part of a cow – this goes first before SO (from the clue) UP (exicited)

24a    Ruffian got upset about age (6)
TOERAG – A reversal (upset) of GOT goes about ERA (age)

25a    Bird taking vegetable seed (8)
CHICKPEA – CHICK (bird) PEA (vegetable)

27a    Players’ lively movement (7)
SCHERZO – a musical term for a lively busy movement in triple time

28a    Bank on the Spanish producing comic verse (8)
DOGGEREL – A well-known large sandbank in the North Sea – DOGGER Bank – goes on EL, the Spanish definite article)

29a    Left on board Edward, excessively wealthy and pampered (7)
BLOATED – L (left) inserted into BOAT (on board) followed by ED (the diminutive form of Edward)


2d    Moving free, not it is said, from this? (4,4)
REEF KNOT – An anagram (moving) of FREE followed by a homophone (it is said) of NOT

3d    Giving up one’s occupation (8)
VACATING – A cryptic definition of what you’d be doing if you gave up occupying a building

4d    Not food for those at the Round Table? (6,4)
SQUARE MEAL – The implication being that the knights of the Round Table wouldn’t eat a SQUARE MEAL

5d    Cheer international going round lake (4)
CLAP – CAP (the item given to someone when they are selected to play for their country in an international match) into which is inserted the abbreviation for Lake

6d    Well-known female on a tailless rodent (6)
FAMOUS – F (female) on a MOUSe (tailless instructing you to omit the last letter)

7d    Said mean things about rear part (7)
BACKBIT – BACK (rear) BIT (part)

8d    Brave the elements (7)
WEATHER – To come safely through (brave) or the elements

11d    Star that’s first-rate first of all appearing after 30 days (9)
SUPERNOVA – SUPER (first rate) and A (the first letter of All), going after NOV (30 days)

14d    I’ll place it at random, it is not quite round (10)
ELLIPTICAL – An anagram (at random) of ILL PLACE IT

17d    Nothing in beer a clergyman brought up that’s used as moisturising agent (4,4)
ALOE VERA – O (nothing) inserted in ALE (beer) with a reversal (brought up) of A (from the clue) and REV (clergyman)

18d    Brilliant way to blind! (8)
BEDAZZLE – To blind with a strong brilliant light

19d    In a panic once decided to yield (7)
CONCEDE – Hidden in paniC ONCE DEcided

20d    Forming strands that are unattractively thin (7)
STRINGY – Another double definition clue

23d    Printer coloured fluid black (3-3)
INK-JET – INK (coloured fluid) JET (black)

26d    You were heard getting vessel (4)
EWER – A homophone (heard) of YOU WERE


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