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ST 3162

Sunday Cryptic No 3162

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 29th May 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

A very friendly Dada Sunday puzzle

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1a    Change behind counter emptied out, money in the bank (6)
CREDIT – EDIT (change) goes behind the outside (emptied out) letters of CounteR

5a    Fairly generous plate of food from women’s group? (6)
WIDISH -A plate of food from a women’s group might be a WI DISH

10a    Picture stolen in Picasso, only frame remaining? (5)
PHOTO – HOT (stolen) inserted into the ‘frame’ of PicassO

11a    A relation’s skewed thinking (9)
RATIONALE – An anagram (skewed) of A RELATION

12a    Check fly, say, with pants originally buttoned up (7)
INSPECT – INSECT (fly, say) with the original letter of Pants inserted (buttoned up)

13a    Investigate kiss stolen by crafty eloper (7)
EXPLORE – X (kiss) ‘stolen’ by an anagram (crafty) of ELOPER

14a    Biscuit, a blue one behind green, initially (9)
GARIBALDI – A (from the clue) RIBALD (blue) I (one) put behind G (Green initially)

17a    Fear gone, leader of revolution embraced (5)
DREAD – DEAD (gone), the leader of Revolution embraced or inserted

18a    I’d put in stake behind washer! (5)
BIDET – ID (from the clue) put in BET (stake)

19a    Dark horse, frightful prospect (9)
NIGHTMARE – NIGHT (dark) MARE (horse)

21a    More than one of those followed when crepe is cooked? (7)
RECIPES – An anagram (cooked) of CREPE IS

23a    Canine hurt, darling (7)
WHIPPET – WHIP (hurt) PET (darling)

25a    Moment where learner cuts identical card (9)
TWINKLING – L (learner) ‘cuts’ TWIN (identical) KING (card)

26a    Effect in fact can echo back (5)
ENACT – Hidden in reverse (back) in facT CAN Echo

27a    Ten confused about English course (6)
ENTRÉE – An anagram (confused) of TEN, RE (about) E (English)

28a    Bottom three frantic by end of season (6)
NETHER – An anagram (frantic) of THREE goes by or after the ‘end’ of seasoN


2d    Background, where tracks heard? (5)
ROOTS – A homophone (heard) of ROUTES (tracks)

3d    Help out when bend is too tricky (2,4,3)
DO ONES BIT – A anagram (tricky) of BEND IS TOO

4d    Pack first of oranges inside pastry case (5)
TAROT – The first letter of Oranges inside TART (pastry case)

5d    Electrical work interrupted by the scornful (9)
WITHERING – WIRING (electrical work) ‘interrupted’ by THE (from the clue)

6d    Flag duly rising on our pole, first of all (5)
DROOP – The first letters of Duly Rising On Our Pole

7d    Propose a funny article for programme (4,5)
SOAP OPERA – An anagram (funny) of PROPOSE A

8d    Jump well (6)
SPRING – Double definition

9d    Great big toe? (6)
LEGEND – A big toe could be described as a LEG END

15d    Journalist entering fray, cut (9)
REDUCTION – ED (journalist) ‘entering’ RUCTION (fray)

16d    Get fifty in team for easy victory (9)
LANDSLIDE – LAND (get) and L (Roman numeral for 50) in SIDE (team)

17d    Result of impact around adjustment of remit, disadvantage (9)
DETRIMENT – DENT (result of impact) goes around an anagram (adjustment) of REMIT

18d    Castigate scoundrel punching worker, for example (6)
BERATE – RAT (scoundrel) ‘punching’ BEE (worker, for example)

20d    What gets left in bottom of bottle, say (6)
ESTATE – E (the bottom letter of bottlE) STATE (say)

22d    In which one might have a straight index finger, perhaps? (5)
POKER – Double definition, the first referring to a card game, the second to the finger one might use to poke someone

23d    Footballer’s partner riding horse-drawn vehicle (5)
WAGON – WAG (footballer’s partner) ON (riding)

24d    Flier unremarkable, by the sound of it? (5)
PLANE – A homophone (by the sound of it) of PLAIN (unremarkable)


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