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DT 30008

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 30008

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

On our regular walk yesterday we just happened to have a phone handy and snapped a small group of Royal Spoonbills feeding close to our path. We’ve put this picture at the end of the blog.

Just what we expect for a Wednesday puzzle once again.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Slight thrill giving work for the dentist? (1,4,2,3,5)
A KICK IN THE TEETH : The second word is a slang synonym for the second word of the answer. The rest of the clue points you towards a dentist.

9a     Make more of a painful condition after doctor (4,3)
DRAG OUT : The usual title for a doctor, then’A’ from the clue and a painful condition often associated with rich living.

10a     Electrical device suitable during repairs to road (7)
ADAPTOR : An anagram (repairs to) of ROAD surrounds another word for suitable.

11a     Instant suspicion follows loveless pair (9)
TWINKLING : Remove the tennis score love from a pair or couple and then a suspicion or very slight premonition.

12a     Relax, seeing book rescued from fire (4)
LAZE : Remove B(ook) from a fire or conflagration.

13a     Money demanded for release of answer held in memory (6)
RANSOM : The three letter abbreviation for answer is enclosed by one type of computer memory.

15a     Attacks pubs full of anger (8)
BARRAGES : Pubs or drinking establishments contain anger or fury.

18a     Where emails arrive on underwear for intellectual? (8)
BRAINBOX : ‘Supporting’ underwear and then the reception file for emails.

19a     Ducks seen in grassed avenues to the west (6)
EVADES : A reverse lurker (to the west) hiding in the clue.

22a     Applies light touches and prints (4)
DABS : A double definition. The prints are what a detective might look for at a crime scene.

23a     Do I seem upset about Royal Navy switch to new techniques? (9)
MODERNISE : An anagram (upset) of DO I SEEM contains R(oyal) N(avy).

26a     Go on too long about career (7)
OVERRUN : A four letter word for about or reversed and then move quickly.

27a     Inscription from mine covered in messy heap (7)
EPITAPH : An anagram (messy) of HEAP contains a mine or colliery.

28a     Average White Band on track? (6-2-3-4)
MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD : The track could be a highway and we are looking for what is marked by a white band on it.


1d     Fraud? It ordinarily entertains such a professional (7)
AUDITOR : A lurker, hiding in the clue.

2d     Primarily stocks porcelain (5)
IMARI : Another lurker, indicated by ‘stocks’.

3d     Fell for bargain (5-4)
KNOCK-DOWN :  Without the hyphen we could have a phrase meaning bowl over.

4d     Idiot raised money, supported by comic (6)
NITWIT : The reversal (raised) of a slang word for money and a comic or humorist.

5d     Hospital agreed to change, accepting a cap, say (8)
HEADGEAR : H(ospital) then an anagram (to change) of AGREED contains ‘A’ from the clue.

6d     Drop rent (4)
TEAR : A double definition. The drop might come from the eye.

7d     Disaffected editor importing rum (9)
ESTRANGED : The two letter abbreviation for editor surrounds rum or bizarre.

8d     Felt regularly beset by hooters and buzzers (7)
HORNETS : Hooters or warning devices on cars contain the second and fourth letters of felt.

14d     Granny eats starter of antipasti, with money for side order (4,5)
NAAN BREAD : Another word for granny contains the first letter of antipasti and then a slang word for money.

16d     Laughably derisive about right flower border (9)
RIVERSIDE : An anagram (laughably) of DERISIVE contains R(ight). We liked the penny-drop moment when we twigged how the definition worked.

17d     A new day infiltrating public mainly for soldier (8)
COMMANDO : A word for public or usual loses its last letter and surrounds ‘A’ from the clue and N(ew) D(ay).

18d     Sweeper must keep head occasionally for rest here (7)
BEDROOM : A household sweeper contains the second and fourth letters of head.

20d     Boiled article eaten by children (7)
SEETHED : A biblical word for children surrounds the definite article.

21d     Notice express coming (6)
ADVENT : A two letter notice and express, often used in association with one’s spleen.

24d     State aid organised with Home Office originally (5)
IDAHO : An anagram (organised) of AID plus H(ome) O(ffice).

25d     Said case of spirits to be missing (4)
ORAL : Start with a word for spirits, or perhaps esprit de corps and remove the first and last letters form this.

Our favourite this week for the penny-drop moment is 16d.

Quickie pun    queue    +    tickle    =    cuticle

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  1. I thought this puzzle flowed very well and completed it whilst having a couple of new tyres fitted so it was an ideal distraction. 2d was the only pause and I’ve never heard of it but the cross checkers revealed the lurker. For some reason I thought 6d a great clue as it was so precise and that gets my COTD for this */**** effort. Thanks to our Antipodean friends and the setter.

  2. Very enjoyable indeed, definitely puzzle of the week thus far.
    Top clues for me were 1,11,18 & 28a, all of which I thought were inspired.
    Many thanks to the setter and to the 2Ks

  3. 2*/4.5*. For me, the synonym required for 25d is a stretch too far but, that aside, this was all the usual Wednesday fun from Jay with 16d my favourite. 2d was new word for me but one which was readily derivable from the wordplay and checkers.

    Many thanks to the three birds.

  4. I really enjoyed this diversly clued puzzle with some cracking surfaces, favourite was 28a closely followed by the clever 18a.14d made me smile
    Agree with the 2K’s **/**** and thanks also for the apt pics,
    Top pun too.

  5. A very straightforward puzzle and quite gentle for a Wednesday. I enjoyed 16d, 1a and8d but COTD was the lurker at 12d. Many thanks to the compiler and to the Kiwis for the hints.

  6. I agree with the Kiwis about 16d, a penny-drop moment for me too, as I often get caught out with such flowers as those. I also liked 18a and 11a, with 12a my LOI. A very pleasant solve, with thanks to Colin and Carol, and kudos to Jay for another gem. 2.5* / 4*

    A very excellent Donnybrook Toughie today.

    1. I wonder if our friend and fellow commenter Huntsman is involved, or perhaps participating, in the Saudi-sponsored golf tournament being held this weekend at the Centurion Club in Hemel Hempstead. He’s been notably absent all week. If so, all the best to him!

      1. Certainly not participating Robert – in fact playing golf badly in Yorkshire for a few days & today at the gorgeously scenic Ilkley golf club (Smylers neck of the woods I think). You’re quite right though I will be at Centurion Friday & through the weekend.
        Enjoyed Jay’s excellent puzzle today – just finished it & best of the week thus far. Not sure my eyes will stay open for Donny’s Toughie.

  7. A straightforward, light, and at times amusing puzzle this morning – and with 30 clues it was a better value-for-money grid than many! COTD 16d with Hon Mentions to 12a, 18a, 28a, 2d (I do like a good lurker) and 7d. Some quite odd surfaces but a nice range of clue types.

    1.5* / 3*

    Many thanks to the setter (Jay?) and to the 2Ks for their review.

  8. Jay on top form this morning with some excellent clues and some delightful misdirection. The lurkers were very good, I liked 6d for its brevity, but 16d took the top spot. Great stuff.

    Thanks to all three.

  9. Wouldn’t consider 1a a thrill, more a disappointment, but that certainly can’t be said of this superb teaser of a puzzle.
    Thanks to the three birds.

  10. Needed a couple of checkers in place for the penny to drop over 1a and 2d was a case of work it out then look it up – not a type of porcelain that holds any appeal for me.
    Top three here were 11&28a plus 8d.

    Thanks to Jay and to our 2Ks – always most enjoyable to get reports of your daily walks.

  11. It’s not a criticism – it’s my lack of knowledge of Japanese export porcelain made in the area of Arita, in the former Hizen Province, northwestern Kyūshū that is to blame.
    I feel I should have studied the Japanese porcelain industry in more depth.

    Well, other than that – a great crossword; 28a appealed to me in particular.

    Daisy Thank you very much for asking about my health. The ‘new’ antibiotics do seem to be having a positive effect, but it is slow progress. At about the age I am now, I recall my father being troubled, repeatedly, with bronchitis, so I appear to be to be continuing some unwanted family tradition!

    Average White Band – Let’s Go Round Again (One of the greatest gigs I ever attended was The Average White Band at the Marquee Club, London, January 1975)

    Thanks to the setter and The TwoKays

  12. A delight from start to finish. There was just the right mix of straightforwards and ponderers with a good sprinkling of “dohs”. During my career 1a was one of the most difficult things to deal with and was certainly no “thrill”. Again, I had ticks all over the paper but my favourite is 18a.

    Many thanks to Jay for the fun challenge and thanks to the 2Ks for the hints.

    1. SC. I’m a little puzzled by some of the reaction to 1a. What’s wrong with “a kick” = thrill? Thrill isn’t intended to be the definition of the answer.

      *I suppose if this question/answer was posed in any other context than a cryptic clue, it would be controversial and appear to be championing violence. Maybe that’s it?

      1. I was being literal, Jose. Having been a dentist it was no thrill having to deal with kicks in the teeth.

  13. Another enjoyable crossword, although like others I took issue with the ‘thrill’ aspect of 1a

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks

  14. The colourful member of the crow family did us proud today with this entertaining enigma. 18a was not fully parsed but there again IT thinking did help with 13a which was Fav. Thank you Jay and the two birds from Down Under.

  15. Not quite the usual Jay sparkle but still as enjoyable as ever – 2*/3.5*.

    Ditto on RD’s comment on 25d.

    2d was definitely a case of ‘If all else fails look for . . . ‘ and having watched too may antiques programmes on TV helped.

    Candidates for favourite – 11a, 18a, and 20d – and the winner is 18a.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Kiwis.

    1. Having been an antique dealer helped me with 2d, Senf. I saw a great deal of it on the fine art circuit.

  16. Golly bongs we do appear to have the grumbles today. A top notch Wednesday puzzle for me. Bang on the button. Thanks to Jay for the mental excitement and thanks to the New Zealanders for the blog today. I’d got the feathered beasts down as probably Godwits. Why are these Spoonbills Royal? By whose decree? Will they make it to seventy years? I hope so

  17. Enjoyed this, the only issue with thrill is if you wrongly try to make it part of the definition.

    Thanks to the 2Ks and today’s setter.

  18. Solid 2* time.
    Some real gems eg 13a.
    And some cunning lurkers eg 1d.
    Last in 16d, took some time to identify the indicator.
    Enjoyable throughout.
    Many thanks, Jay and the 2Kiwis.

  19. I thought this was excellent from start to finish – loved the lurkers, the brevity of 6d, the misdirection in 8d, and the funny mental image that 18a conjured.
    Needed the hints to fully understand 1a (was including thrill in the definition) and 25a
    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks

  20. Super puzzle today even with 2d which was a new word to me. Thx to all those who yesterday suggested the Toughie which I have done, better than many back pagers I thought.
    Not easy thinking through puzzles at the moment though as the memsahib and I have just been struck down with the dreaded covid so isolation now for 10 days, oh joy!
    Thx to all

    1. Sorry to hear that, Brian. I hope you and your good lady don’t suffer too badly and are soon on the road to recovery.

    2. Oh dear, feel better soon. In our neighborhood we are alerted when someone reports being positive, and we seem to get one such email every day, sometimes two. Definitely doing the rounds.

    3. Brian, there is new guidance on the need to self isolate, I believe it is only recommended and not mandatory.

  21. DNK the China from Japan, of course, but otherwise all fell into place quite neatly.
    I toyed with “a something in the mouth” for too long at 1a which seemed plausible, especially when 8d revealed itself.
    16d made me smile, so that wins today’s prize.
    Good puzzle. Thanks to the corvid and the kiwis.

  22. Very nice crossword 😃**/*** Favourites 7 & 16d 🤗 Thanks to the entire aviary Kiwis, Jay and last but not least the Royal Spoonbills possibly on call for the Platinum Jubilee 👑

  23. A challenging offering today, as is usual for me with Jay on Wednesday. 3*/3* for me.
    Favourites, other than 1a include 11a, 18a, 27a, 4d & 18d
    Did not know the word in 2d either.
    Needed too many hints today for my liking

    Thanks to the 3 birds

  24. Enjoyable and over too quickly.

    I am also still confused as to how and why thrill is in 1a.

    Thanks to all.

      1. …but (imho) the clue doesn’t seem to work – without “thrill” it would be a definition + cryptic definition, but with “thrill” accounting for part of the solution I can’t understand how the remainder of the clue gets you to the rest of the solution? I guess I must be missing something! Rest of puzzle was super, thanks to Jay & 2K

        1. Same here. I can’t satisfactorily and definitively parse this clue. I’ve had to content myself that the clue contains everything needed to get to the answer (which couldn’t be anything else), but the rationale seems to a matter of individual speculation.

      2. But then how does “in the teeth” mean
        “giving work for the dentist”? Either I am missing something or the parsing is a bit clumsy.

        I got the answer almost immediately, but only put the checkers in as I thought I was missing something.

        1. Without a noun after ‘slight’ the surface would not make sense so he used a synonym of kick. I see it as a double definition with the second being “thrill (i.e. kick) giving work for the dentist”.

          1. Hmmm, but that choice of synonym then makes the second definition nonsensical. Perhaps “knock” rather than “thrill” would work?

              1. Yes, “recoil” is perfect – thanks Gazza, for me that clue now fits in well with the rest of this magnificent puzzle! Would be in with a shout for COTD but there are really too many other good ‘uns to pick favourites.

  25. Really enjoyable puzzle. Downloaded for the flight back from south of France. Completed in ** time so should have downloaded more.

    12a was my COTD. Parsing confirmed 2d lurker which was beyond my GK.

  26. Morning all.
    Looks like 1a was the clue that has attracted most comments. It was certainly the hardest one to write a hint for.
    The whole blog was put together under trying circumstances as it had to be fitted in around a hospital appointment for another eye injection. Pleased that we managed to get it together without any major hitches.

    1. As ever, your efforts are appreciated.
      As I commented earlier, once you accept slight as the “clue word” in 1a (as indicated in your blog) then it all makes sense to me.

  27. Nice Jay today, I didn’t have a problem with the porcelain, Sister Bee used to collect the stuff. Once you have accepted that a lurker is on the cards and decided on a definition it doesn’t leave a lot to look through.
    Thanks to Jay and the 2K’s lovely to see your wildlife enjoying the seashore. It is still light here and I will take the toughie out now, especially as it has been so highly recommended.

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