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Sunday Toughie 18

Sunday Toughie No 18 by Zandio

Review by Sloop John Bee

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This puzzle was published on the 29th of May 2022


1a    Left Spain after report about weather front for ships (10)
FORECASTLE:        L for left and E (The IVR code) for Spain, go after a weather report or FORECAST L E.

Noun: forecastle

1. Living quarters consisting of a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed

6a    Objective person that careless writers put down endlessly (4)
WHOM:        Pronoun: whom

1. Objective case of “who” (“who” is also often used in the objective by careless writers who omit the terminal M)

10a    Opening serve may produce either outcome (5)
INLET:            There are several possible outcomes of the first serve in tennis, the ball may land in the correct court and be called IN, or it may brush the net and still fall in the correct part of the court, in which case it may be called LET. Put them together for an INLET
Noun: inlet

1. An arm off of a larger body of water (often between rocky headlands)

2. An opening through which fluid is admitted to a tube or container

11a    Plenty with power not popular, having a following before (9)
AFFLUENCE:        Power or Influence loses the synonym of popular, and replaces it with a from the clue and f or following. AFFLUENCE abundant wealth or plenty of money.

12a    Scoot on a cycle, green style (3,4)
ART DECO:        To scoot or DART, cycles the first letter to the end and follows with a green prefix denoting ecology or a concern for the environment. ART DECO the style of decorative art characteristic of the 1920s and 30s.

13a    Makes run before darkness — fiend will appear occasionally (5,2)
RAKES IN:        The money one Makes is made up of a cricket scorers R for run and occasional letters of
d A r K n E s S f I e N d.

14a    Old messages when returning discharge roughly translatable pulses (4,8)
TIME CAPSULES:     These old messages preserved for future generations are formed from, to discharge or EMIT is reversed (returning) TIME , adds a rough approximation CA for Circa, and an anagram (translatable) of pulses.

18a    Secret line-up as might gather in A-lists? (6,6)
HIDDEN AGENDA:    Gazza and Spartacus came to the rescue of my failed parsing, Thanks to both. In the final word, the letters AS have gathered up LIST, therefore a list of meeting topics or agenda is hidden between them.

21a    Throttle fails MOTHertz providing vehicle (7)
SMOTHER:        A lurker hidden in words two, three and four.

23a    Count hearts — nothing that could shake up the pack (5-2)
TALLY HO:        A count or TALLY, the abbreviation of the playing card suit of Hearts, and the letter that looks like zero or nothing, come together to form the Huntsman’s cry to shake up a pack of foxhounds.

24a    Gladiator caught in oil-smeared net — no chance for comeback (9)
CONTENDER:        Another lurker (caught in), this time reversed (comeback) A contender in a gladiatorial contest perhaps.

25a    After golf, took off or split (5)
GAPED:            G for Golf, and took off in the sense of imitated or APED.

26a    Place to take top off if only females go? (4)
LIDO:            Possible an all in one as this place one is encouraged to take some of one’s outer clothing off (occasionally all! But I have never been to one) but a top or LID and O ff when the two females are removed make a LIDO. A term for an open-air swimming pool, that takes its name from an island in the Venice lagoon.

27a    Cash levy announced for essentials (5,5)
BRASS TACKS:        A colloquialism for essentials is formed from a synonym of cash, BRASS and a homophone (announced)of a levy or TAX give us BRASS TACKS.


1d    Man with noted prints in diary, travelling south of France (6)
FRIDAY:            This man, whose footprints were noted by Robinson Crusoe, is an anagram (travelling) of diary after (south of) the IVR code for France.

2d    One gaining net profit — twisted, heartless concern (6)
RELATE:            A vendor who makes profit from selling on the internet is known as an e-tailer, it is reversed (twisted) and the middle letter i is removed (heartless). That leaves concern as the definition and according to my BRB the first definition of concern is To RELATE or belong to.

3d    Turner lit up for display (9,5)
CATHERINE WHEEL:    An all in one, In a firework display this firework turns on a pin when lit. So named because it represents the wheel or breaking wheel, an instrument of torturous execution originally associated with Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

4d    Show made for TV, then old cuts appear for broadcast (4,5)
SOAP OPERA:        This recurring television drama is put together with a synonym of then, SO an anagram (broadcast) of APPEAR containing (cuts) O for old.

5d    Detailed charge again for hold-up — this one’s penned at length (5)
LIFER:            Charges are kept in a FILE so to charge again would be to RE-FILE. This loses its last letter (detailed) and is reversed (hold-up in a down clue)
LIFER one kept or penned up in prison at length.

7d    Fairly good boxing in retreat (8)
HONESTLY:        One who is good or HOLY, contains a retreat or NEST. HONESTLY a synonym of fairly. #4 in my thesaurus, fairly, justly, impartially…

8d    Submission and article discarded by drunk make sense (8)
MEEKNESS:        This submissive adjective is an anagram of MAKE SENSE after the indefinite article A is discarded.

9d    Rush with kit to repair bowl over jelly (7,7)
TURKISH DELIGHT:    An anagram (repair) of RUSH and KIT and a synonym of bowl-over, DELIGHT, for TURKISH DELIGHT a delicately flavoured jelly that doesn’t appeal to me, but each to his own.

15d    Crevices a lively river’s following (9)
APERTURES:        We get these crevices by taking A from the clue, a synonym of lively PERT, and another appearance for the North Yorkshire River that graces Wensleydale without leaving its name there URE. Although it gets a plural ess S from the clue.

16d    Real bit of ‘artography‘ (sic) — a landscape (8)
PHYSICAL:        Another lurker indicated by (bit of) hidden in the rest of the clue. Well hidden amongst a pile of punctuation marks.

17d    A record player I fixed in one day and connected (8)
ADJOINED:        Zandio has been generous here. A from the clue, someone who plays records on the radio perhaps DJ, I from the clue fixed into ONE from the clue and an abbreviation for Day. Put that together for something connected.

19d    Gee whiz — love film, but unable to see it properly? (6)
MYOPIC:        Gee as in MY oh my perhaps, the letter that love in tennis signifies O and a film or PIC. MYOPIC one who is short-sighted, who requires corrective lenses in order to see it properly.

20d    Gangs getting collections picked up (6)
HORDES:        A homophone (picked up) of collections or hoards becomes HORDES A migratory or wandering tribe, clan or gang.

22d    Aviation equipment boom involving commercial for oxygen (5)
RADAR:            This aid to aviation and navigation is a synonym of boom, ROAR where the letter that oxygen represents is replaced by a short commercial or AD.

The day this review is to be published is Wednesday the 8th of June 2022, It is also the 60th anniversary of a very busy day for Mama Bee. Three hundred and sixty days after the birth of her first child she had her second (ME!) It is therefore my 60th birthday so I have treated myself to a bottle of…

I will be at work until 18:30 so it is to be cracked open for a wee dram while doing Sunday Toughie 20.