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ST 3165

Sunday Telegraph No 3165

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 19th June 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Another Sunday Puzzle from Dada with one of those grids where you look to see if he’s put a message round the outside and, once again, are disappointed

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7a    Extraordinary bird gathering first of twigs (9)
STARTLING – STARLING (bird) ‘gathering’ the first letter of Twigs

8a    Strike coin (5)
POUND – Double definition – the first one a verb, the other a … coin!

10a    Note in trill? (6)
QUAVER – A musical note or a verb meaning to trill

11a    Published, legal entitlement clear (8)
OUTRIGHT – OUT (published) RIGHT (legal entitlement)

12a    Flop, tax-free scheme rejected already (2,2,2)
AS IT IS – A reversal (rejected) of SIT (flop) ISA (tax-free savings scheme)

14a    Energetic type taking Monday off (6)
DYNAMO – An anagram (off) of MONDAY

16a    Little container, last of many (4)
TINY – TIN (container) and the last letter of manY

17a    Couple prepare for impact (5)
BRACE – Another double definition clue

18a    Some yellow in effect for red or white? (4)
WINE – Hidden in some yelloW IN Effect

19a    Quiet moment for comedy routine (6)
SHTICK – SH (quiet) TICK (moment) – a comedian’s familiar routine

21a    Warning, more skin visible? (6)
LESSON – If one had LESS ON, more skin might be visible

24a    Device full of holes isn’t rare, surprisingly (8)
STRAINER – An anagram (surprisingly) of ISNT RARE

26a    Bird briefly seen beside father in tree (6)
POPLAR – LARk (‘briefly’ telling you to omit the last letter) goes beside or after POP (father)

27d    Essential gold medallist drops head (5)
INNER – Drop or remove the ‘head’ from wINNER (gold medallist)

28a    Cut on a girl, it needs treatment (9)
TAILORING – An anagram (needs treatment) of ON A GIRL IT


1d    Substantial drink (5)
STOUT – Double definition

2d    Salver carrying underwear — mockery (8)
TRAVESTY – TRAY (salver) ‘carrying’ VEST (underwear)

3d    Served up in decanter, alcoholic drink (6)
CLARET – Hidden in reverse (served up) in decanTER ALCoholic

4d    Data held by former political office (4)
INFO – IN (held by) FO (Foreign Office now known as the Foreign & Commonwealth Office)

5d    Idea: it arising in middle of day (6)
NOTION – A reversal (arising) of IT (from the clue) inserted into NOON (middle of day)

6d    Need month off for getting better (2,3,4)
ON THE MEND – An anagram (off) of NEED MONTH

9d    Heavy food dogs eat, not a liquid (6)
STODGE – An anagram (liquid) of DOGS EaT, not a telling you to omit that letter

13d    Playwright left piece of material for wrapping up (5)
SHAWL – SHAW (playwright) L (left)

15d    Bear using pose (9)
WITHSTAND – WITH (using) STAND (pose)

17d    Cup of tea inspiring family activity in kitchen (6)
BAKING – BAG (a person’s particular interest, cup of tea) ‘inspiring’ KIN (family)

18d    Drained wetlands in which frog, say, lies (8)
WHOPPERS – Drain or remove the inside from WetlandS and insert HOPPER (frog, say)

20d    Game is designed in pictures (6)
IMAGES – An anagram (designed) of GAME IS

22d    Amount provided in flexible manner (6)
SUPPLY – A final double definition

23d    Female isn’t weak (5)
FAINT – F (female) AINT (isn’t)

25d    Agent has pocketed a cut (4)
REAP – REP (agent) has ‘pocketed’ A (From the clue)


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