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Sunday Toughie 19

Sunday Toughie No 19 by Robyn

Review by Sloop John Bee

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This puzzle was published on the 5th of June 2022

I think that was my first Nina to blog, and I missed it! But Mustafa and the rest of the commentariat spotted it. 10a, 24a, 13d and 15d provide a nice little PROFIT MARGIN. It might explain why I got my TEN flipped confused with my Net in 30,010 recently or at least that’s my excuse. Thanks to all who stepped in to help, I am sure I will need it again soon. Here we go with the latest guesses from the BeeHive.


6a    Collapsed and woke in thong that’s tight (4,2,7)
CAME TO NOTHING:    A synonym of woke (CAME TO) and an anagram (that’s tight) of IN THONG. If plans have failed or collapsed, they can be said that they came to nothing.

8a    Old vehicle with appealing appearance picked up (6)
HANSOM:        A homonym indicated by (picked up) of a chap with appealing appearance or handsome, becomes Hansom, an old horse-drawn carriage the precursor of the London black cab.

9a    Protest one hour back inflamed complaint (8)
RHINITIS:        This inflamed complaint of the nasal passages is created from a protest or SIT IN, the letter that looks like 1 and an abbreviation for an hour. SIT IN I HR is then reversed, as indicated by (back).

10a    Whizz and spin round (3)
PRO:            Spin in political terms is a synonym of Public Relations, abbreviated to P.R. and added to the round letter we get PRO, itself an abbreviation of the sort of professional who may be thought of as a Whizz in his field of expertise. (Part 1 of today’s Nina)

11a    Instigate marketing inside stores the wrong way (6)
IGNITE:            This is a reverse lurker, indicated by (stores the wrong way) it is the instigation of fire or similar conflagration hidden in reverse inside (markETING Inside)

12a    Spy author’s losing following, without 1000 followers (8)
LEMMINGS:        This well-known author of spy novels Ian Fleming, loses the F for following, he doesn’t lose the M for 1000 though. In this case without means to go round an extra M for 1000. We can add a final s for plural as Spy author’s possessive ‘s allows us to.
I am mindful of the suburb of York known as Clifton Without, not because it is lacking in anything, just that it is the part of Clifton that lies out with of York’s city walls, also the song that goes There is a green hill far away without a city wall.

14a    We hear you must cut bigger loaf on this? (7)
LOUNGER:        The letter you hear when you say you, goes around (must cut) a synonym of bigger (in terms of length) gives us a Lo_U_nger. A reclining beach or poolside chair you may idle or loaf on.

16a    Good for Pierre, say, to eat egg or mushroom (7)
BURGEON:        A typical French name is Pierre. How such a Frenchman may say good would-be BON. It goes around (to eat) a synonym of egg (URGE). BURGEON – begin to grow or increase rapidly like a mushroom.

20a    Desperate measure to introduce new form of ID (8)
USERNAME:        An anagram (indicated by desperate) of measure, introduces a n for new. Part of the ID you need to log into a website perhaps.

23a    Hike round area on sierra — hurry after losing kit (6)
STREAK:        A hike or TREK, goes round an A for area, all going after (on) S for sierra. STREAK, the kind of rushing around a sporting arena without one’s kit on. I once saw an exponent of this art at York Races. This rather well-endowed gentleman was not completely concealed by the headgear of those that apprehended him.

24a    Paper bags I install (3)
FIT:            The newspaper published on pink newspaper that rivals the DT is known as the FT it bags an I to become FIT, a synonym of install. (Part 2 of today’s Nina)

25a    Gently stuff in a kind of white meat (8)
PASTRAMI:        Start with a musical P for piano or gently, a synonym of stuff RAM goes in a kind of white Italian wine ASTI. PASTRAMI a rather toothsome cured beef brisket.

26a    Cause very grave offence, losing face (6)
REASON:        The grave offence we start with is TREASON, it was considered so serious that the death penalty was a legally defined punishment for such offences until it was abolished in 1998. The last such execution for treason took place in 1946. TREASON loses its facing letter T to become REASON a synonym of cause.

27a    Seizing retired rugby player, international valuing tours (13)
EXPROPRIATING:     We start with a retired Prop Forward an EX PROP a synonym of valuing RATING, tours around I for international. EX_PROP_R(I)ATING – To dispossess of property or Seizing, esp for use by the state



1d    Dropping ball in front of goal (8)
OMISSION:        The letter that looks like a ball O goes in front of a goal or MISSION. Omission is the act of omitting or dropping.

2d    Charge forced down in case of sale (8)
STAMPEDE:        A synonym of forced down would be TAMPED it goes in the case letters of sale, which would be the letters S and E. S_TAMPED_E a charge of wild or spooked animals. Or the rush to secure Springsteen tickets which I have just successfully negotiated.

3d    Place to put butter that’s currently jammy (2,1,4)
ON A ROLL:        An &lit. all in one. A place to put butter and a synonym of currently jammy or lucky.

4d    A bit of heart shown by American, half victorious (6)
ATRIUM:        One of the two upper cavities of the heart into which blood passes from the veins is formed by taking A for American and half of TRIUMphant or victorious.

5d    The compiler seen under a lot of riding gear for women (6)
BIKINI:            If our compiler Robyn was cycling he would be Biking, most of that would be Bikin’ and then he could add his personal pronoun I to be a BIKINI, an item of gear or clothing that is usually for women. Not exclusively though as I recall a local triathlete who regularly competed in a lurid pink bikini. NOT a pretty sight.

6d    Maybe outcome of freezing asylum seeker’s wish (6,2,5)
CHANGE OF STATE:    Another &lit. The change of state when freezing a liquid is also that which an asylum seeker desires.

7d    Far from dear child being attracted by silver clothes (5,3,1,4)
GOING FOR A SONG:    Being attracted by is GOING FOR and the chemical symbol for silver is Ag, this clothes a child or SON. GOING FOR A SONG – A mere trifle (as in going for a song being sold for a trifling sum) which is the opposite (far from) dear or expensive.

13d    As some say, mother’s ruin … (3)
MAR:            A homonym of how some may say mother or Ma, is MAR to spoil impair or ruin perhaps. (Part 3 of the Nina)

15d    … which comes from serving man before noon (3)
GIN:            Our serving man is an American GI, he goes before N for noon. The definition is in the previous clue indicated by the ellipsis … which comes from. Mother’s ruin. Gin joints allowed women to drink alongside men for the first time and it is thought this led to many women neglecting their children and turning to prostitution, hence gin becoming known as ‘Mother’s ruin’. (Part 4 of the Nina)

17d    Going against the flow, puts pants on early in the day (8)
UPSTREAM:        An anagram of PUTS, (indicated by pants) on gives us one of the usual crossword abouts RE, and the early part of the day AM.

18d    Maybe like Dutch or Danish king, say, flipping frenzied! (8)
GERMANIC:        An abbreviation for king or Rex gives us R. say indicates EG, this is reversed (flipping) for GER and adds a synonym of frenzied MANIC. I don’t think many Dutch or Danes consider themselves GERMAN, but maybe they are of Germanic descent.

19d    Those who oppose polluters save lake (7)
DEFIERS:        Those who pollute, or defile would be Defilers, without (save) the L for lake, they are Defiers or those who defy or oppose.

21d    Run sporty car, getting key in again (2-4)
RE-TYPE:        A sporty E-type Jag follows a cricket scorer’s R for run. Re-type or key in again.

22d    Endless shock about formidable female (6)
AMAZON:        To shock or AMAZe loses its’ end and adds another crosswordy about ON. AMAZON the formidable female warriors rumoured to remove a breast to improve their archery skills.

That is another fine Sunday Toughie blogged. Evidence would suggest that they are a bit “after the Lord Mayor’s Show” and unlikely to be read, but I enjoy doing them, as my crossword skills have come on leaps and bounds. See you again Sunday!

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