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ST 3158

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 3158

A full review by Crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 1st May 2022

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Another enjoyable Sunday Prize Puzzle from Dada

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1a    Bridge across one country (5)
SPAIN – SPAN (bridge) ‘across’ I (one)

4a    Rubbish out on a lawn, initially (5)
OFFAL – OFF (out) on A (from the clue) L (lawn initially)

10a    Offensive item in news report (8)
BULLETIN – BULLET (offensive item) IN (from the clue)

11a    Low communist tied up (6)
MOORED – MOO (low meaning noise made by cattle) RED (communist)

12a    Become a criminal, shining light! (6)
BEACON – BE A CON = become a criminal

13a    Friendly leaders of African tribe parting eventually (8)
INTIMATE – the ‘leaders’ of African Tribe ‘parting’ IN TIME (eventually)

14a    Excellent, icing on the cake? (7)
TOPPING – An old slang word for excellent or something to put on a cake, icing being an example of the options available

16a    Fancy ‘ooter polished off (6)
ORNATE – ‘ORN (horn or hooter) ATE (polished off)

17a    Part of song about Egyptian god (6)
CHORUS – C (circa, about) HORUS (Egyptian god)

19a    ‘Fresh Air’, song title in Italy (7)
SIGNORA – An anagram (fresh) of AIR SONG

21a    Creamy white oil man stirred, containing silver (8)
MAGNOLIA – An anagram (stirred) of OIL MAN ‘containing’ AG (chemical symbol for silver)

22a    Drink with tongue, did you say? (6)
LIQUOR – A homophone (did you say) of LICKER (tongue)

23a    Priest sozzled in bar (6)
STRIPE – An anagram (sozzled) of PRIEST

24a    Those on trolley perhaps, anxious when lying back (8)
DESSERTS- A reversal (when lying back) of STRESSED (anxious)

25a    Yet, anything but sparkling? (5)
STILL – An adverb meaning yet or something not sparkling or effervescent

26a    Partial input, terrible total (5)
UTTER – Hidden in part of inpUT TERrible


2d    Judicious puritan not disheartened (7)
PRUDENT – PRUDE (puritan) and NoT, disheartened or without its middle letter

3d    Without supposedly responsible adults driving train, pair sent off the rails (2,4,8)
IN LOCO PARENTIS – IN LOCO (driving train) and an anagram (off the rails) of PAIR SENT

5d    Sport that may be dividing neighbours? (7)
FENCING – Something which may divide properties

6d    If so, lifting of dumb-bell might be easy for man on moon (9)
ARMSTRONG – If his ARM was STRONG, a man who visited the moon might have no trouble lifting a dumb-bell

7d    Rock where hard seeds turned up (4)
STUN – A reversal (turned up) of NUTS (hard seeds)

8d    Invasion and occupation: boy on mission to claim crown, primarily (6,8)
NORMAN CONQUEST – NORMAN (boy) ON QUEST to ‘claim’ C (the primary letter of Crown)

9d    Seven steep rocks on peak in Tanzania (6)
SEPTET – An anagram (rocks) of STEEP goes on the ‘peak’ or first letter of Tanzania

15d    Five with fresh binding, broke (9)
INSOLVENT – INSOLENT (fresh) ‘binding’ V (Roman numeral for five)

18d    Scottish team in English county, by the sound of it? (6)
HEARTS – A Scottish football team’s name sounds like the English county of Herts

19d    Carefully look boy up, newspaper seller? (7)
SCANDAL – SCAN (carefully look) followed by a reversal (up) of LAD (boy)

20d    A job on outskirts of Lilongwe for evangelist (7)
APOSTLE – A (From the clue) POST (job) goes on the ‘outskirts’ of LlongwE

22d    Rich drunkard (4)
LUSH – Double definition


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