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Some of you may be aware that BD suffered a fall on Sunday and is currently in hospital.

He is likely to be in for some time but he is in good spirits (well, for those who know BD well, this borders just above grumpy most of the time  :) ).

It is going to mean a little disruption to normal services and we ask you to bear with us.

I have agreed to be the point of contact for everything until BD is back in harness.   I am hoping to get the ‘village elders’ together by the end of the week so we can plan things a bit more formally.

So for now –

Bloggers:  If you are unable to do your normal sessions please let me know and we’ll sort out replacements.  Please use the special email address below so I can keep tabs on things.

Setters:  We haven’t got access to BD’s stock of puzzles.  If you can for the foreseeable future, send them to me at the special address below.  We’ll get them tested and edited and then published.  if you have sent anything through that is time-critical, please send duplicates.

Rookie Corner:  Again we haven’t got access to BD’s stock at the moment, so send copies to me at the address below and I’ll organise a schedule.

If you need to contact me, use and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you need to contact Dave about anything else, let me know and I’ll speak to him.

We’ll update things later in the week.


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  1. I was aware of his fall but thanks for the update Tilsit.
    Sending my very best wishes to Dave (and Pam) and hoping for a speedy recovery.

    1. So sorry to here that, thanks for keeping the (great) show going, speedy recovery BD
      Barry Morgan

  2. Dear tilsit,

    Thank you for the update. I’m very sorry to read about BD’s fall and I sincerely hope he makes a full recovery asap. It is good of you to step in and keep the show on the road to the extent possible.
    Please pass on my best wishes to BD, as I’m sure all blog participants will want to do.

    With best regards, Spartacus

  3. Really sorry to hear about Big Dave’s mishap. Hope he’s not in too much discomfort and wishing him a speedy recovery.

  4. So sorry to hear that BD has had a fall. Here’s hoping he recovers very quickly.
    All the best BD (and Mrs BD).

    Well done tilsit for holding the fort.

  5. Thanks Tilsit – if I can help out anywhere, let me know
    Do you need any Rookie/NTSPP fillers?
    Best wishes BD

    1. Thanks LR
      Happy to accept anything to keep things ticking over.

      The alternative is that you get one of mine!

      1. So sorry to hear about BD’s fall.
        Tilsit – I have a puzzle intended for NTSPP which I was going to send to BD. Shall I now send it to you and, if so, how do I do that, please?

  6. Many thanks for your kind words. I am not suffering apart from the 9.5 hours on the floor waiting for the ambulance

    1. How kind of you to post for all of we huge fans and beneficiaries of your life-enhancing site. Every good wish for a full and speedy recovery – selfishly we cannot continue without you.

    2. So sorry to hear your news, BD, I do hope that you’ll be home soon and that, meantime, Pam’s care is in safe hands.

    3. Oh, no. 9½ hours sounds awful; I can’t imagine what that must’ve felt like.

      Lovely to hear from you. Get Well Soon!

      And thank you to Tilsit & The Elders for keeping things running

    4. Mrs. C sympathises with you, BD. She waited 10 hours on the floor for an ambulance.

      All the very best to you for a speedy recovery, Sir.

    5. Dear Big Dave
      I feared something was wrong when one of the puzzles didn’t come out. I am always late to the blog so only just read Tilsit’s post, plus I was at the hospital myself last night. All the very best to you. Looking forward to getting together again and sharing the highs and lows of the NHS. Love to you and Mrs BD and keep on grumbling.

    6. Sorry to hear that news, BD. Hope you are soon back to 100%. Let me know if any help is needed with the IT side of things.

    7. So sorry to hear about your fall, BD. Very best wishes for a speedy recovery and hope you’ll be home soon.

    8. What a calamity BD. Do hope you will be well cared for at Hereford Hospital and very soon on the road to recovery. In the meantime you will be missed daily by me and certainly all your other bloggers. Please come back soon. Very best wishes. Doona (aka angelic). 💐🌈.
      Thanks for letting us know Tilsit.

    9. Oh dear, do hope you have a speedy recovery. And so sorry to hear about the long wait for the ambulance. Your web site has made a huge difference to our crossword solving abilities, and the enjoyment it provides. Here’s wishing you and Mrs BD all the best. I’m sure Tilsit and the other bloggers will be very relieved when you are back home again,

  7. So very sorry to hear this news, what an awful thing to happen. Get well soon and thanks to Tilsit for taking over the reins.

  8. Hello BD and to Mrs BD (Pam),
    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear – for goodness what on earth have you done this time – really just not safe let loose on your own next!
    I’m really just sending lots of love and kisses and best wishes for a speedy recovery to both of you,
    Well done and thanks, Tilsit, for picking up all the bits,
    Kath xxxx

  9. Thank you for keeping us informed Tilsit, good fortune on this venture.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to BD.

  10. Sorry to hear about this. My apprentice solver fell downstairs a couple of years ago and still has some after-effects so our sympathies are with BD, with best wishes for a full recovery.
    I’ve just looked through a few of my puzzles and there’s one I don’t appear to have had published anywhere so I can send you that for NTSPP, and I’m working on a couple of others at present.

  11. My very best wishes, BD, not a happy experience. The long wait for the ambulance was not good, but I hope the hospital stay goes better.

  12. Hope you get the best possible care, Dave, and are able to continue your recovery at home before too long.
    Thanks to the other Dave for taking over as captain pro tem.

  13. Sorry to hear of your misfortune BD, and wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Thank you to Tilsit & the team for holding the fort.

  14. Thank you to Tilsit for the news on BD. I can only add my best wishes for a speedy recovery and as short period of hospitalisation as possible. Well done to all the bloggers on the team for keeping things going on the site. It is much appreciated.

  15. Sorry to hear the news BD. Good to hear you are not suffering. Let’s hope you are up and about really soon and back to keeping us all in order.
    Thanks to you Tilsit and others of the team for stepping in.

  16. Very best wishes to Big Dave. Nine and a half hours waiting for an ambulance is an absolute disgrace in any society.

    1. I wondered about that, surely not a norm in UK. Both my ambulances came in 15 minutes, partly because I’m in a city, but no excuse for 9.5hours. Please get better soon!

  17. What a pain, for you BD. I hope you are back home as soon as possible.

    Have you got some good books to read? Or possibly a crossword …. I’ll get my coat.

    Thank you, Tilsit, for letting us know and stepping into the breach.

  18. Very best wishes for a speedy recovery, Big Dave. We must never take for granted your very conscientious hard work in maintaining this superb blog over the years. Many thanks indeed.

  19. I have only just really picked u p on this having been really busy. I’m so sorry to hear you had a fall – it is a horrible, horrible feeling even if you don’t do much damage / though it sounds as though you were not unscathed. Very best wishes for a speedy recovery and huge thanks, as always, to all of you who keep this site going. 🤕

  20. I missed this on my first visit to the site. Get well soon BD, we all owe you a big debt of gratitude.

  21. I pray to the Almighty for BD for his speedy recovery and the best of care for Mrs BD at home.

    I feel for the sufferings of BD. My mother tripped in February. She broke her right femur for the second time and underwent a surgical operation again after a gap of around thirteen years. Two weeks ago, she underwent a pacemaker replacement operation after eleven years five months. After her discharge, she was completely fine at home, but after four to five days, her condition suddenly worsened and she had to be hospitalised again. It has been a week since then and she is still in the hospital, though better by the grace of the Almighty. So, as I pray for my mother, I pray for BD too.

    And thank you so much to tilsit for the information and wish you all success in holding the fort and their others for their cooperation and care of the world’s biggest crossword blog.

    1. Today, my mother was discharged from the nursing home and she is now feeling much better. Hope BD is also recovering fast. I continue to pray to the Almighty for him. I will feel happy if Tilsit should update information on his recovery from time to time.

  22. I missed seeing this yesterday so only just picked it up. Very sorry to hear the news about BD and his fall, we are all feeling for you and hope you get the treatment you deserve after being delayed so long by the ambulance people.

  23. Best wishes to you BD and Mrs BD. I hope that you’re starting to feel a bit better. I also hope that the hospital makes sure that you have extra help when you go home.

  24. Hope you’re on the mend soon BD. Thanks for all you do to keep this amazing site going and thanks to Tilsit for standing in.

  25. So sorry to hear of your fall Big Dave. I just love this site, and whilst I post infrequently count all the bloggers as such helpful friends. Many thanks to Tilsit for keeping the ship afloat.

  26. Sorry to hear about this BD: gravity can have that effect at times. Take it easy, and I hope you’re home soon.

  27. Sending you and your wife all good wishes. Your blog has recently got me started on an engrossing new hobby. Thank you!! xx Carol

  28. Very, very sorry to read this news BD. Like everyone else, I wish you a speedy and comfortable recovery.

    Thanks very much to Tilsit for holding the fort.

  29. As an infrequent visitor these days, I only just read the news BD. So sorry to hear about your fall and sending warmest wishes to both of you. Many thanks to Tilsit and the elders for stepping into the breach.

  30. I did not know and speaking as one of the world’s worst patients I might know how he feels, (when I had my stroke I got my wife to print out the telegraph crossword for me), get well soon Big Dave, and keep in touch Tilsit.

    Keep on solving


  31. Sorry to hear this news and hope you’re back in harness soon. This site gives so much pleasure and support on struggling days!

    1. Mary!! What a wonderful surprise! How nice to see you. I can’t say how much I miss you and doggy updates!

    2. Seems a long time since your avatar popped up – lovely to ‘see’ you again, Mary, hope all is well with you and the 4-leggeds.

  32. Oh no! Poor Big Dave! I’m most sorry to hear of your fall and do hope you will be feeling much better soon. My warmest wishes to you and to Mrs Big Dave.
    Tilsit, you are great! Huge thanks and much appreciation to you for keeping things running while BD is out of action. My warmest wishes to you.
    I have been away from this site for a few weeks and I have missed it terribly! This is the most fab blog!

  33. Only just heard of this as I’ve been away for 10 days. please give my best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery to the grumpy one.

  34. My very best wishes to Big Dave & Pam. Get well soon Dave, I hope you are comfortable. Thanks to Tilsit for stepping in.

  35. I have only just heard of your accident BD and the ensuing ordeal before eventually being admitted to hospital. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. This is such a marvelous site and I derive much enjoyment from it. So we need you back fully restored asap! Thanks to Tilsit for holding the fort and to all the regular setters with their offers of help.

  36. Very best wishes, BD, for a full and speedy recovery.
    Thank you for everything you do on this indispensable site.
    Thanks to Tilsit et al for standing in.
    Hope to see you back soon. 🌸

  37. Update
    I’m still here
    I twisted ligaments in my knee and can’t stand, so tomorrow I am going for an endoscopy (don’t ask)

    1. So good to hear from you, BD. Can’t imagine why they want to subject you to an endoscopy but, having suffered two, I don’t have much to offer by way of gung-ho spirit!

      1. I haven’t tried ‘gung-ho spirit’, but perhaps some of SJB’s Laphroaig might be just the thing!
        All the best, BD, and hope you are out and about again very soon.

          1. Matured in our iconic warehouse a skipping-stone’s throw from the Islay coast. For flavours of peat, smoke and sea salt that soar with bitter maritime character.

            Our Càirdeas expression for 2022 reflects how Friends bring out more in each other. This limited-edition single malt, aged in first-fill ex-Maker’s Mark bourbon barrels, dials up our quintessential Laphroaig taste. Classic flavours are elevated by a coastal character that can only come from sea spray and storms. It’s a match made in Islay.

            Warehouse 1’s rare four-storey construction, with varying levels of temperature and humidity, and exposure to rugged conditions tease out our enigmatic flavours and lend a maritime quality to the final whisky. Bottled at a fixed strength of 52.2% for a memorable experience to share with your Friends.

            At £92 a bottle I am going to make it last until I am 60 again!

    2. Ouch! That sounds very painful, BD. I wish you everything of the best and a good recovery. Endoscocopy for knees??? My warmest wishes to you and Mrs BD.

  38. I have been following this wonderful site for years and it has enlightened me so much. The kindness and respect everyone shows each other is so good to see. I want to wish the man who helped me start my Cryptic journey a huge thank you. Get well soon BD, you are a gem.

  39. Get well soon BD. If not, I will come and visit you from Gloucester and you wouldn’t want that.
    Bob H

  40. Hello Dave – I hope you are on the mend my friend, we are all missing you
    You’re doing a great job Tilsit, thank you

  41. I thought I had sent you a message earlier and forgot to press send. Do hope you are feeling better. You have no idea how much I enjoy the daily sloggers blog, which brings humour, delight and a bond of friendship. Do hope you get better day by day. Jen

  42. Just logged on and I’m late to the party but please convey best wishes to BD from another lurker.
    Thanks to to Tilsit for his hard work in holding the fort.

  43. There is a somewhat indefinable age at which such an incident changes from simply “fell” to “had a fall”.

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