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DT 29999 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29999 (Hints)

The Saturday Crossword Club

Hosted by Senf

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Hello, it’s me again.  Tilsit is keeping the trains running again today.

For the last two Saturdays we have had Cephas pangrams, so I was expecting a Floughie Lady production today but we have another pangram so I must conclude it is three in a row for Cephas.

Some of the usual features of the Saturday Crossword Club might be missing, but the important parts are here.

Candidates for favourite – 1a, 10a, 7d, and 17d.

As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, a number of the more difficult clues have been selected and hints provided for them.  Thinking of weekend prize crosswords – CL tells us on the DT Puzzles Website that Sunday Toughie Number 18 will be another by Zandio.

Don’t forget to follow BD’s instructions in RED at the bottom of the hints!

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

Some hints follow:


1a Dandy Joseph with Lisa blending wine (10)
Another term for Dandy (not the comic), a two letter abbreviated form of Joseph, and (with) an anagram (blending) of LISA.

8a Master’s joint title (8)
A four letter synonym of master and the possessive S, and a joint (at the top of the leg).

10a Show disapproval of hardwood, we hear, in shop (8)
A two part homophone (we hear) of a three letter term for showing disapproval (vocally) and a type of hardwood.

18a Corrupt socialite with empty coach full of gold … (7)
An abbreviated form of a (young female) socialite (do they still ‘exist’?) and (with) the first and last (empty) letters of CoacH containing (full of) the chemical symbol for gold.

20a … yours truly had reportedly seen (4)
A second homophone (reportedly) of the contracted form of the pronoun equivalent to yours truly and had.

26a See April adjusting latticework (8)
An anagram (adjusting) of SEE APRIL.

27a Watchdog lectures somewhat unpleasant peer (4)
A lurker (somewhat) contained in two words in the clue.

28a Resolute, put off explosive old copper (10)
A synonym of put off, a type of explosive (device), and the symbol for old copper(s).


1d Live with party whip (8)
A two letter synonym of live and (with) a UK political party.

3d Newly arrived boy (6)</br />
Find and combine a (4,2) term equivalent to newly arrived – RD should be relieved.

5d Formerly on a future occasion! (8)</br />
A double definition – one of those words that can have apparently opposite definitions, the first perhaps used during a discussion of what someone might have done formerly.

7d Dreadful, some say, or very good (8)</br >
Another double definition and another of those words that can have apparently opposite definitions; I don’t think I was aware of the first one but given its Latin origin shown in the BRB it is appropriate.

16d Last character absorbed in act of humiliation in town in south-west (8)
The last character (of the alphabet) inserted into (absorbed in) a single word for an act of humiliation.

17d Even went first and scored equalizer (8)
A synonym of even (as in equal in score?) and a three letter term for went first.

22d What’s to be voted on could be moving (6)
A double definition to finish – perhaps the second should be preceded by ‘IN’.

This might be an ear worm generator for some, The Third Man, with some humorous inputs played by André Rieu and his Orchestra, with Frédéric Jenniges playing the Zither:

The Crossword Club is now Open, and I will ‘see’ you again tomorrow.

The Quick Crossword pun:


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40 comments on “DT 29999 (Hints)

  1. The pangram wasn’t noticed until I had all 26 candidates so I agree it is a Cephas production. It took a while for the penny to drop on the reversing vehicle and the master.
    I did like the puzzle overall but hoping for something more on Monday. Twitching with Mr Ed’s new assistant suggests we get a standard back pager and quick with more inside. Time will tell.

    Thanks to Senf and Cephas earworm successfully avoided.

  2. Nice straightforward cryptic, 26A was a new word to me but had to be that once I got the checkers, COTD was 10A, but I have spent longer on todays quickie, didn’t help that 3D led me to put wrong answers in for 1A and 9A but sorted them out in the end, still stuck on 3 others though !

  3. After struggling with the Quickie I thought the SPP would be a stinker. Indeed, my first pass revealed only a few answers. I was about to put it down and forget it for a while when another couple fell into place and I began to make headway. The NE corner held out for the longest until I solved 5d, which allowed me in.

    So, in the end, it proved to be a satisfactory pangram with plenty of head scratching and “dohs”. My favourite and COTD is 10a.

    Many thanks to the setter for the fun. Thank you, Senf for the hints.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Mr. Lancaster has in store for the 30,000th tomorrow.

  4. An OK puzzle but nothing special. I did like 3d but thought 25a a very poor clue.
    Thx for the hints

  5. I found this most enjoyable. Maybe because I was able to finish during my coffee break… I agree about 1a, although 3d made me laugh out loud. Ditto for that lovely Andre Rieu number – a real tonic! Thank you very much.

  6. 2*/3.5*. This was an enjoyable pangram for a Saturday morning.

    All the Josephs I know would be horrified at having their name abbreviated to what is needed for 1a. For me the synonym needed for quiz in 12a is a bit of a stretch – except perhaps in America according to the BRB.

    Many thanks to Cephas and also to Senf for keeping the blog running while Tilsit keeps the trains running.

  7. A very enjoyable pangram, which I solved from the bottom up, ending in the NW–rather like many things I seem to do these days, topsy-turvily. No particular favourites but I rather liked 1a, 10a, 17d, and 16d (where I wouldn’t mind being right now, enjoying the same great seafood dinner I had there in 2004!). Thanks to Senf for stepping in again and to Cephas. 2.5* / 4*

  8. Solid, straightforward and swift, a workmanlike solve with a generous slew of anagrams, though plenty of odd surfaces to raise eyebrows. COTD 10a.

    0.5* / 2*

    Thank you to the setter and to Senf.

  9. Nothing to write home about but altogether it was a stress free solve. NW slowest corner. Presentation at court of socialites as per 18a ended in 1958 so perhaps it didn’t spring to mind for everyone. No outstanding Fav(s) but liked 3d once neonate had been abandoned. Thank you Cephas and the very helpfully recurrent Senf.

  10. Straightforward solve this morning.
    Thanks to Cephas for the exercise and Senf for stepping in to provide the (unnecessary today) hints.

  11. Pretty straightforward but a thoroughly enjoyable pangram that hit the spot for a brisk solve on the phone between starting off members on the first tee.
    Thanks to Cephas & to Senf for once again subbing for the train man

  12. Something of a mixed bag for me but I guess that’s always going to be true of a pangram.
    Biggest laughs came from 10a & 3d so those get my votes today.

    Thanks to Cephas and to Senf in his second home!
    Hope Mary is enjoying her day and has time to pop in and say hello to us all.

  13. The NE corner held me up for a while and pushed out my solving time a tad, with 10a and 3d taking the honours. As usual I did not spot the pangram until I came on here, mainly because ninety percent of the answers went in quickly and I did not spend too long looking at an unfinished grid, the NE quadrant apart. Great fun.

    Many thanks to a Cephas and super sub Senf.

  14. As usual, I didn’t notice the pangram, although the last letter was a giveaway. A straight but enjoyable crossword for me. I liked 1a, 10a, 6d Nd 16d. It was nice to have a geographical clue too. Thanks to Senf for stepping into the breach with the clues again (how do the railways manage, when Tilsit isn’t there?). Thanks to Cephas for another entertaining puzzle.

  15. A very enjoyable pangram today.

    Thanks to Senf and to Cephas.

    Poor Tilsit….I do not envy him working with the trains at this time. Mind you, working with Scotrail would be even worse.

  16. A relatively gentle puzzle for Saturday. but even so it took me a long time to get anywhere with it … thus today 3*/3* for me.
    Podium contenders include 8a, 10a, 23a, 3d & 16d with winner 16d.
    Last area to crack was NW and proved most troublesome for me. Took forever to get 1a too.

    Thanks to Cephas & Senf

  17. I noticed the lambda during rather than after for the first time ever, which helped the solve. COTD 1a for me, followed by 1a, 10a, 3d & 4d. Some great words today: 1d, 18a, 19d. Many thanks Cephas and Senf especially for 26a illustration – when you know the word but would be hard-pushed to elaborate.

    1. I finished everything with perfect answers until I stuck on 8ac as my answer for 8ac would not fit my letters for 3dn and realised my perfect answer for 3dn must be wrong. I was so convinced by my perfect (incorrect) answer to it that I didn’t get 3dn until I saw the hint here

  18. This provided a pleasant diversion between floor mopping and grass trimming. NW corner held out the longest as I thought it was an anagram of two of the words in the clue , once I sorted that out the rest fell into place. 2d made me smile for some reason 🤷‍♂️ , and 26a required checking to ensure it was a word. Thanks to all.
    PS. At least Tilsit should get a few extra days holiday in the summer,to the delight of all rail passengers.

  19. An enjoyable if somewhat quaint puzzle, very well constructed as ever with this setter. Top three for me being 6&8a (natch) plus 5d.
    Thanks to Cephas and Senf for the fun in the South Devon sun.

  20. Took me a while to get into this, but came together slowly and steadily. Held up in the NW until 1d fell into place and everything became obvious after that.
    Like many others I’ll nominate 1a, 10a and 3d as favourites.
    Thanks to Senf and Cephas.
    Only 2 more sleeps until NO: 30,000

  21. I’ll stick with others and go for 1 and 10a.
    Also a vote for 24a and 19d as they were the ones which let me get my missing one letter for the pangram.
    I suppose I’d better go and do something useful – not a very inspiring day here in Oxford – rather grey.
    Thanks to Cephas for the crossword and to Senf for the hints.

    Happy Birthday to Mary and her two Beagles (Angel and Shadow) from West Wales – she was around on the blog even before I was and gave me the courage to make a comment for the first time ever! :rose:

  22. Nothing too taxing, like others my end game was in the NW. Thanks to Cephas and Senf.

  23. Well, well I thought – at first glance I could only manage a couple but then like magic it came together. I didn’t realise it was a pangram either. Once I had got going didn’t struggle too badly and really enjoyed it. 10a my COTD. Thanks to Cephas and Senf for standing in again.

  24. Can’t vote for 1a as the abbreviation doesn’t work for a boys name.
    Liked 2d and 3d. By some distance the most accessible puzzle of the week.
    Thanks to the setter and Senf for the either treat.

  25. I’m out of step today. Bottom half flew in but the top was as hard as anything I’ve tackled in a while. Quite fun though.

  26. Late night solving for us. We didn’t notice the pangram. Favourite by a distance was 10a. Thanks to Cephas and Senf.

  27. Solved over a leisurely Sunday coffee. As has been said, not very inspiring. I do like 1a. (nothing wrong with the abbreviation. I know at least one) but perhaps not this early in the day.

  28. Only done it this morning as busy yesterday. 1 10 and 18a and 3 5 16 and 21f favourites. Needed Senf’s help to parse the second half of 28d although the solution clear. I did not know the latticework but arranged the letters with the checkers. I was expecting a different start to it. Thanks Cephas and Senf

  29. As others have suggested, a terribly easy puzzle, though certainly not a terrible puzzle, and indeed a pleasant diversion. Many thanks to compiler and host.

  30. I’ve only just go round to tackling this and found it very difficult. Called it a day after solving only 6 clues.

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