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Site Housekeeping for July and August 2022 – for Bloggers and Setters

It looks like Big Dave will still be out of action for quite some time, so just a few bits of housekeeping for the next few weeks, and while the boss recovers.

We’ll assume you are all doing your normal arranged sessions, unless you notify me. If you find you are unable to blog, we should be able to find cover.

I haven’t got access to anything that you’ll have sent to BD, so for the time being, unless you’ve sent me something in the past few weeks, I won’t have it.

At the moment it appears I have enough Rookie Corner puzzles for the next three weeks and NTSPP’s for around the same, so submissions for both are welcome. I’m away for 2.5 weeks at the end of the month, so would like to get well ahead.

If you can send them in ccw or Sympathy formats, I have both programs. Word docs with explanations are also appreciated.

I have set up a new mail account to receive all stuff for the blog. I was surprised the address was available, but it’s:

I will endeavour to acknowledge all mails, but allow me a couple of days to reply, please!

I’ll test solve all NTSPP submissions and will try the Rookie Corner ones, although BD’s policy is not to provide corrections on those, but rely on the constructive comments of the posting fraternity.  

NTSPP and Prize Puzzles will be tested and vetted by a couple of the ‘village elders’ and myself, and we’ll try to offer constructive feedback on anything we feel may need reworking.

I hope this all works for you.  Thanks for all your support, both Dave and Pam have asked me to pass on their appreciation for everything you do.

Dave T

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  1. Sterling work & thanks to all concerned. There cannot be many websites with this level of commitment from what are essentially unpaid volunteers. Get well Big Fella!

  2. Thanks, Tilsit, for ‘minding the shop’ – and best wishes to Big Dave for his recovery.
    I’ve sent you a couple of puzzles for NTSPP to the ‘999’ address you gave earlier. If you’ve not found them let me know and I’ll re-send them to the new one.

  3. Thanks, Tilsit. Is it possible that the e-mail addresses are not working, or that incoming mail is being blocked? I sent a puzzle for the NTSPP series (which had been submitted to Big Dave before his accident) to the 999 address on 25th June, and re-sent it to the BT e-mail address on 2nd July, but fear they may not have reached you.

  4. I have had email problems as I think I said earlier. These appear to be sorted out now.

    I have had a number of puzzles sent to me and am working through them to have them tested and scheduled. Unlike BD I work (more than) full-time and have a number of other roles I have to fulfil.

    As it looks like I am having to look after the blog for a while longer, I need a little tolerance and patience to deal with the issues. Please bear with me.

    Thank you to the pool of setters that have sent puzzles through. We are working through them and our queue at the moment is about six weeks for the two main puzzles. We also have a couple for the occasional bonus puzzles (time-critical).

    This reminds me, can you mention in your mail to me if you are sending something tied up with a particular date so I can make sure it appears appropriately!

    Once again, thanks for the support and the puzzles!

    1. You are doing a sterling job. We are very grateful to you. Big Dave must be relieved you’re in charge.
      Best wishes for his recovery.

  5. Rather late to the plate but, having just discovered from the thread above that BD is indisposed, wanted to pass on my best wishes for full and speedy recovery and my thanks to Tilsit for taking on what must be a time-consuming task. Best regards to both.

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