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DT 29951

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29951

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on 2nd April 2022

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Another Saturday Prize Puzzle from Chalicea

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1a    Makes sense of complicated realisations (12)
RATIONALISES – An anagram (complicated) of REALISATIONS

9a    Secret Conservative ratified, we hear (9)
CONCEALED – CON (Conservative) and a homophone (we hear)of SEALED (ratified)

10a    Permit good harangue (5)
GRANT – G (good) RANT (harangue)

11a    Concerned with seeing passport endorsement left outside university (6)
VISUAL – VISA (passport endorsement) and L (left) go outside U (university)

12a    Messy lab fixed putting together of parts (8)
ASSEMBLY – An anagram (fixed) of MESSY LAB

13a    Stay frolicking in harem, topless (6)
REMAIN – An anagram (frolicking) of IN hAREM (topless telling you to omit the H)

15a    Organised agenda adjusted, incorporating bishop (8)
ARRANGED – An anagram (adjusted) of AGENDA ‘incorporating’ RR (Right Reverend, bishop)

18a    Senior army officer without energy securing one area of overseas dependency (8)
COLONIAL – COLONeL (Senior Army Officer without the E for Energy) ‘securing’ I (one) A (area)

19a    Periods of time chief journalist removed from memory (6)
ERASED – ERAS (periods of time) ED (chief journalist)

21a    Barter former coins of little value (8)
EXCHANGE – EX (former) CHANGE (coins of little value)

23a    Returning, rents a large type of staircase (6)
SPIRAL – A reversal (returning) of RIPS (rents) followed by A (from the clue) and L (large)

26a    Directly opposite in tendency, held back by rural opinions (5)
POLAR – Hidden in reverse (held back by) ruRAL OPinions

27a    Agent adding alcohol to drinks, maybe, providing substitutes (9)
REPLACING – REP (agent) LACING (adding alcohol to drinks maybe)

28a    A new part of speech to reinforce public statement (12)
ANNOUNCEMENT – A (from the clue) N (new) NOUN (part of speech) CEMENT (reinforce)


1d    Restore and add protective layer again (7)
RECOVER – To add a protective layer again would require the word to be hyphenated RE-COVER

2d    Pays attention to fashions without worry essentially (5)
TENDS – TrENDS (fashions without the letter in the middle (essentially) of woRry

3d    Adapted to open-air method of working (9)
OPERATION – An anagram (adapted) of TO OPEN AIR

4d    Clever biblical victim, it’s said (4)
ABLE – A homophone (it’s said) of ABEL, the first victim of murder in the Bible

5d    Diligence put to the test following Indian river (8)
INDUSTRY – TRY (put to the test) following INDUS (Indian river)

6d    Bird of prey decapitated dog (5)
EAGLE – This week’s old friend – a bEAGLE (dog) without its first letter (decapitated)

7d    Leaves clubs and agrees every now and then to host Swedish group (8)
CABBAGES – C (clubs), the even (every now and then) letters of aGrEeS ‘hosting’ ABBA (Swedish group)

8d    Continued to be supported (6)
STAYED – Double definition

14d    Spy enthralling the French copper for a tiny bit (8)
MOLECULE – MOLE (spy) ‘enthralling’ LE (French definite article) and CU (the chemical symbol for copper)

16d    A monarch with old design: English flying machine (9)
AEROPLANE – A (from the clue) ER (regnal cipher of a monarch called Elizabeth or Edward) O (old) PLAN (design) E (English)

17d    Knockout involving knitted angora jumper (8)
KANGAROO – KO (knockout) ‘involving’ an anagram (knitted) of ANGORA

18d    Mysterious noble turning up in empty city (6)
CREEPY – A reversal (turning up in a Down solution) of PEER (noble) inserted into the outside (empty) letters of CitY

20d    Glee of ultimately inexperienced boat crew maintaining lead at first (7)
DELIGHT – The ultimate letter of inexperienceD, EIGHT (boat crew) ‘maintaining’ L (the first letter of Lead)

22d    Rim of a projection cut short (5)
APRON – A (from the clue – again!) PRONg (projection truncated or cut short)

24d    Some opera is expected to exhilarate (5)
RAISE – Hidden in some opeRA I S Expected

25d    Old writing implement’s available (4)
OPEN – The second use of O as an abbreviation for Old added to PEN (writing implement)


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