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DT 29954

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 29954

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Kia ora from Aotearoa.

This certainly felt like a Jay Wednesday puzzle to us. We enjoyed the RayT-like innuendo in 9d and there is an excruciatingly groan-worthy pun in the Quick Crossword to enjoy too.

Please leave a comment telling us how you got on.


1a     Creature in river representing horse icon (10)
RHINOCEROS : R(iver) and an anagram (representing or re-presenting) of HORSE ICON.

6a     Cut yield (4)
CROP : A double definition. The yield could come from an arable farmer.

10a     Occasionally leaving Lennon out in boredom (5)
ENNUI : Alternate letters from three words in the clue starting with the Beatle.

11a     Pure Elvis gyrating? Disgusting! (9)
REPULSIVE : An anagram (gyrating) of PURE ELVIS.

12a     Expressions produced by serious experts (8)
GRIMACES : A synonym for serious or dour and then experts or adepts.

13a     Order egghead to drop one (5)
GENUS : Remove Roman numeral one from an egghead or extremely clever person.

15a     Sort of cake now cooked and covered in cheese (7)
BROWNIE : A soft French cheese encloses an anagram (cooked) of NOW.

17a     Afraid one forgets to a certain extent, being doomed (4,3)
DONE FOR : A lurker, hiding in the clue.

19a     Unfashionable players in Coventry (7)
OUTCAST : Unfashionable or not ‘with it’, and then thespian players.

21a     Soldiers, capturing one, make a mistake getting chains (7)
SIERRAS : Elite soldiers enclose Roman numeral one and ‘make a mistake’.

22a     This may throw light on Boris perhaps accepting endless danger (5)
PRISM : The post currently held by Boris contains a synonym for danger or peril without its last letter.

24a     Label attached to writer working for military HQ (8)
PENTAGON : String together a writing implement, a label, and a two letter word meaning working.

27a     The setter’s voice is calm (9)
IMPASSIVE : How Jay might say ‘the setter is’ using a pronoun, and then a grammatical voice.

28a     Collection at church by bishop (5)
BATCH : ‘At’ from the clue and CH(urch) follow the chess symbol for bishop.

29a     Crazy sisters with time for nobody, initially (4)
NUTS : Start with religious sisters and replace the first letter of nobody with T(ime).

30a     A welcome must include employees with second contracts (10)
AGREEMENTS : Male workers are enclosed by ‘A’ from the clue and a verb meaning welcome. Finish off with S(econd).


1d     Admire efforts to circumvent danger to shipping (4)
REEF : A lurker, hiding in the clue.

2d     In term son moved closest to the centre (9)
INNERMOST : An anagram (moved) of IN TERM SON.

3d     Hate speaker’s stand, lacking power (5)
ODIUM : Remove P(ower) from the start of a speaker’s stand.

4d     People seen outside hotel after each complaint (7)
EARACHE : The two letter abbreviation for each and then people or nation contains H(otel).

5d     Fought against work attitude with Germany (7)
OPPOSED : An artistic work, then attitude or stance and the IVR code for Germany.

7d     Check covering golf rule (5)
REIGN : A check that might be part of equestrian tack contains G(olf).

8d     Journalists rebel, supporting united force (10)
PRESSURISE : A collective term for journalists is followed by U(nited) and then rebel or revolt.

9d     European lap dancer’s naked beauty (8)
ELEGANCE : E(uropean), then lap or section of a race and dancer with the first and last letters removed.

14d     Sailor’s choice crossing river will be preoccupation (10)
ABSORPTION : Able-bodied seaman with the ‘S, and then a choice or possible selection contains R(iver).

16d     Accident avoided close to girl (4,4)
NEAR MISS : A word meaning close to and a form of address for a girl.

18d     Omitted most of team? (9)
FORGOTTEN : A semi all-in-one. The definition can just be the first word of the clue, or splitting the answer 6,3 you get the wordplay for the whole clue being definition.

20d     Dressing, seeing better contact from track and trace (7)
TOPPING : Better or surpass and then the computer sound indicating a successful track and trace.

21d     Honest and as free at heart (7)
SINCERE : A synonym for ‘as’ and the two central letters of ‘free’.

23d     Upset pundit missing Democrat’s contribution (5)
INPUT : An anagram (upset) of PUN(d)IT once D(emocrat) is removed.

25d     White must dismiss last couple for record (5)
ALBUM : Remove the last two letters from the white of an egg.

26d     Errant husband hides like this (4)
THUS : And to finish, another lurker.

Quickie pun    Juno    +    wart    +    Amin    =    Do you know what I mean?

74 comments on “DT 29954

  1. 3*/4.5*. The first three quarters of this puzzle fell into place very quickly, but the SE caused a lot of head scratching taking my time up to 3*. It was however all extremely enjoyable.

    Unusually an anagram has made it onto my podium today in the shape of 11a where it is joined by 19a and, my favourite, 18d.

    Many thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  2. Cracking puzzle, with smiles throughout the grid.
    Top three for me were 19a plus 4d with 20d shading the gold medal, with a nod to the pun. Great stuff.
    Many thanks to setter, very Jay like, and bloggers.

  3. Just the right mix of r & w, head-scratch and 12a with a stretch to parse a couple in the south. Much fun so thank you setter and 2Kiwis.

  4. An enjoyable puzzle (3*/4*), with some that were difficult to parse so thanks to the Kiwis for the hints. There were lots of good clues to choose from and I liked 27a, 8d and 21a. Thanks to Jay for another great puzzle.

  5. Ah yes, our JayMaster does indeed seem to be back. I glided along most enjoyably until I reached the SE area, where I needed another cup of coffee to spark my finish. The groanworthy pun does warrant several gold stars, as does the slightly ‘blue’ note signalled by 9d, but my biggest accolades go to 18d, 21d, and 20d (my LOI because ‘track and trace’ are new computer terms to me, but Jimmy just explained it all to me!). Thanks to the Kiwis and to Jay. ** / ****

  6. Excellent puzzle – all the answers may be deduced from the clues. No knowledge of thirteenth century popes required.

    Off later this afternoon to see Chelsea play Real Madrid at Stamford Bridge. Will we play like World Champions, or the side that lost 4-1 to Brentford on Saturday? A decades long dilemma for me as a Chelsea supporter.

    Thanks to the setter (Jay?) and The Tookays.

    1. I’ll be supporting from my armchair – season ticket long gone! Fingers crossed

  7. Couldn’t be bothered to re- download the digital paper so completed on the puzzles app instead. Typical high quality Jay production that was a swift solve with only the occasional head scratch. 18d just edges 20d for top spot & as a Coventrian I guess 19a has to get the last podium spot.
    K it’s Toughie a darn sight easier than yesterday’s Serpent puzzle & very enjoyable too.
    Thanks to Jay & 2Ks
    Wordle in 4

    1. I agree re Kcit except I had no clue on 2d whatsoever and still don’t get it after I had to use two letters to ‘finish’. I’m sure that CS will enlighten me.

      1. 2d… remove the tops of the first two words and place them around a Latin abbreviation for without issue.

        1. They’re now trying to confuse us – they’ve changed over to talking about the today’s Toughie . . .
          The 2d in the back page crossword is, yes, an anagram.

  8. Excellent */**** fare from Jay if it is he. I usually struggle with his GK but not an issue today. Although my LOI 21d was written in correctly it took a while for me to get the since=as parse although I didn’t need the 2K’s to whom thanks. My COTD was one not yet mentioned I think 8d.

  9. Some cracking clues today and great fun, like RD I was held up by the SE quadrant until I parsed 25d and the rest fell into place.
    Favourites were 21a -for the chain and 18d for invention- top draw.
    Going for a **/*** /****.
    Thanks to setter and 2K’s

  10. Anyone else having problems getting the crossword on the digital version of the paper ? I can’t download it at all.
    I’m in the S of France with 50+ Mbps download.

    1. Try deleting and re-installing the Daily Telegraph app. That has worked for several of us

        1. It’s just an example of one of two things Manders. Either great minds thinking alike or two fools pretending to be wise

      1. I had an email from The Telegraph saying they’d identified a problem and to uninstall the app and reinstall.

  11. Once we had sorted the digital newspaper app out and got the puzzles this was a doozy. Not very difficult and just right for a Wednesday. I had a brownie, some nuts and for those in the know a nice batch. Thank you Jay and thank you also to the 2Ks.

  12. Thoroughly enjoyable despite my needing a couple of the hints. Plenty of “dohs” dotted around such as 6a, which eluded me for ages until the penny dropped. I had ticks agains 10a, 24a and 18d but my COTD is 9d.

    Many thanks to Jay for the fun and to the 2Kiwis for the hints.

    Terrific Quickie pun today.

    Thank you to all who wished us a good time with our daughter. We are off to Yorkshire tomorrow.

    1. Have a great time with daughter, Hudson and Mrs C. If you haven’t time for crosswords we will understand.

      1. Thank you, both. I think I might be able to look at the crossword but how much attention it will receive is anybody’s guess. The Moors Inn serves good Yorkshire beers. :grin:

      2. I will give a nod in your direction as we pass your stomping ground, SLB.

  13. Really enjoyed this today with plenty of ticks with 9d my COTD. Thanks to all. Wordle in 3 today and Quordle in 8 yesterday.

  14. The Wednesday maestro at his best – 2.5*/4.5*.

    Candidates for favourite – 19a, 21a, 16d, and 25d – and the winner is the oldie but goodie 16d.

    Thanks to Jay and the 2Ks.

  15. Thanks for the advice – uninstalled and reinstalled- got the cryptic and about to start !
    Thanks again.

  16. More challenging than yesterdays but very enjoyable nonetheless. My only gripe was with 25d, obscure and clumsy I thought and perhaps sierras for a chain?
    Apart from that no great problems. My fav was 1a.
    Thx to all

    1. Not quite sure what your gripe is with 25d but a sierra is a mountain chain, so the plurals are sierras/chains.

    2. There was nothing clumsy or obscure about 25d, in fact in my opinion it was an excellent cryptic clue. It was simple enough to work out.

  17. My enigmatic challenges are certainly fun and stimulating way to begin days and today was no exception i.e. Cryptic, Wordle (2) and Quordle (8). Now haviing bash at Toughie which is so far so good. 2 unparsed – 14a and 20d. Fav little 26d. Even giggled at QuickIe pun. Thank you Jay and 2Kiwis.

  18. 11a and 18d were my co-favourites from this highly entertaining Wednesday puzzle. There was a very good clue mix, with a few more difficult parsings to keep things interesting. The Quickie pun was so bad it was brilliant.

    Many thanks to all three birds.

  19. 21a and d were my last ones in today, I had the wrong ending to 8d.
    Thanks to Jay and 2K’s I think it is time to have a cup of coffee and a nice 15a

  20. It seems a very long time ago that I solved this first thing this morning – according to a note I scribbled on the piece of paper, I found the NE the trickiest. The usual great crossword from Jay so thanks to him and the 2Ks

    I’ve had a bit of a hectic time since then, solved and prepared/scheduled the blog for the Toughie, solved some splendid crosswords elsewhere (Indy, Graun and, just now over a late sandwich, the FT). My friend and I then dashed into Herne Bay for Wednesday morning film club (£5 with a cup of tea included) to see Belfast, which I highly recommend, although if, like me, you have an eight year old blonde grandson with a NI accent (the young hero in the film was very like him), you will end up wanting to give him a big hug – which I’ve just sent virtually via his mum.

    I’m just going to see what people thought of the ‘Toughie’ and then I think I’ll have a “read of my library book through my closed eyelids”

    1. I need a lie down & that’s just with reading that lot. I too thoroughly enjoyed Belfast, Van’s music & of course Dench & Hinds are terrific as was the wee fella.

  21. Most enjoyable, off to a good start with some nice anagrams. As I am still negative I took the opportunity of going in to Waitrose for some supplies (gin and tonics of course) just in case I succumb. George had a raging temperature first thing this morning but it is now back to normal and, like Cryptic Sue, he is now reading with his eyes shut. So far so good, but he’s not happy to be missing the game at Hertford on Saturday. Many thanks to the setter and the Kiwis. You can all have my share of 15a as I am not over fond of them.

    1. I’m not a fan of 15 across either. They are all over the local farmer’s markets at three quid a pop or more

  22. I too had to first solve the app gremlins. This was presumably a Jay production as I struggled to get going then proceeded to work my way fairly smoothly round clockwise from the NE corner. All-in-all a pleasant solve and about average Wednesday difficulty.
    9d gets my COTD
    Thanks to Jay for the workout & the 2Ks for the review.
    Yesterday morning had 3 inches of very wet snow which coincided with the first lamb sightings. They seemed pleased today the the snow didn’t last.

  23. Surprisingly doable for a Jay. Can’t believe I am getting the hang of these now. Probably a benevolent day, rather than me getting smarter. A few took a bit longer to unravel, but definitely exercised the old grey cells. Any puzzle I finish over breakfast is a plus. And Wordle in 3, so clearly even decaf works. Thanks to Jay and 2Kiwis.

  24. I love Jay but found this one tricky in the SE, needing help from the 2Kiwis.When I read that RD did too, I felt a lot better. Fave was 1a. I could not think of egg white for 25d, I could sit here for a fortnight and not get that.
    Thanks Jay as ever for the fun, I really, really needed you today 2Kiwis. Wordle in 3.

          1. Can anyone remember a plural in Wordle? Certainly occur in Canukle.
            Certainly think there is a bias towards words with double letters & words ending in “y”.
            Enjoy your Spring break Steve. Take it Huxson curled up in front of the fire.

      1. Think I’m beginning to suss out Wordle quirks among other things realising that they frequently seem to use words with double letters.

        1. Yep. I look for possible double letters now. Wordle has changed since NYT took it over. Not as friendly as it used to be.

  25. Relatively mild Jay puzzle today. 2.5*/4*
    Favourites include 19a, 22a, 4d, 16d & 25d with winner 19a

    Thanks to the 3 birds

  26. I struggled with this one but solved it unaided in the end. Thanks to the setter and for the hints.
    I’m now struggling with the image for 22a In the hints. As a long since retired physics teacher my brain is telling me the refraction and dispersion is all wrong but I’m doubting myself. Is anyone able to help? It’s reminding me of the Dark Side of the Moon album cover which wasn’t quite scientifically correct as I delighted in telling my pupils at the time.

    1. Did you also tell them that Dark Side of the Moon was one of the most over rated albums ever released and full of cynical commercialism?

      1. I wondered why it’s only sold a measly 45,000,000 (and counting) copies since 1973.

  27. Most enjoyable and satisfying to complete unaided.
    A few chuckles along the way eg 15a.
    Last in 21a and 21d, both brilliant, put me into *** time.
    Many thanks, indeed, Jay, and the 2Kiwis.

  28. As ever, I started with a struggle in the SE corner but after that fell the rest was a most enjoyable romp.
    Another cracker from our Wednesday setter that will be hard to better this week.

    Thanks to all

  29. Morning all.
    Bet we weren’t the only ones who started off wondering why HIPPOPOTAMUS wasn’t going to fit in 1a.
    Pretty much a thumbs up all round for this puzzle which is good to see.

  30. Where would you find a 1a in the Lake District……..on the Wrynose Pass, of course!

    Enjoyable crossword but struggled in the South East. Thanks to Jay and the 2 Kiwis.

  31. Had a bit of time to catch up on a few crosswords today and enjoyed them all including this one.
    Definitely a Jay in my mind.
    Thanks to him for the fun and to 2 kiwis for the review.
    Best wishes to Jane and good hols to Steve.

  32. Finished this some hours ago but didn’t post as I had to meet a friend over from America down the pub, one has to get ones priorities right. For once I was on Jay’s wavelength and enjoyed it. Can’t remember what my favourite was. Thanks to Jay and 2K’s.

  33. Even though the Transatlantic Team managed to complete this puzzle without hints, we also took much longer on the SE corner. We liked 1A, 12A and 21D. We rated 3*/3*.

  34. 2*/5*….
    liked 12A ” Expressions produced by serious experts (8) ” …. amongst others.

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